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July 10th, 2014

Lovely Layered Living Rooms

La Dolce Vita

Oh, hi! There seems to be a common colour thread unintentionally uniting these three photos. What drew me to this trio was the combination of so many pieces executed in a pretty, organized way. The unity in the colour scheme makes it cohesive and shows a few different ideas for layering. White with grey and a pop of pink and/or indigo. Lovely, lovely and more lovely.

The layered look evident in all three images creates a homey, cosy feel with colour, pattern and texture. Each room is inviting and has an overall sweetness to it. While not overtly masculine (yes that’s a little pink guys!) they aren’t exactly screaming girl space either.

Little Green Notebook

The furniture placement is conducive to entertaining, notice how you see one sofa combined with groups of two chairs placed in a square around the coffee table. Lengthy conversations and late nights can be had in these beautiful settings.

Sometimes it’s ok to place individual chairs in a furniture grouping, but I really like pairs. If you choose too many singular elements the space can become choppy. Instead combine pairs, and more than one pair is quite alright. See how the matching stools look? Pretty right?

Lauren Conrad

To create your own layered look, accentuate the furniture placement with textiles like pillows, an area rug and drapes. Add a little glitter or sparkle to polish the look. Tables with a metal sheen, a glass top or mirror top accomplish the glimmer and add function.

These lovely layered living rooms are stylized with accessories like books, lamps, vases and flowers, but I love adding house plants for a vivid pop of green, some texture and a little life.

May 2nd, 2013

Pattern Painted Ceilings

Painted Ceiling in Blue

Ty Pennington

I am surrounded, very happily surrounded, with colour and pattern at the sofa shop these days and I love experimenting with combinations of solids and patterns. Today this translated to painted ceilings. In the two examples I love the best, the painted ceilings are like the icing on the cake of the room’s design. Thoughtful details are everything.


After such a tumultous few weeks of weather, today felt like a delicious treat. The sun was warm, the air fresh, and so finally the blooming shall begin. After work we headed straight to the river valley for our first spring jaunt at Rundle Park. I always feel this expectant-laden stasis at this point in the spring when the weather has warmed, yet the branches are bare and everything is yet to embrace it’s green. So much potential everywhere.


Okay, back to the ceilings! Imagine waking up and staring at the ceiling of the one pictured above. So fresh. So elegant. So pretty. Reminiscent of the blue skies of today. However I would have used a different carpet to unify the ceiling in a pale watery blue with a floral or stripe in it. But that’s just me.



Painted Ceiling in Grey

4 Men 1 Lady


A pretty palette of grey with a pattern painted ceiling. Wow. I do not know if I like the ceiling or the ruffled curtain better. What do you think? The sky palette or the stone palette? Stencilled patterns are a good option for more intricate designs but you could also paint stripes, chevrons and other simple geometrics with a good old roll of painter’s tape.

March 5th, 2013

Painted Stairs

Painted Stairs in Turquoise Ombre

Real Simple


Stairs, when bared of their carpet might just beg to be left uncovered. What do you do if they are in less than pristine shape? Why, paint them of course! Cheery yellow, turquoise, blue, green, red, black or brown, the options are numerous. You could incorporate your favourite decor trend into the mix—numbers, letters, quotes, ombre, stripes, chevrons…etc. Personally, I would love to see some kindred soul paint a polka dot stair case. Any paint happy adventurers ready to take it on? Message me with pictures of your polka dot painted stairs!


Painted Stairs in Yellow with Numbers



Paint the risers in a contrasting colour or combine paint and wallpaper (not on the risers!) for tremendous (what a great word, I need to use this word at least twice daily) contrast. Stenciling is another option if you wish to include a graphic design.


Painted Stairs Pink and White



I love the eclectic look of the high gloss risers pictured above. It gives the room personality, character, depth as it shouts ‘lived-in’ and ‘don’t take me too seriously’. I like that.


Painted Stairs with an Aqua Runner

Apartment Therapy


A runner riser. Pale aqua. You can’t go wrong, just up or down.


Painted Stairs with Yellow and White Patterns

Smitten Design


That’s a whole lot of pattern! You could try to emulate this look or choose one or two patterns and repeat them. Trellis, lattice, trellis, lattice…



Painted Stairs in Pink Ombre

Design Sponge


I know the first ombre staircase was pretty perfect, but look! This one is gorgeous too. And to be honest, the sneak peak of the rest of the room drew. me. in. If you follow the link you will see what they started with. It makes the end result that much better. And if painted stairs aren’t your thing, take a look at some salvaged stair options. I found them interesting for a shop of sorts, but wouldn’t do it in a home, but you might like it. Right?



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February 19th, 2013

6 Lovely Bedrooms

Dual Mirrors Above Side Tables

Laura Lee Clark


The great move is imminent and coming quick! I believe the house has sold although I haven’t received the final word. This means big change for us. Exciting change. New colour. New patterns. New ideas. And a fresh start. While my search for a new place begins I am dazzled with the possibilities of decorating each of the new rooms, especially a lovely bedroom.


Pale Gray Room with Tufted Headboard

New England Home


Inspired by opulence and the idea of creating something dreamy and new for my own bedroom I have come up with some images of elements I would like to introduce. First, I had to ask myself what makes a really great bedroom. For me, that means a balance of beauty and comfort. I want a soft, muted space for dreaming. A place with soft textures, elegant patterns and a pop of colour I can change when need be. My current bedroom has some pretty, but the vision was never finished. And that is okay. Life itself is a work in progress and some visions require alterations and alternate blueprints with secret, hidden rooms behind the bookcase and beyond the stars. New visions are calling so here we go!


