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August 28th, 2013

Old Doors in Modern Spaces

Is summer seriously ending? It breaks my heart a little. So many wonderful events and summer activities filled our days, but after all the rushing to and fro, I could have used more idle days without a schedule.

Here are some of my summer highlights:

•A hot day at the beach (a day? One might ask?? There are not alot of beaches close to Edmonton!)

•Fireworks (Canada Day in St. Albert)

•Picnics at the park

•Trips to multiple furniture stores (the kids had their fun! This was mine)

•The dinosaur park and the zoo

•And many a bike ride to the lake

Alas, as the days begin their inevitable descent into cooler times, I will turn my gaze inward, back into the home. Yesterday I began the first of many projects to come. I am painting the twin set of bi-fold doors in my current kitchen and there may or may not be a stencil in the future of said doors.

And with doors in mind, how about some old doors in modern spaces? I love the idea of bringing vintage and/or antique items into newer homes for character and depth of time.

Dreamy Whites

Like a full length mirror fashioned out of a door. I love the pale shade of blue.


Or how about a bookshelf?


A rustic oversized coffee table works but for this size you could make it a desk or a dining table.


This door makes the laundry room feel like official business! And it really is isn’t it?

Simple Home Life

And this lovely door used to belong to an armoire. So cute! And the colour, yep! It’s perfect.

Joys of Home

How about making a lovely hutch or pantry shelf? So many options to exercise with all those old doors that are laying in wait in garages everywhere.

August 6th, 2013

Fiddle Leaf Fig Love

Inspired by Charm

Oh, dear! These baby fiddle leaf figs are adorable, as if I wasn’t already in love with them! Ficus Lyrata, commonly known as the fiddle leaf fig, is an indoor tree option with broad green leaves. The trunk is quite thin, but some greenhouses offer a braided version. I like the straight one best! Indulge with me in some fiddle leaf fig love as I try to decide if one would survive in this dry Albertan climate.

Haddon Interiors

Each tree will develop its own quirky shape, but can be pruned to your liking. My research tells me they require plenty of light and a weekly watering. The fiddle leaf fig trees I found at Houston Interior Plants have been grown and conditioned with partial shade so they are ready for a home environment. Seems like a sound idea, wouldn’t want to shock the darling.

Casa Sugar

You will also need a large decorative pot to place the fig in. However, all of my favourite looks (and these trees are EVERYWHERE!), involve the pot being placed behind or beside other furniture, so you don’t see it. I also found that Ikea often carries them. I think this is my best option, to see if I can convince it to live for me. I already have a spot picked out. Time to head to Ikea!