5 Things to Do on a Perfect Autumn Day

Autumn at Dreaming of June

It is undoubtedly a perfect autumn day here in Edmonton. Clear skies, chilly breezes and bright beautiful sunshine. In case you have such a day on hand and you don’t know what to do, I thought I would share 5 things to do on a perfect autumn day.


Thrift Shopping

Look for end of season garage sales and pounce on them. End of season garage salers are looking to unload whatever remains of their treasures, so they don’t have to keep them all winter long. Bargain with said folks and you might be surprised at what they are willing to throw in to sweeten the pot and lighten their load. While the weather is still nice, head to thrift shops to look for furniture you can reconfigure, upcycle and make your own. Look for character pieces to mix with your existing furniture and haul it home before the snow flies. Trust me, we had a mini taste of it yesterday (don’t worry, it melted!) and let’s just say the cold was no less shocking than it is any other year! So grab that vintage-y table and run.




Open the windows and air out your home as you bake something deliciously apple-liscious. Fresh air + bakiing apples = autumn day heaven. I promised the boys we would bake banana chocolate chip muffins, so the apples will have to wait till tomorrow. However, I did buy giant bags of apples and pears which will make a delightful crisp together. Yum!




Enjoy the day and get something done at the same time. Multi-task with the right mix of things and life is grand!! Realistically, how many diy outdoor paint project days are left in this northern climate? Finish that chair, table, headboard, etc., you know it needs to be done. I have a small kid’s Ikea table that needs work as it is currently covered with randomn doodles, and a peeling paint surface. Wait till you see what I have planned for it!


Outdoor Clean Up

Lucky for me, the great big winds have been blowing the leaves straight out of my yard, but YOU might have leaves to rake. Of course there are other chores to get done–wash windows, decorate your home for the season with autumn and Halloween decor, some of us northern folk may even take this day as an opportunity to hang Christmas lights (yes, I know its early, but we won’t turn them on yet, well, except for my one neighbour) or hang a seasonal wreath on your door. And then, when you are done, why not take a walk?



Throw a dinner party, put on a pot of coffee or tea or head out somewhere! This is my plan for the day. My brother and his family are coming over for a visit with me and my boys! And as a special added bonus, he might even bring some wood glue so I can begin the Ikea table makeover. Whatever you do today, I hope these 5 things to do on a perfect autum day brought you a little inspiration. So light some candles, take a breath of the freshest air and enjoy your day!


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