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June 18th, 2013

9 Mirror Walls to Look Upon

Mirrors in the Stairwell

Danielle Muller


All vanity aside, I absolutely love mirrors. Maybe its the way they reflect light. Maybe its the distortion of image. Maybe its the way they act like backwards windows to some place we will never reach. Hanging groups of mirrors together, gallery-style creates a mini wall of wonder, and while you can get matchy matchy (paint the frames all one colour), you can also create random displays of beauty. Trial and error makes way for some sweet imperfections of endearment at times, and who wouldn’t want that to grace a wall?


The display above brings movement into the stairwell, a space often closed in, static. Note the off-kilter balance of light and dark frames and how they play with the two-tone stairs.


Mirrors on a Shelf

Coco Cozy


The way the light refracts in this room is divine. This mirror wall is not fixed so you could change them now and then if you found new ones.


Mirrors all Whimsical

Casa Abril


You wouldn’t think this collection of frames would work, but look at that. Whimsical and sweet.


Mirrors Painted Green

Dimples and Tangles


A range of shapes and styles come together with bright kelly green paint! Click the link for the how-to at Dimples and Tangles.


Mirrors on a Brick Wall

Tilly’s Cottage


The entire room appeals to me. Not only is the mirror wall something to look at, but the collection of looking glasses or magnifying glasses intrigues me.


I Dream of Chairs


Ok, that chair is cool, right? And the mirror wall is quite meticulous with the inner portion of some of the frames painted.


Mirrors with Chains



See? Reflections rule! Pop of turquoise…check!


Mirrors Under the Stairs



Way to make use of an awkward space. And with elegance at that.


Moody Mirrors

Whimsy Decor


The combination of the mirror wall and the way the room is lit is compelling. I want to browse and peruse and to find the treasure I am certain awaits me. I love mirror walls and am plotting one for myself as I collect mirrors that catch my eye. The question is, “are you looking right at the other half of you” as you plot your gallery wall with mirrors instead of art and photographs??

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June 10th, 2013

6 Ideas for a Patterned Sofa

Printed Sofa in Taupe

Holly Mathis Interiors


All over pattern? Yes. Dress it up with plain pillows? Yes. A neutral graphic layered with other neutrals? Yes, yes, yes! Ok, so maybe a printed sofa is a bit of a stretch for you. But I’m here to hold your hand and tell you yes, you can do it. And you can do it in so many wonderful, beautiful, pretty ways that I assure you, the initial appeal will not wear off. I recently ordered my own first piece of custom furniture, (SO EXCITING!!!), and let me tell you after helping other people embrace their vision it is so much fun to create something just a little on the wild side for moi. For me, it’s tame, really. A turquoise chair and a half. Not that crazy, and besides it will meld with the rest of my stuff, so stay tuned for photos when that baby gets here in 6-12 weeks!


Blue Floral Printed Sofa



So back to the all over patterned sofa idea…florals, botanicals, geometric designs, each one of them holds their own level of beauty and interest. If you intend the sofa to be somewhat of a focal point then pick something that speaks to you in a loud yet memorable fashion. Let it be colourful. Find a print that you can’t stop thinking about and do it. If anyone needs help designing a custom sofa message me and I will show you some amazing fabrics. Until then look at how the patterned sofa works in the photos I have procured for you today. I won’t tell you which one is my favourite just yet.


Pink Floral Printed Sofa

Truelock Equals Truelove


Vintage styled fabric sofas can create an interesting little time warp in an otherwise modern looking room. Oh, and check out the rectangular pillows. I so love them!



Printed Sofa with Pattern on back



This one here is my favourite. Only the back is done in a pattern. Love this! Combined with an array of printed pillows this sofa is so fun!


Grey and Black Printed Sofa

6th Street Design School


Wow, right? Holy pattern Batman! I applaud the proud owner of this sofa for his or her tenacity and comittment to the print. I wonder if it was an instant, oh my god I have to have this fabric all over my sofa! Or a debatable thing that went on for weeks before the final committment was made. Hmm…


Blue Chevron Printed Sofa



And there you have it! Some super cute ideas for a patterened sofa. You can see how the chevron print was carried elsewhere in the room pictured above to tie the scheme together, for me it is a bit much, but the idea of painting a ghost of a whisper of a smidge of the print somewhere else in the space is a good one.


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