Bedroom Curtains for Girls

Pink Ruffled Waterfall Curtains



Ever since I posted Bedroom Curtains for Boys, I felt compelled to offer up some inspiration for all those decorating a girl’s room! Like clothing, fabric options for curtains are super-abundant for girls, so many pretty styles, bold styles and dainty, dainty styles.


Yellow Ruffled Waterfall Curtain


Ruffles are obviously a favourite of mine. As you can see they can be found in sheer white, colour or multi-coloured. I would be hard-pressed to pick only one. I like the ruffle curtains because they add a nice textural element without overwhelming the entire space. A Boy, a Girl and a Pug created a Ruffle Curtain Tutorial if you want to attempt one of your own!


White Ruffled Curtain


Modern decor is exciting in that you can hang curtains for girls with any colour scheme in mind and personalize it with pretty details to tie everything together. Or you can go all out and indulge in petal pinks and pearly whites for the ultimate girly room.


Pink Elephant Curtains


Graphic patterns are fun and help to add a proper pop of colour, and the advantage is, you can change them whenever you want. As you can probably guess by now, I am not the number one seamstress on the block, but I have made curtains and let me assure you that if you wanted to make your own, you sure can! Check out the awesome curtain tutorial round-up Apartment Therapy came up with.


Turquoise Floral Curtain Panels


Embellishment Ideas for Curtains


Another option is to find panel curtains in a colour to match the room, or white, and embellish the curtains to add an original touch.


Red with White Polka Dot Girl's Curtains


Grosgrain ribbon, a strip of fabric along the leading edge or the bottom, rubber stamp images, beads, or anything else you wish to use will add that extra something for your little girl’s curtains. Or you can make tiebacks in an alternating colour or pattern.


Raspberry Pink Dandelion Curtains


As always, options are aplenty for bedroom curtains for girls. Happy shopping, or sewing or embellishing!

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  1. LOVE the inspiration! Those ruffled curtains are absolutely adorable.

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