Carl Christensen’s Photography

Return to the Dream


At first glimpse, I felt a sense of kinship with Carl Christensen’s ethereal photos. Like I had been there. Like I had dreamt there. I love that feeling. Evoking a dreamy sensibility, Carl Christensen’s photography has a vintage vibe and a whimsical subject matter that covers carnivals and nature. Each frame is colourfully captured with his trademark style.

Christensen’s work has been featured on Modern Family and Martha Stewart‘s Etsy show. The images are available in a range of sizes at a variety of affordable price points. You can even choose to have them matted so all you have to do is frame them.

The saturated colours, especially the turquoise, will work well with modern decor. You can use photography and art as a starting point to create a current palette for a room, or you can update an existing space with some fresh notions of hue.

While his Etsy shop suggests some of the photos for nursery decor, I could see these beauties looking great no matter where you hang them. Above your desk for a little inspiration when you need it perhaps? Whatever the case, Carl Christensen’s photography will haunt you in a good way and make you take a second peek!

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