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March 26th, 2013

Good Ideas: Clipboards

Clipboards with Inspiration


Well helloooo! It has certainly been a while. A busy busy while. But as Dorothy would say “there’s no place like home” and here I am, home camp set up and ready to get back on track. And yes we did go see  Oz the Great and Powerful yesterday and it was SO GOOD! I love Glinda the good witch. It is spring break and the weather was beautiful today (a lovely treat after all the snow we have had!). There really are some good ideas out there and this week I want to show you this idea for using clipboards to organize your magazine cut-outs. I might have a mild to moderate magazine hoarding problem and have trimmed down my collection quite considerably in the duration of the move.


This idea will  help me edit things even more! I love it! Paint them or wallpaper them and hang them up. Add your favourite magazine excerpts and you are good to go. A great idea for your office space, a movable changeable take on a dream board and you could even use it in the kitchen for recipes.

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March 5th, 2013

Painted Stairs

Painted Stairs in Turquoise Ombre

Real Simple


Stairs, when bared of their carpet might just beg to be left uncovered. What do you do if they are in less than pristine shape? Why, paint them of course! Cheery yellow, turquoise, blue, green, red, black or brown, the options are numerous. You could incorporate your favourite decor trend into the mix—numbers, letters, quotes, ombre, stripes, chevrons…etc. Personally, I would love to see some kindred soul paint a polka dot stair case. Any paint happy adventurers ready to take it on? Message me with pictures of your polka dot painted stairs!


Painted Stairs in Yellow with Numbers



Paint the risers in a contrasting colour or combine paint and wallpaper (not on the risers!) for tremendous (what a great word, I need to use this word at least twice daily) contrast. Stenciling is another option if you wish to include a graphic design.


Painted Stairs Pink and White



I love the eclectic look of the high gloss risers pictured above. It gives the room personality, character, depth as it shouts ‘lived-in’ and ‘don’t take me too seriously’. I like that.


Painted Stairs with an Aqua Runner

Apartment Therapy


A runner riser. Pale aqua. You can’t go wrong, just up or down.


Painted Stairs with Yellow and White Patterns

Smitten Design


That’s a whole lot of pattern! You could try to emulate this look or choose one or two patterns and repeat them. Trellis, lattice, trellis, lattice…



Painted Stairs in Pink Ombre

Design Sponge


I know the first ombre staircase was pretty perfect, but look! This one is gorgeous too. And to be honest, the sneak peak of the rest of the room drew. me. in. If you follow the link you will see what they started with. It makes the end result that much better. And if painted stairs aren’t your thing, take a look at some salvaged stair options. I found them interesting for a shop of sorts, but wouldn’t do it in a home, but you might like it. Right?



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