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February 19th, 2013

6 Lovely Bedrooms

Dual Mirrors Above Side Tables

Laura Lee Clark


The great move is imminent and coming quick! I believe the house has sold although I haven’t received the final word. This means big change for us. Exciting change. New colour. New patterns. New ideas. And a fresh start. While my search for a new place begins I am dazzled with the possibilities of decorating each of the new rooms, especially a lovely bedroom.


Pale Gray Room with Tufted Headboard

New England Home


Inspired by opulence and the idea of creating something dreamy and new for my own bedroom I have come up with some images of elements I would like to introduce. First, I had to ask myself what makes a really great bedroom. For me, that means a balance of beauty and comfort. I want a soft, muted space for dreaming. A place with soft textures, elegant patterns and a pop of colour I can change when need be. My current bedroom has some pretty, but the vision was never finished. And that is okay. Life itself is a work in progress and some visions require alterations and alternate blueprints with secret, hidden rooms behind the bookcase and beyond the stars. New visions are calling so here we go!


Sweet Bedding

Zsa Zsa Bellagio 


Layers and layers of soft, texturally appealing bedding is what I am after! How cosy.


Bedroom Ideas for the New Room:


Symmetrical side tables

Pretty bedding

An upholstered headboard

Twin mirrors to hang above the symmetrical side tables

An upholstered bench for the end of the bed

A reading chair (oh, yes, I have my eye on one! Stay tuned…new job equals new inspiration!!)

And a sprinkling of pretty sparkly things

Reflective lighting, if not a chandelier some curvy glass table lamps. Daylight and nightlight reflect in their own shimmering ways, each equally elegant if chosen right.


Pale Blue with Chandelier

Better Homes and Gardens


Things I hope for in the new place:

  • Lots of light
  • More light
  • Light so I can pull off a white with a pale hint of a colour, colour scheme like the blue above or the gray below.


Lovely Bedroom with Symmetry

Casa Sugar

While the yellow carpet may look surprising in this room, if you follow the link and tour the whole home, the yellow appears throughout the space. Love the tour!


Upholstered and Tufted Headboard

The Cross Design


I love the stacked pillow detail and the side table. Such a simple detail, in a lovely bedroom. You can change it every day when you make your bed. By the way, I am a make your bed every single morning kind of girl (not just on behalf of teaching kids proper human behaviour, but because I like to give things a little polish, especially to start the day, every day is kind of special in its own way, yes?) and I am always surprised when I hear of someone who doesn’t!! So tell me, do you make your bed every day?

February 11th, 2013

Valentine Red in the Bedroom

Red Headboard

House Beautiful


Splash and dash Valentine red in the bedroom everywhere or use it to rev your heart and up the pulse a beat or two. Yes, relationships can be complicated. But love? Love is ever so simple. To appreciate the light and truth and good in another being is what it’s all about. To actively honour that sweetness with love is special, so if you are lucky enough to have that person in your life, embrace him or her with all your might!!


Red Bedroom with Pillows and Tables


Like attracts like as you can see with these twin red tables at the foot of the bed. I love this combination of pink and red. So Valentine. The bright hues are well balanced with the black bed, and the white in the bedding and the carpet.


Red Bedroom with Patterned Headboard

House to Home


My favourite element in this room is the lamp. The combination of red and fuchsia is vibrant and juicy and makes my mouth water for fruit punch! Grown-ups do not drink enough fruit punch!! Whether you choose to commit to a colour-tastic colour scheme or a muted one with pops of red, Valentine red can be added to your bedroom for the day or on a more permanent basis. Experiment with pillows and accessories or go for it and paint a wall red.