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May 30th, 2013

Rectangular Throw Pillows

Rectangular Sofa Pillows in a Grouping

Southern Charm


Throw pillows add colour, texture and visual interest to your sofa. I can think of no greater way to keep your sofa fresh and interesting without getting a new one every year! Square throw pillows are a welcomed standard, but to mix it up I love rectangular pillows, on their own or combined with others. The wild mixture of pattern and colour pictured above work well together because there is just enough repetition of geometric and botanical gently balanced and finished off with the rectangular pillow front and centre. And, oh, those blooms are beautiful. Great colour.


Rectangular Sofa Pillow on a Tufted Sofa

Junk Garden Girl


This solitary throw pillow is such a sweet complement to the tufted sofa. How awesome would this room look with some marigold curtains and a little something to finish off the coffee table?


Rectangular Sofa Pillow in a Trellis Pattern

Sarah M. Dorsey Designs


Note how the heavily patterned pillows dress an otherwise plain sofa. The sofa has clean simple lines, yes, but it is brought to life with the pillow combo. And Mr. Rectangular is the showstopper here. Another example of how many colours can be used with grey. My faaaaavourite being turquoise!


Rectangular Sofa Pillows Smaller than the Rest



This little rectangular throw works with the taupe and blue scheme, but I imagine it could work well in a monochromatic palette with more oatmeal tones for texture. And is it just me or would a couple of these guys stood on end be alright?


Rectangular Sofa Pillows Times Two

Little Green Notebook


I love the solidarity of these two throw pillows. So floral in a room not dainty at all. Bolsters would be lovely if used like this too. Throw pillows of all shapes and sizes come together to add personality and depth of character to the space they grace. Pillows should be daring, fun. What better way to take a chance on a colour or pattern you would normally shy away from. Come on! Take a chance. You might be surprised at how well a rectangular pillow fits into your grand scheme of things. It might just be your missing link, the key to all your mysteries, or maybe just a finishing touch.

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May 14th, 2013

Modern Floral Carpets

Graphic Blue Floral Carpet

 Coventry via Layla Grayce

Well, I hope every Mama out there had a fabulous Mother’s Day! I know I sure did. I ran my first 5K race, worked for a few hours and finished the day having dinner with my two favourite people in the whole world, my boys, in case you didn’t know. What better way to follow up Mother’s Day than to glimpse, peruse and admire some modern floral carpets? Shall we?


Blue and White Floral Carpet

Georgia Blue via Layla Grayce


These Amy Butler designs caught my eye. Not only are they perfectly pretty in every which way, but they add a modern graphic detail you can use to accentuate colour already present in a room, or to add a splash where there wasn’t one. The blue and white rug pictured above is sweet. I love that the pattern meanders instead of repeating. It leads your eye.


Red Floral Carpet

Caracas via Layla Grayce 


While I certainly gravitate to teals, blues, turquoises, mints and greens, the pink and red of the carpet pictured above is like a little visual vacay. I love a little clash, especially in a carpet. Not all floral carpets are exquisite like these, saturated with such inviting hues or woven with such divine detail.


Violet Floral Carpet

Lacework Blue via Layla Grayce


Textiles are my absolute favourite thing right now. I work with fabric and it gives me all these crazy ideas of colour combinations, pattern layers and texture possibilities. Limitlessness sits well with me. Where it overwhelms some I feel like I am home. Grounded in option. Woven into the pattern. Everyone needs a little bliss in their everyday life.


Gray and Green Floral Carpet

Parrot Tulip via Layla Grayce

Multi-coloured or two-tone each of these modern floral carpets begs for bare toes, long reading stints, and of course a good session of on your belly colouring.

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May 2nd, 2013

Pattern Painted Ceilings

Painted Ceiling in Blue

Ty Pennington

I am surrounded, very happily surrounded, with colour and pattern at the sofa shop these days and I love experimenting with combinations of solids and patterns. Today this translated to painted ceilings. In the two examples I love the best, the painted ceilings are like the icing on the cake of the room’s design. Thoughtful details are everything.


After such a tumultous few weeks of weather, today felt like a delicious treat. The sun was warm, the air fresh, and so finally the blooming shall begin. After work we headed straight to the river valley for our first spring jaunt at Rundle Park. I always feel this expectant-laden stasis at this point in the spring when the weather has warmed, yet the branches are bare and everything is yet to embrace it’s green. So much potential everywhere.


Okay, back to the ceilings! Imagine waking up and staring at the ceiling of the one pictured above. So fresh. So elegant. So pretty. Reminiscent of the blue skies of today. However I would have used a different carpet to unify the ceiling in a pale watery blue with a floral or stripe in it. But that’s just me.



Painted Ceiling in Grey

4 Men 1 Lady


A pretty palette of grey with a pattern painted ceiling. Wow. I do not know if I like the ceiling or the ruffled curtain better. What do you think? The sky palette or the stone palette? Stencilled patterns are a good option for more intricate designs but you could also paint stripes, chevrons and other simple geometrics with a good old roll of painter’s tape.