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May 22nd, 2012

Layered Bedding Ideas

Kylie Minogue at HomeAs if you needed a pillowy nudge, a comforting invitation or a coverletted reason to spend more time in bed, but here it is anyways! Layered bedding ideas can be as varied as the style of your bedroom. While many different pieces are available to achieve the layered look, you don’t need to use all of them on one bed. In fact, the whole idea of layered bedding is to combine separate elements with a mix and match approach.


This is all about dream-worthy comfort, so choose soft fabrics with inviting textures for an elegant, pampering sleep space you will dream about throughout the day. Especially on a rainy spring day such as today. The world as seen from here is green and glistening, perfect for visualizing a bedding makeover! Can’t I please just curl up with a book and a cup of tea?


Here are the components you will need to create a layered bed:


  • Bed Skirt
  • Sheets
  • Pillow Shams
  • Pillows
  • Coverlets and Bedspreads
  • Quilt
  • Duvet
  • Throw


Bedding is one of the many ways you can establish the style or theme of your room. You can create different looks by adding or removing colourful pieces. White is always a good choice, but you can pick any colour for your sheets and pillows. Layer another set of pillows with shams in a hue that will contrast or complement your quilt or duvet and keep building with prints like floral, botanical, lattice, honeycomb, trellis, herringbone, damask and other geometric patterns. Look to stripes, polka dots, gingham and graphics to create visual interest that will balance the flourishes of the other patterns.


When working with colour, try to look at the room as a whole to see what colours you can add to the bedding that repeat elsewhere in the room. This will unify the space and give you some room to play with the existing colour scheme found in your art, furniture, collectibles and accessories.


Also check out the slideshow at Country Living for layered bedding ideas and Apartment Therapy has tips on how to pull it off too! Or go to Wallace Sacks to check out looks like the one pictured above.


Layered Bedding Ideas for Specific Looks


Hollywood Glam- Choose fabrics with a sheen like satin in pink or cream. Punctuate the look with graphic pillows in pink and cream with black features like monograms and ribboned edges.


Shabby Chic- Layer pristine white sheets with all white bedding. If you want colour, try adding a hint of gray, pink or mauve to mix with the varied textures in the white layers.


Country- Begin with small scale floral printed sheets and choose a quilt with pastel shades present in the sheets. A scalloped bed skirt will give the layered bed a flirty look which you can finish with a chunky knit wool throw in taupe or beige.


Modern- I love damask, so I would use a graphic damask duvet cover as a starting point. Tone on tone sheets with a very light trellis pattern in gray or oatmeal adds another element of pattern to the overall look. Finish this look with a bold colour like ruby, turquoise, grass green or lemon yellow.


Change the bedscape whenever the mood strikes you by changing out certain pieces. For instance, if you did not use a bed skirt, try adding one. You can also add new pillows and move the old ones to a reading chair or a bench at the end of your bed. Experiment always, dream forever and love your space!

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May 17th, 2012

Modern White Kitchen

White Kitchen with Painted Brick Wall

Photo Via

The modern white kitchen is ever appealing to me as there are so many beautiful options. First of all, clean white spaces are like a blank slate, which you can punctuate with colour pops and accessorize with shiny bits of this and that. And then, I love how you see a sea of cloud white until you look closer and discover the layers of texture achieved with the choice of differing white materials. And finally, you can alter the modern white kitchen by simply changing the accessories, which can be done at any time.


White Counter Tops


How dreamy to start your day in a bright white kitchen! One of the features you often see in a modern white kitchen is an all-white counter top. While marble will remain a popular choice for counters, you can also look to quartz and recycled alternatives. This type of counter top is man-made and you can find pristine white or you can branch out and experiment with white variations. My favourite white counter top is quartz with mirror flecks added to it. The iridescence created with the mirror bits is tres beautiful!


White Kitchen Cabinets


White cabinets are hot right now, which means any style you can imagine is available at a wide range of price points. Even the plainest of all white cabinets can be dressed up with crystal knobs and pulls to emulate a fresh, modern look. If you are refinishing existing cabinets, consider painting or wallpapering the inside of the cabinet doors for a pop of pattern or a collision of colour!


White Backsplash


White subway tile are a classic choice for creating a backsplash, as are square white ceramic tiles. If you want to choose classic tiles, but want a modern twist, play with the installation pattern. For instance, install the ceramic squares in a diamond pattern. Or, install the white subway tiles stacked one on top of another instead of the standard staggered brick installation.


White Kitchen Sink


Apron sinks are divine in an all white space, they come in a range of styles and sizes. Another idea is to choose any sink you like (for looks and/or functionality) and have it under-mounted. This looks especially grand with stone counter tops.


Modern White Kitchen

Photo Via

Once you have your fixed elements in place you can add wood, metal, glass and textiles to bring your modern white kitchen design to life!



