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May 15th, 2012

Corrugated Metal Ideas for the Bathroom

I always thought corrugated metal was for sheds and other outdoorsy applications, but much to my surprise and delight, I have seen it used for interior applications too! There are many chic ways to use corrugated metal ideas for the bathroom. Corrugated or galvanized metal as it is sometimes called, is an economical medium that can be treated to prevent rust, which means it can be incorporated anywhere in a bathroom.


The metal can be cut straight across and capped with a decorative element like wood, or cut with a scalloped edge or any other ornate profile depending on the look you wish to achieve. Whether you choose a vertical or horizontal installation will also vary the look.


My favourite designs soften the prominent lines in the corrugated metal with feminine finishes to create a modern balance. Add an elegant chandelier, a pretty mirror, a pair of decadent sconces and other soft touches to create balance. Here are some examples of why I love corrugated metal:



Play up the silver when working with corrugated metal ideas for the bathroom using other shimmering elements. Silver goes with nearly everything, which means you can either go stark white and silver or add colour. I see soft pastels like ballerina tones of pale, pale pink or barely there blue, but that’s just me. If you want to go bold, go bold. Go bold or go home!!

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May 12th, 2012

DIY Wainscoting Ideas

Wainscoting in the Apple House

The hallway that bridges the space between the living area and the kitchen in the Apple House (named after the colour scheme—red kitchen, cream hallway and apple green living area) is home to two doors. One door leads to the main floor bathroom and the other door houses the pantry. Previous owners had dented the wall behind the door with less than gentle use of the door knobs. After it had been patched and sanded, I could still see where the door knob had marred the wall and it kind of drove me crazy. After months of rumination I came up with a cure-all plan to fix the wall, brighten the room and class up the eighties nature of the Apple House. Diy wainscoting ideas were just the fix!


Now, if this had been my forever house I would have done the proper beadboard tongue in groove treatment, plank by plank, so it would last forever, but the Apple House is a starter home and I wanted this done quick and fast. In fact, this whole project took less than $300 to complete, including the paint.



Panels of wainscoting are available at most hardware stores and come in a variety of patterns and styles. I chose a classic wainscoting look. It was paired with a thick decorative baseboard and topped with a simple chair rail to finish it. After installation the whole thing was painted bright white.


Back to the damaged walls…the height of the wainscoting can be altered a few inches here or there depending on the baseboards and chair rails you choose for finishing. My main objective was to both cover the marred walls and provide cushioning against the usage my own boys were about to unleash on the house! Not only does it look good but it feels like it opened the space up as it draws the eye about the hallway in a linear fashion making it appear wider and longer. All good things!


I love wall treatments. I could easily see using this wainscoting in a nursery with hooks added to it for displaying the cutest onesies. Or, with a wider chair rail you could place photos or artwork to spice up a foyer or a hallway.


After all is said and done, I am very happy with the results! Are there any areas you have hidden with diy wainscoting ideas?



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May 9th, 2012

Ceiling Fan Pulls

Ceiling Fan Pulls By GViolet

Ok, so, who doesn’t love accessories? While ceiling fans are most unsightly, there are certain times and certain climates where ya just have to live with one. Like in my kitchen, for instance! Anyways, what better way to dress up a ceiling fan than these gorgeous ceiling fan pulls?

Owl Fan Pulls

These pretty baubles come in a range of shapes, motifs and characters. I love the owls, but I also like the black ones too. All the ceiling fan pulls are handmade by GViolet, found at her Etsy shop, and there are a zillion designs to choose from.

Key Ceiling Fan Pull

You could also make your own pulls with clear beads and wire, or a scrap fabric one as you will see at Hope and Honey. Whatever you decide, work with the existing decor of the room. Or you could swelter and remove it all together to opt for a chic light fixture as was done here at Just a Girl!

Black Ceiling Fan Pull

While most of us resign ourselves to the spider-ish look of ceiling fans, pulls are but one way to jazz them up. Another way to add appeal is to add a drum shade as seen here on Thrifty Decor Chick. With hazy summer days coming this way fast, I know my ceiling fan will be earning it’s keep! Has anyone else tampered with the design of their ceiling fan? Or is a pretty ceiling fan pull all it takes?

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May 7th, 2012

Eclectic Dining Room Ideas

Eclectic Dining Room

I think the dining room is a perfect place to have a little fun with decor. Experiment with eclectic dining room ideas to dream up your own area like the one pictured above with mismatched pieces of furniture, graphic textiles, ambient lighting and wall treatments. Picture yourself all cozied up in the dining room enjoying a meal with your favourite people to gain some insight on your own personal eclectic vision.


Chairs and Table


One idea is to unify all the chairs by painting them all one colour. Any colour under the sun will work, as long as you consider the overall palette for the room. For chairs that have upholstery, cover each chair in a different fabric found within the colour scheme. For a bench seat, add throw pillows in a mix of vibrant colours and patterns. Damask, polka dots, stripes, botanicals and geometrics will all work well here.


Chairs and tables can be found at home decor stores, department stores, flea markets, garage sales, antique stores, online marketplaces and other mysterious places I can only imagine. And don’t forget to load up on inspiration! Look at Eclectic Revisited, and Chic Tip for some additional looks.


Look for a table with character, interesting lines and architectural details. Either include the table as-is or refinish it with stain or paint. Pedestal tables often showcase a pleasant silhouette if you prefer a round table. Otherwise, look for rectangular or square variations with ornate legs to suit the size of the room.




Cover the windows with curtains that further the look you wish to achieve. Soften dark colours with sheer white curtains, add sparkle to any colour scheme with a set of silk drapes or liven up a mid-range colour scheme with curtains in a quirky graphic print. Whichever you choose, use it as a jumping off point for other fabrics in the room. For instance, cloth napkins in a hue picked out of the graphic print will tie things together.




An overhead fixture is essential. Look to drum pendants and chandeliers to elevate the eclectic factor of the space. Vintage chandeliers can be re-wired and painted in a bright shade, perhaps even the same colour you used for the chairs! Drum pendant lights are another way you can add colour to the room in a bold print or tone it down by choosing a solid colour like white or oatmeal.


Wall Treatments


Wainscoting, wallpaper, paint and shadowboxes will give your dining area personality. Design a feature wall using the largest wall in the room with wallpaper or a series of shadow boxes. Play with the application of paint and wallpaper. For instance, paint a different colour inside the shadowboxes or only wallpaper the insides of them. Dress the walls up further by adding artwork or mirrors to the inside of the shadowboxes.


Finishing Details


Add polish to your eclectic dining room with accessories. Add candles in glass candle holders, vases of fresh flowers to the table and the sideboard abd display wine glasses and other glassware on the sideboard for additional sparkle. You can also create a display of glass collectibles on a shelf to finish the design. If you are not a collector, line up mirrors or photographs along the shelf with ornate metallic frames that will help bounce light around the room. Work with items you have and mix them with fresh pieces to bring your own eclectic dining room ideas to life.

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