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June 27th, 2012

Bedroom Curtains for Boys

Zeldabelle Chain Link Curtains

Photo Via

Three years ago I bought oodles of cream coloured linen fabric to make curtains for both my boys rooms and, well, I had the best intentions ever to make them, and sadly never did. I second guessed myself with the fabric, choosing the cream over the white fabric I really wanted. I have many ideas for bedroom curtains for boys, but these are my favourites!

Kirtam Designs Embroidered Trellis Curtains

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My plan was to make a basic curtain with a wide three or four inch hem, which I was going to rubber stamp with leaf patterns for the green room and stars for the blue room. In my defense, I was 8 months pregnant when the house was bought and nine months by the time moving day rolled around! And so, the fabric has a nice cozy home in my closet and now I want pattern. Lots of pattern. Bold pattern.

Castle Creek Designs Navy Chevron Curtains

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One bedroom is green and the other is a robin’s egg blue. I was think of using navy and white for the green room and either green and white for the blue room or the turquoise and white. Really, I think any of these patterns will look smashing in either room.

Castle Creek Designs Square Lattice Curtains

Photo Via

The boys ended up with plain blackout blinds and it is time to change that! Summer nights stay bright quite late here in Edmonton, we are talking sunset at 10pm, so I need curtains that will keep the boys’ rooms dark. I might end up layering two different curtains, an effect which I just love and learned from Nine by Design the show based on Cortney and Robert Novogratz, more on layering curtains later!

Green Trellis Curtains by SeamsSewBeautiful

Photo Via

And here I am three years later facing the curtain dilemma. The boys are older, three and almost five and I want something they (or I) will not tire of. While printy patterns with robots, animals and cars are kind of appealing I am heavily leaning towards graphic prints in classic patterns. My top picks are shown here.

Pine Cone Hill Links Fabric

Now the question is should I buy panels or take on a sewing project with fabric like this Pine Cone Hill Links pattern? Hey, my track record for curtains may not be excellent, but I bet if I asked my step-mom Doreen really nice, she would help and she is an amaaaazing sewer!!

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June 25th, 2012

Milk Glass Vase

New Milk Glass Vase

Now and then I find a new piece of milk glass to add to my mini collection. In this case, my friend Sara bought me a milk glass vase she spotted at a rummage sale a few weeks ago. I love the bubble detailed base. It matches a milk glass lamp I have in my bedroom.


I am excited to stuff this vase with big, white peonies. I think I have just the right amount of interesting shapes to warrant a display. Although, I might be holding back in light of The Great Milk Glass Incident. The kitchen suffers the least amount of shenanigans, which makes it an ideal spot for a milk glass display. Also, the kitchen is red, black and white and would welcome the bright white details prevalent in the glass.


The question then, is how to display them. I’m think a high shelf on a kitchen wall. The pristine white against the cherry walls will contrast in a most cheerful way. What do you think I should do with my milk glass vase and collection of pedestals and bowls? Any ideas?

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June 22nd, 2012

Blissful Bedroom Designs

Gray and White Bedroom

Via Anne Walpole

A soft, serene bedroom is essential for dreaming up really good dreams! The best bedroom designs have a mixture of soft hues and textures you can sink into slumber with and wake to without being bombarded by a blast of crazy colour, unless of course that is what you are into. Blissful bedroom designs are put together with careful consideration of all the bases.


  • Drapes
  • Bedding
  • Textiles
  • Pillows
  • Wall coverings
  • Lighting
  • Seating


The rooms pictured here all have a neutral base with the addition of light colours, not pastels per se, but white with oatmeal, lavender, blue, gray, silver, taupe and a hint of chocolate here and there. Pattern is slight and often tone on tone in blissful bedrooms. The idea is for the detail to speak to you in a many layered tongue complete with inflections and lilts that might catch your eye as you squint in morning light, or surrender to nighttime glints of light, as you scatter back to dream world when your book drops from your hand and you can resist no more.

Sarah Richardson Design Bedroom

Sarah Richardson Design via Decor Pad

Flowing drapes in a sheer or shimmery fabric allow light to pass and offer the room a sense of motion, especially on summer days when a breeze wafts in.


Bedding when mixed and layered, allows you to inject personality into the room. Check out this post on layered bedding for some ideas on how to create something to suit your own style.

House Beautiful Bedroom

House Beautiful via Decor Pad

Textiles like throw blankets, bed skirts and carpets are another opportunity to add texture and soften the space. Look for fluffy shag carpets, fuzzy wool throws and linen bed skirts to add dimension to your textiles. For colour, choose varying tones in one colour palette and mix them with white.


Pillows can be switched in and out and combined in different ways and in different placements in the bedroom. Places you can expect to use pillows include the bed, the bench at the end of the bed and one on the seat of a chair. Pillows are the perfect place to play with patterns.

Ferreira Design Bedroom

Ferreira Design via Decor Pad

The wall coverings you choose are more of a fixed element, so choose wisely. Whether you choose to wallpaper, paint or devise a combination of the two, many options are available. If your headboard has a flashy sense of detail, opt for plain walls and vice versa.


For lighting, a chandelier is a wonderful option for blissful bedroom designs. Look for something unique to your space. A vintage piece can be painted and rewired or you can look for something new with dangling crystals to capture flecks of light and reflect them back into your space.