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May 15th, 2012

Corrugated Metal Ideas for the Bathroom

I always thought corrugated metal was for sheds and other outdoorsy applications, but much to my surprise and delight, I have seen it used for interior applications too! There are many chic ways to use corrugated metal ideas for the bathroom. Corrugated or galvanized metal as it is sometimes called, is an economical medium that can be treated to prevent rust, which means it can be incorporated anywhere in a bathroom.


The metal can be cut straight across and capped with a decorative element like wood, or cut with a scalloped edge or any other ornate profile depending on the look you wish to achieve. Whether you choose a vertical or horizontal installation will also vary the look.


My favourite designs soften the prominent lines in the corrugated metal with feminine finishes to create a modern balance. Add an elegant chandelier, a pretty mirror, a pair of decadent sconces and other soft touches to create balance. Here are some examples of why I love corrugated metal:



Play up the silver when working with corrugated metal ideas for the bathroom using other shimmering elements. Silver goes with nearly everything, which means you can either go stark white and silver or add colour. I see soft pastels like ballerina tones of pale, pale pink or barely there blue, but that’s just me. If you want to go bold, go bold. Go bold or go home!!

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May 7th, 2012

Eclectic Dining Room Ideas

Eclectic Dining Room

I think the dining room is a perfect place to have a little fun with decor. Experiment with eclectic dining room ideas to dream up your own area like the one pictured above with mismatched pieces of furniture, graphic textiles, ambient lighting and wall treatments. Picture yourself all cozied up in the dining room enjoying a meal with your favourite people to gain some insight on your own personal eclectic vision.


Chairs and Table


One idea is to unify all the chairs by painting them all one colour. Any colour under the sun will work, as long as you consider the overall palette for the room. For chairs that have upholstery, cover each chair in a different fabric found within the colour scheme. For a bench seat, add throw pillows in a mix of vibrant colours and patterns. Damask, polka dots, stripes, botanicals and geometrics will all work well here.


Chairs and tables can be found at home decor stores, department stores, flea markets, garage sales, antique stores, online marketplaces and other mysterious places I can only imagine. And don’t forget to load up on inspiration! Look at Eclectic Revisited, and Chic Tip for some additional looks.


Look for a table with character, interesting lines and architectural details. Either include the table as-is or refinish it with stain or paint. Pedestal tables often showcase a pleasant silhouette if you prefer a round table. Otherwise, look for rectangular or square variations with ornate legs to suit the size of the room.




Cover the windows with curtains that further the look you wish to achieve. Soften dark colours with sheer white curtains, add sparkle to any colour scheme with a set of silk drapes or liven up a mid-range colour scheme with curtains in a quirky graphic print. Whichever you choose, use it as a jumping off point for other fabrics in the room. For instance, cloth napkins in a hue picked out of the graphic print will tie things together.




An overhead fixture is essential. Look to drum pendants and chandeliers to elevate the eclectic factor of the space. Vintage chandeliers can be re-wired and painted in a bright shade, perhaps even the same colour you used for the chairs! Drum pendant lights are another way you can add colour to the room in a bold print or tone it down by choosing a solid colour like white or oatmeal.


Wall Treatments


Wainscoting, wallpaper, paint and shadowboxes will give your dining area personality. Design a feature wall using the largest wall in the room with wallpaper or a series of shadow boxes. Play with the application of paint and wallpaper. For instance, paint a different colour inside the shadowboxes or only wallpaper the insides of them. Dress the walls up further by adding artwork or mirrors to the inside of the shadowboxes.


Finishing Details


Add polish to your eclectic dining room with accessories. Add candles in glass candle holders, vases of fresh flowers to the table and the sideboard abd display wine glasses and other glassware on the sideboard for additional sparkle. You can also create a display of glass collectibles on a shelf to finish the design. If you are not a collector, line up mirrors or photographs along the shelf with ornate metallic frames that will help bounce light around the room. Work with items you have and mix them with fresh pieces to bring your own eclectic dining room ideas to life.

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April 30th, 2012

How to Create Vignettes in your Home

In literature a vignette is a short scene, however in the home a vignette is a collection of items arranged in a visually appealing pattern to create a scene. You can create vignettes in your home to give any room a polished, finished look. It is a great way to display your favourite items, while simultaneously injecting your own sense of style and personality into the setting.


Design a theme for each vignette or cater to functionality for areas like the kitchen or the bathroom. A theme can be as simple as using one colour, or grouping similar objects such as vintage collectibles. For functional areas, incorporate quirky pieces with everyday items to create unusual scenes that will define your living environment.


Items you can use to create a vignette include:


  • Mirrors
  • Art, pictures and photographs
  • Decorative dishes
  • Candles and lamps
  • Vases and other glass specimens
  • Plants
  • Flowers
  • Seasonal items
  • Books
  • Random pretty things
  • Anything that makes you smile or feel nostalgic
  • Stuff you love


Vignettes can be pulled together anywhere you see a blank space, or an area that needs an uplift—tabletops, a shelf, a mantle, a counter top, in a nook, just to name a few. Scenes can be created, re-created, moved and mixed with other vignettes according to season or whim. Remember odd numbers are pleasing to the eyes, so arrange things with the number of objects, and their height and shape in mind. Think of how you decorate for Christmas or Halloween to get into the spirit of vignette creation!


