5 Second Painted Key

Painted Key

Ever fumbled in the dark through a chain of keys looking for the right one because you forgot to leave the porch light on? Ever fumbled with your arms full of groceries and/or kids looking for that key of keys when they all look the same? Ever tried to not turn into a popsicle because you live in a partially sub-arctic climate as you searched for the key that will end your foray into chill? Do you have 5 seconds to spare? The 5 second painted key will take the guesswork out of getting into your home.


I saw these painted keys on Pinterest and I thought, what a simple, yet great idea. I should try that. And in literally 5 seconds the mini project was done. Yay Pinterest! And yay, painted keys! All you need is your favourite shades of nail polish and some keys. Remove each key from your key chain and paint the end of it. You could get all fancy and paint stripes or polka dots or a French manicure, but for me a couple of coats of my dazzling red sparkle polish was just the thing. I also tried cotton candy pink. I know some people have lots of keys, why not try doing a sparkle set, a greens and blues set or a random rainbow set? Have fun with it!


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2 Comments to “5 Second Painted Key”

  1. Your key looks awesome!! So glad you tried it! Thank you for linking back!

  2. Thanks Laurel! Great project!

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