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November 17th, 2012

Valance Ideas for a Girl’s Room

Geometric Valance

Bibiddi Bobbidi Beautiful

Valances, you either love them or you hate them. For me, it all comes down to the fabric used and the room the valance is intended for. If you are planning a nursery or re-decorating there are a range of valance ideas for a girl’s room. Valances can be made or bought (your chioce) and hung as-is or with modifications. The image shown above is a valance made from bedsheets (follow the link for the tutorial!).

Hot Pink Ruffle Valance

Selah James Handmade

Um, ruffles are just about always a good idea. You know it, I know it, the ruffles know it.

Yellow Geometric Valance

Crea8tive Designs Inc. 

Follow this link and you will learn how to make a tailored valance. Which I love in this pale lemon geometric. Yellow is an understated palette choice for a girly room.

Monogram Valance

Hi Sugarplum!

Love this! The grosgrain ribbon sewn on the curtains is an easy way to add detail to a plain set of white curtains. Follow the link and you will learn how to build the pelmet and how to monogram it.


Tulle Valance

Nest Full of Eggs 

Pink tulle ruffles for a girl’s room equals pretty perfect in my books.


Ribbon Valance

Good Housekeeping

This collection of ribbons makes a pretty cute valance, but there are lots of other things you can do with ribbon. Try sewing strips of grosgrain ribbon to a valance in a solid colour to create vibrant stripes. Or use it to create an edge like the curtains pictured above, but on a smaller scale.


Butterfly Valance


A valance is a great way to introduce a bold graphic print like this butterfly one.


Yellow Chevron Valance

 Miss Muffet’s Tuffet

Ah, chevrons, in a small dose like a valance or a large dose like a painted floor, I lova ya! Use these valance ideas for a girl’s room as a starting point to choosing your own, or, if bold, make one! I would love to see any you make. Happy decorating!




October 24th, 2012

White Sheers

Sheers in the Bathroom

House Beautiful

Back in the eighties, it is entirely possible that my mom had sheers in every window. Sheers in lovely shades of dusty rose, peach and beige. Sound familiar? In spite of the flashbacks, I love pure white sheers. In a monochromatic white room they keep the light pure. In masculine or dark rooms they bring a touch of femininity. And in every other room they become a layer of texture, and help to soften hard lines from furniture, wood and stone elements. White sheers can be used in many curtain layering combinations.


Monochromatic White Sheers

Malia Maui

On their Own


White sheers are frequently hung on their own in rooms with abundant natural light. This is a good choice for rooms where you will be happy with constant light. Another point to consider is privacy, because with sheers hung alone, you won’t get much!


French Room with Sheers

Metropolitan Home via Elle Decor 

Over Blinds


Soften the look of wooden slat blinds and hang white sheers over top of them. This will work with a range of decor styles. I love sheers in a nursery, but the practicality suffers when you want baby to sleep and all this luminous white light keeps him/her awake. Solution: blackout blinds plus sheers. This way, you get the look and the nap time. The sheers over blinds is a pretty option for any bedroom.


Under Heavy Drapes


Whether or not you are privy to a formal sitting room, you can hang billowy white sheers beneath a heavier set of drapes. What I like about this look is that you have options. Open both sets of drapes and tie them back letting a peek of the sheers poke out from behind the drapes. Or leave the sheers closed, but pull back the drapes and let them hang. Another option is to leave the sheers closed and tie back the drapes.


Layered Ruffle Sheers

A Beach Cottage

In Between


The layered curtain look is my favourite right now. Hang different drapes and sheers on one single curtain rod to create a varied, textured look or a wall of curtains. Mix sheers with solid colours, prints or patterns.


Polka Dot Sheers

Country Curtains 

Patterned Sheers


Modern sheers can be found in a range of patterns to add just a little more textural appeal to your windows. Polka dots, diamonds, stripes and more are available.


Patterned Sheers


Length of Sheers


Like any curtain, sheers of different lengths can be used for different applications. In the kitchen, for instance, you might want a short variation. Try sheer cafe-style curtains, modern ones are pretty and campy all at the same time. In the bedroom, hang extra long sheers and let them pool on the floor.


Overlapped Sheers

Pinterest via Bing


The versatility of white sheers makes them a sure bet in any home as they can be moved from room to room. Your windows can wear them with many other fabrics and colours. Sheers also come in a range of colours, while I do adore some of them, I will beware of colours that might not date so well so be gone dusty rose!