Living Area


In the main living area there are several possible candidate areas for a vignette, like these coffee table here. Work with the style of your home and showcase your treasures. One idea for the coffee table is to stack large books or magazines alongside a low floral centerpiece (it doesn’t have to be big, in fact a single bloom in a bowl will do the trick!) and an unexpected item. Unexpected, you ask? That depends on the style of your home. A piece of driftwood, a decorative bowl filled with your kid’s cars, colourful gumballs or something beautiful!




My present kitchen does not have a window over the sink (a feature I long for!) so I placed a few special items at the corner of the sink to make me smile as I clean up after dinner. My mini vignette consists of two plants in colorful pots, a sparkly white dove and a tiny frog-shaped planter, which my kids stuff with tiny jewels and treasures like marbles. It looks pretty and makes me happy and that is all you need to create a vignette in your space!


Other Ideas


Work with your favourite items in each space. In a nursery, hang a favourite onesie (or an heirloom item like a bonnet or a gown), on a decorative clothes hanger with a handmade toy and a vintage rocking chair. Choose all white items against a colourful backdrop for contrast. In a windowsill, arrange translucent items like glass balls and vases with plants and other items that will reflect light. Don’t forget to create vignettes to spice up shelving like what has been done here. The options are endless if you play around with placement and do what feels right for your space.


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April 5th, 2012

Modern Kitchen: Part Two

Image via


Last week in Part One of my Modern Kitchen post I covered architecture, modern colour choices, glass accents, and natural elements in the kitchen with the intention of creating the perfect modern kitchen with a recipe. This week I will cover the rest of the recipe with accents and finishing touches. Learn how to personalize your modern kitchen space and give it a lived-in atmosphere.


Rustic Kitchen Elements


For new kitchens, a rustic element is essential. Consider what life in a brand new kitchen will be like if you think you can sidestep this element. The kitchen, once finished will be pristine, but kitchens are meant for living. Dents, scrapes, scuffs and other mayhem will render the kitchen a fine mess. If you add a rustic element from the beginning, all else that transpires will bring definition and character and give it that cozy lived-in atmosphere essential to a happy home. Choices for a rustic element include cabinetry, furniture and flooring. One idea is to look for oversized terracotta tiles for the floors or other stones with a rough finish. For the cabinets look for finishes with a rustic treatment or go so far as to have an island made with salvaged wood. Another trendy idea is to install a sliding barn door to divide spaces and add rustic appeal. For furniture look for a rustic dining table, chairs, benches or freestanding cabinets. Pair one or two rustic pieces with elegant modern items for a visually appealing balance.


Vintage or Salvage Elements


Vintage or salvage pieces offer authenticity to the space they grace. An old rusty sign or chalkboard will add a little something extra, a conversation piece at the very least. Look for vintage glassware, tea pots, tea cups and cake pedestals to use for display or to include in your daily repertoire of dishware. Salvage pieces can be used to add interest. Look for corbels, used to hold up shelving, to add detail to a new kitchen island. Or, use salvage boards to create an open wall of shelving to display platters, bowls and other oversized dishware. To tie the salvage wood into the overall design try painting the edges of the shelves the same colour as the walls.


Kitchen Textiles


In a kitchen, the textiles serve many purposes, two of which are to soften the look of the space and to carry the color scheme. A combination of patterns and textures is tantamount to modern kitchen design. If you choose primarily hard elements like wood, metal and stone, opt to dress floor to ceiling windows with flowing white curtains to add softness. Update the curtain with a band of grosgrain ribbon as seen here and here, or create colourful curtain ties. Top the curtains with a valance in a pattern such as floral, geometric, botanical or damask. Mix and match other textiles into the mix for cloth napkins, table cloths, dish towels and throw pillows for bench seating. Another idea is to introduce a bold colour scheme and pattern with the curtains.


Modern Kitchen Lighting


Proper lighting is one of the most important factors in your kitchen. The best plan is to incorporate a combination of light sources. Overhead lighting should be beautiful and functional. A chandelier or a drum pendant are ideal choices for over the island and the table. Choose something with sparkle to add a dazzling finish to your design. Other sources of light include under the cabinet lighting, and depending on the size of your kitchen, you may wish to include sunken pot lights or track lighting. Pot lights are less intrusive, but track lights can be positioned wherever you need them. Another option is a series of pendant lights.


Personalize the final design with quirky pieces you can remove or change if you tire of them. Fixed elements should be designed with materials chosen for their longevity both style wise and quality wise. Finish the modern kitchen design with a plant to add energy to the room. A small plant next to the sink, a hanging plant in front of a window or a large potted plant in a corner will add life energy to the kitchen.


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