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Green Wallpapered Room

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Well, given that it is June, my favourite month and this blog’s namesake, I thought it was time to share a bit about June. For those of you that haven’t read the intro, June was my grandmother, my dad’s mom, she lived in Ontario her whole life. Let us celebrate this little story with some asparagus green decor? After all Dreaming of June is a decor blog. Why asparagus you say? Read on, dear friends!

Lime Ceiling

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June was mother to six boys, yes, you read that right, six boys! On my most chaotic days with my two boys I can’t imagine what parenting six boys in the 1950’s and 1960’s would have been like. Yikes! The laundry situation alone would have done me in, nevermind the cooking and general house-wrecking associated with rambunctious boy play!! Then again, the world was a different place and judging from the stories my dad tells, much of the mischief making was sent outdoors. I guess so!

Green Living Room

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My favourite story about June is a love story. Actually, its how June met her second husband, Ken. June worked hard between husbands and took a variety of jobs to pay the bills. Fatefully, she replied to an ad posted in a grocery store. The ad called for pickers to harvest asparagus.

Green Bathroom

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On what I can only imagine to be a bright sunny morning, June was with at least two of her boys in an asparagus field, picking away, when my uncle wandered off and either in a befriending or pestering way (who really knows which) approached a fellow asparagus picker, Ken. My dad was the baby at that point (a year and a half old) and must have been close by, but my uncle, running back and forth between Ken and June, made a friend of Ken. June and Ken met, and the two fell in love. Love in an asparagus field.

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  1. A page from my life Thank -you Jen

  2. No problem! I am glad you enjoyed it!! 🙂

  3. I have been loving bright, bold green and navy lately! Beautiful inspiration.

  4. Me too. Such a pretty combination. 🙂

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