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October 30th, 2012

10 Black Rooms

Black and White Room

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Black is a colour often reserved for furniture and accents, or paired with white for balance, but as you can see here black is chic and beautiful all on its own. Perhaps a few of these rooms would be better suited to Eric Northman, but hey, we can admire him, er, them today right?


What I love about these rooms is how classic and elegant they become with pristine white accents. With a black and white fixed palette, you add colour pops as you see fit with accents or introduce gray and silver accents and keep it demure and glamorous.

Black Living Room

The Every Girl

Pure white light keeps the black bright and the room feels airy and exquisite and not dingy or small. The mirror, light fixture and art add a little shine and polish.


Shiny Black Bedroom

 Zsa Zsa Bellagio

I must admit this one is a little vampire-worthy or at least Poe-worthy. I could easily see a raven perched on that ornate footboard!


Black Walls with Plates


This is pretty with a capital P. Love it. It would be so cute to add framed photos and develop it into a gallery wall.


Black Dining Room


This room must be so cozy for a dinner party. The black wallpaper has a lovely sheen that reflects the light as it shows off it’s pattern. The centerpieces define this space for me. I would love to see more green in here.


Black Hot Air Balloon RoomPinterest 


Hot air balloon photos framed against this black wall with the luggage all packed up below makes me want to take a trip. A whimsical trip. One that definitely involves a hot air balloon. Although probably a tethered one.


Elegant Black Bedroom


This black beauty of a bedroom is dark, yes, but in all the right ways. Imagine if you needed to sleep during the day? Well, who doesn’t? But, if you worked at night and this was your resting place for the morning. A little spooky reading before bed and you are all set!


Black Office

Natural Beauty

This is the office of a manly man who gets things done. Don’t you think? The owl tells the tale. His tell tale heart.


Black Bedroom

Porter House Designs 

Yes, ok. Another villainous vampire’s lair. But well stylized, right? I would add a velveteen tufted gray headboard to soften the vibe.

Black Sitting Room

Open Wardrobe

So Happy Halloween! I hope you enjoyed these 10 black rooms, now go eat some candy!



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