Sweet Bedding

Zsa Zsa Bellagio 


Layers and layers of soft, texturally appealing bedding is what I am after! How cosy.


Bedroom Ideas for the New Room:


Symmetrical side tables

Pretty bedding

An upholstered headboard

Twin mirrors to hang above the symmetrical side tables

An upholstered bench for the end of the bed

A reading chair (oh, yes, I have my eye on one! Stay tuned…new job equals new inspiration!!)

And a sprinkling of pretty sparkly things

Reflective lighting, if not a chandelier some curvy glass table lamps. Daylight and nightlight reflect in their own shimmering ways, each equally elegant if chosen right.


Pale Blue with Chandelier

Better Homes and Gardens


Things I hope for in the new place:

  • Lots of light
  • More light
  • Light so I can pull off a white with a pale hint of a colour, colour scheme like the blue above or the gray below.


Lovely Bedroom with Symmetry

Casa Sugar

While the yellow carpet may look surprising in this room, if you follow the link and tour the whole home, the yellow appears throughout the space. Love the tour!


Upholstered and Tufted Headboard

The Cross Design


I love the stacked pillow detail and the side table. Such a simple detail, in a lovely bedroom. You can change it every day when you make your bed. By the way, I am a make your bed every single morning kind of girl (not just on behalf of teaching kids proper human behaviour, but because I like to give things a little polish, especially to start the day, every day is kind of special in its own way, yes?) and I am always surprised when I hear of someone who doesn’t!! So tell me, do you make your bed every day?

December 3rd, 2012

4 Pretty Kitchens

Pretty Kitchen with Chandelier

Veronika’s Blushing via Decor Pad


Well, it is certainly no secret that I love pretty. Each of these kitchens has pretty factor, but with it’s own twist of elegance and character. For me, pretty is in the details, small and large, and can be achieved in any space be it masculine or feminine. These 4 pretty kitchens embrace their own style and include just enough pretty. See? Pretty is for everyone.


Pretty Kitchen with a Mint Palette

Cape Cod Collegiate


Elements to Increase Pretty Factor in your Kitchen:


Tufting– Tufting creates visual interest in the best way possible. In the kitchen a tufted bench, chairs or even a banquette will work.


Curvy Lines– Tables, chairs, decorative moldings and cabinetry help break up and soften the lines of definitive fixed elements and hard surfaces like stone counter tops.


Delicate Patterns– Swirly curly patterns like trellis, lattice, florals, geometrics, botanicals and damask will add visual appeal to your kitchen and give you a motif you can repeat in small doses to unify the space.


Pretty Kitchen Galley Style

 House Beautiful

Gloss and Shine– Objects that glisten pretty up even the darkest spaces. Look to lighting choices such as chandeliers, glass pendants, and drum chandeliers to bounce light around the room. Include accessories and dishware with elegant details and display some of them.


Colour Palette– Most colour palettes can be dressed pretty, however certain colour schemes welcome pretty readily. Of course white or white and silver would be at the top of my list, but work with whatever your colours are and personalize it to your taste. The result, (I’m sure) will be an eclectic pretty unlike any other space.


Pretty Kitchen with Elegant Backsplash


Textiles– Inject pattern and colour with the use of the textiles. A patterned carpet or set of curtains can set the tone for the room. You can also change them for a different look.


As you have seen in the 4 pretty kitchens pictured above, pretty things can be worked into your kitchen design in several easy ways and they really do make a difference in the overall look of the space.


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November 22nd, 2012

Birch Tree Decor

Birch Tree Magic Marker Arch

Apartment Therapy 


Stark white birch trees have made their way into the home on many fronts. Visually, the black and white pattern is stunning when used in the right measure (dependant upon personal taste!) and suitable for pretty and rustic spaces all the same. When I lived in Westmount (an older neighbourhood in Edmonton) all the birch trees were dying and had to be cut down! If only I had some of them now, I think I could add one somewhere. Birch tree decor combines two of my favourite things: trees and graphic black and white prints. At first glance I thought the photo pictured above showed birch tree wallpaper, I bet you thought the same thing, but this savvy couple created the wallpaper effect with magic markers. How stunning!


Birch Trees in Blue Room

Apartment Therapy

This room has a lovely balance of rustic and clean lines. The colour palette is soothing and the trees add whimsy.

Birch Tree Painting

Kristen Dougherty

I love this painting. This morning, on Pinterest, I was looking for birch tree paintings for some inspiration for a project I want to do and this one caught my eye and inspired this whole post. So pretty.


Birch Tree Pillow

Yellow Bug Boutique 

Throw pillows are ALWAYS a fun way to play with a trend. Zero commitment, you can freshen your decor automatically with a few of these babies.


Birch Tree Bed

The Berry

Rustic enough for you? I have no idea why, but to me birch trees require a blue, green or gray palette to sustain my approval. This is quaint but I would change the taupes.

Birch Tree Bedding

Urban Outfitters

Even birch tree bedding can be found if you look around.


Birch Trees in Living Room

Apartment Therapy 

Combine natural elements to create a masculine room, like Patrick did here. Cowhide, driftwood, antlers…man!

Birch Tree Wallpaper


If you want to commit to the pattern, try birch tree wallpaper. Myself, I would try this (like they did here) on a feature wall or in a smaller space like a bathroom or a foyer.

Birch Trees with Red Bookshelf

Pottery Barn

Or, you can prop a few birch trees in a corner and call it a day. I have also seen thin birch branches made into curtain rods and you could always chop up a basket of birch trees for firewood, although I’m not sure if it burns well, it would look amazing! Whether you plan to incorporate birch tree decor into your home or you just stopped by to have a peek, thanks for being here on this one of a kind Thursday in November!

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