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June 12th, 2014

Pretty Plants: Echeveria


I bought two echeverias a while back and they have been living on my kitchen windowsill ever since. The green one is happy but the blue one has dropped a few leaves which has prompted me to try something different with them.

There are many a pretty way to plant them, but I know for sure one of them will end up in my favourite milk glass vessel. You’ll notice the green one is a little wonky. He has grown lopsided and has sprouted some babies. Can I plant these babies? Hmmmm… I’ll have to look into it!


The blue echeveria pictured below is the winner of the milk glass pot, don’t you think? I think. He looks happy.


Too bad I don’t have more pedestal type planters I could group them like this sweet little trio. I’m quite sure I could find some ceramic ones at Homesense, right? But wait! I just committed to a shopping ban until my upcoming mini vacay, but that shouldn’t include decor should it? I’ll have to revise the fine print.

A Casarella

And them there’s terrariums, some of which I like. A simple glass bowl with rocks etc. might work.

Clean Slate

This lantern planting trend is something I could definitely work with. How pretty to include a variety of succulents at different heights. Again, Homesense would be a great place to find the right lantern. A small to medium one would work for my space.

The Given Life

Well, the blue echeveria found his new home today and we shall see what becomes of the green one. For now he can return to the windowsill.