Elle Decor White Bedroom

Via Elle Decor

Seating is important in a bedroom. After you put all this vision into your space, you will want a place to reflect and ponder how perfectly you pulled off your vision. A place to unwind, a place to read, a place to meditate. All it takes is one chair, but you can add a chair to each side of the bed or place a bench at the end of the bed to create another seating area.


Once you have addressed each of these elements you will have created a blissful bedroom design of your own. Bonne nuit et fais de beaux reves. Good night and have sweet dreams! XOXO


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June 19th, 2012

Jacey the Junk Collector

“Jacey, what is all this junk?!”


No answer was forthcoming from the inner depths of the room in question. He turned back to the kitchen.


“This is out of control. My mother is coming in three days and she is going to flip her lid, if she sees all this.”


“Come on, Don. We can’t very well stifle the child’s creativity now can we?” Lucy looked him up and down with that look she was so good at. It made his resolve shiver with a shuddering shake. He didn’t like it anymore than he liked the situation at hand.


“Her bedroom is like the Leaning Tower of Pisa of used furniture.”


“Jacey is learning the fine art of upcycling.” Lucy turned her back to Don and wiped down the already glistening recycled glass countertop.


“She’s eleven! What does she know about upcycling?”


“Well, apparently more than we do. She decorated Emma Mendosa’s sun-room and it is the talk of the town. I think we may have a prodigy on our hands Don. This is no laughing matter.”


“I don’t believe I’m laughing, Lucy. There are more kitchen chairs stacked in that bedroom of hers than there are tables on this whole block. What will my mother think?”


“Don, your mother will be delighted. Jacey has spirit. She knows what she wants. Also, when will the grown man stop fearing what his Mama is gonna think??”


“It would just be really nice, Lucy, to be able to park my car in the garage. Do you know how long it has been?”


“A small price to pay Don. She is happier than the cat that caught the canary. You watch her when she comes back from her consult.”


“Consult? Oh, Mon Dieu. The child is on a consult?”


“Yes, Mrs. Knox at the end of the street saw her sun-room and has asked her to design some pieces for her front porch. An ombre bench in some new dipped technique.”


Ombre? Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but what about the junk problem. This house is beginning to look like an HGTV special on hoarding.”


“Roll with it Don. Jacey has talent. You’ll see.”


“That I don’t question. What I do question is how I am supposed to live amongst the ruins of Jacey the junk collector.”


Don sashayed across the living room to glance back down the hall towards his daughters out-of-control bedroom. He shook his head in dismay, still worried about his mother’s impending visit. What was she going to think?

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June 15th, 2012

Adorable Lampshades by Sassyshades

Streets of Paris

Well, it has been an odd week here! I have lost my voice! What a strange sensation. It has made me choose my whispery words wisely. Instead of conversing, I have spent more time perusing some of my favourite online haunts, like Etsy, and I found these positively adorable lampshades by Sassyshades. Each lampshade is handmade with modern and vintage prints apt to fit any style of decor.

Kumari Garden Drum Lampshade

The smaller versions dress up living room or bedside tables with an instant pop of personality and colour. Depending on the fittings you purchase, you could also hang a drum shade in a corner for a reading light. Patterned lampshades are a fantastic way to introduce modern trends into your home for spaces that require a little extra something.

Harlequin Lampshade

Sassyshades is happy to create custom looks if you have something already in mind. A range of child themed motifs are available, if you are decorating a nursery, playroom or a kid’s bedroom.

Contemporary Floral Drum Lampshade

If you want to try making your own lampshades I came across a few tutorials on different styles of shades. Like this fabric one at Corner House and this chopstick one at How Joyful.

Type Me a Word Drum Lampshade

Lighten your living space with adorable lampshades by Sassyshades!

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June 13th, 2012

How to Decorate with Chevrons

Chevron Vinyl Wall Art

Photo via Vinyl Wall Art

Zig zaggy chevrons are a hot little pattern in home decor. And it’s no wonder, chevrons come in a wide range of colour combinations, most commonly white paired with another colour, and in different scales. The bold graphic print, can be incorporated in small or large doses, depending on the method you choose to display the pattern. If you want to know how to decorate with chevrons, look no further!

Dwellstudio Home Chevron Citrine PillowPhoto via Layla Grace

I love how graphic the pattern is, especially when paired with bright solids and interesting textures. Here are some ways to use chevrons:


  • Carpets
  • Curtains
  • Bedding
  • Pillows
  • Accessories
  • Lamp Shades
  • Wall Treatments

Green Chevron Lampshade

Photo via Sassy Shades

Check out this post at Kimbercrafts Baby to see a nursery decorated with yellow chevron curtains. I also love the wall and ceiling chevron treatments found at Ampersand Vintage Modern.

Dwellstudio Home Wool Rug Zig Zag Lapis

Photo via Layla Grace

There are so many DIY possibilities with chevrons! Imagine painting an old wood floor, revamping furniture with chevron fabric and then there is sewing! You could make curtains, pillows, a table-cloth or cloth napkins. Paint a canvas with zig zaggy chevrons for instant art! How to decorate with chevrons really depends on your personal style and how much pattern you want or need to introduce into your space. Chevrons are a delightfully cheerful pattern so have fun with them!

Gray Chevron Curtains

Photo via Layla Grace

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