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October 3rd, 2016

White Pumpkin Decor

I can handle orange in small doses, but if you asked me to pick a colour for basically anything, orange would be my last pick. When it comes to autumn decor in a house layered with sea foam, teals and blues, (pictured above) the only realistic thing to do is to paint those orange pumpkins white. And how beautiful they look with white chalk paint. Of course a proper vignette must always include a little sparkle. So a glittery pumpkin found his way into the mix and a few other items from around the house. For now they are inside, but I will be moving them back outside on the front steps.

Style Caster

As far as holidays go, Thanksgiving is my favourite. A whole holiday based on gratitude and thankfulness! Such an inspiration and a reminder to be mindful and pay attention to all the good, because there really is so much good. Plus, an amazing meal without all the gift giving frenzy of Christmas, what’s not to love?

A Blissful Nest

I painted my pumpkins with white chalk paint (the spray paint variation made quick work of it) just make sure to tape the stems so they retain their natural colour. I love the results, incidentally so did the pizza guy, but now its time to decorate them. You can do this in phases, like I did, if you like to keep updating and changing the look of things. A little ribbon, some silver thumbtacks and some glitz in the form of a single upholstery bauble, and voila, glamorous pumpkins. You could also experiment with glitter, sequins or gold and silver pens or a black cat for alternate looks as shown.

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As this beautiful season progresses and we cozy up to one another, take time to appreciate each and every beautiful moment of it. And bring some of the outside in while you still can, before the winter sets in. Pumpkins, branches, even that fresh crisp morning air. Get chilly, wear sweaters and love, just love, the moment, the people in it, your home… XOXO


January 31st, 2013

Keychains for your Valentine

Valentine's Keychain E.E. Cummings

Tesoro Jewelry

Keys and locks are these wonderfully archetypal symbols for keeping sacred things safe. So of course with Valentine’s Day fast approaching it only makes sense to keep your heart all locked up until that worthy knight (or the lady equivalant) appears. And then you can give him or her a keychain with a sweet message on it! How’s that?

So I was looking around Etsy and I noticed an abundance of Valentine-inspired keychains and I thought ‘hey, that’s cute!’ This is a collection of my favourites. The one above topped my list. I love the quote from E.E. Cummings!


Valentine's Keychain in French

Temporal Flux 


This one looks manly. The quote translates to ‘I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow’.




Valentine's Puzzle Keychains

Pat’s Design 


His and her’s. How adorable.


Valentine's Keychain with Bottle Opener

Fleur Designs Jewelry 


This is another one I adore. And so true. This heart wants what it wants. Doesn’t yours?


Matching Valentine's Keychains

Shop the Copper Fox


Simple. Elegant. These ones could be added to your existing keychain without bulking it up.


Wooden Valentine's Keychain

Havok Designs 


Alright. Most of these would be best for a man. So if you don’t know what to buy your man… get him a keychain.


Valentine's Heart Keychain



An anatomical heart in a lovely setting. Yes, it beats. and it beats for you.


Heart and Key Keychain

Korpse Crafts 


Keychains for your Valentine come in many shapes and designs. Like the matching set pictured above. I like how the lady can keep the sentiment on her keys and the man can keep the key on his and it will blend right in with his other keys. Whether you choose to lock your heart up and hold tight to the key, or give it away to some kindred sweetheart, make sure you keep that key somewhere stylish!

December 21st, 2012

Red and White Christmas Decor

Red and White Christmas Decor

Source Unknown


Red and white Christmas decor is one of my favourite holiday palettes. The clean crisp lines and the division between the two shades is just lovely. Use red and white to decorate a table, shelf, centerpiece, wreath or mantle.


Red and White Christmas Decor with Candles

Marie Claire Idees 

White punctuated with a pop of red is sweet in the photo pictured above. I bet it looks just as good at night, and cozier.


Christmas Table Red and White

Midwest Living 

What’s better than a candy cane theme this time of year? Although I must admit I had to remove the candy canes from my Christmas tree this year due to some deft little fingers that couldn’t sneak enough candy from the tree!!


Red and White Christmas Mantle

Better Homes and Gardens

The balance and the symmetry of the photo above resonates with me. The pops of red and white and neutral oat tones makes for a rustic festive atmosphere.


Good Housekeeping 

Yum, and how pretty!


Red and White Christmas Decor

Home Klondike

I love the stillness of this photo. If I could take a walk into this room and avoid Christmas shopping, I’m pretty sure I would!


Red and White Christmas Table

Ish and Chi 

Love. This. Deep garnet red divinity! There are a zillion ways to incorporate red and white Christmas decor into your holiday design. I’m already thinking about next year. Starting fresh. Changing new. Time for new beginnings.


December 11th, 2012

Holiday Decorating with Branches

Branch Decor with Reindeer

Plush Palate


Rustic elegance is what comes to mind when branches and baubles come together! Whether you paint the branches or leave them natural, branches can be embellished to add to your holiday decorating scheme. Holiday decorating with branches can be tailored to any home.


Branch Decor White Room

Source Unknown


Ideas for Incorporating Branches this Holiday Season


  • Cluster painted branches into a hurricane vase in shades like turquoise, white or red
  • Hang a branch above your dining room table and decorate it with Christmas bulbs
  • Decorate a single branch with baubles and use it as a centerpiece or for a side table


Branch Decor Green Glass Bottles

Source Unknown

I love that this look is a perfect marriage between rustic wilderness and refined elegance. The holiday twist makes it work for a variety of spaces. Dress it up with ribbons, shiny ornaments and glittery glass or dress it down with twine and handmade ornaments.


Branch Decor Aqua Table

Country Living 

Well what doesn’t look better with a bright pop of teal. Can I please have dinner here??



I love how the pedestal is reaching up to the glass bulbs. So pretty. The varying sizes of the bulbs creates a perfect balance of visual interest. Have fun holiday decorating with branches.