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May 30th, 2013

Rectangular Throw Pillows

Rectangular Sofa Pillows in a Grouping

Southern Charm


Throw pillows add colour, texture and visual interest to your sofa. I can think of no greater way to keep your sofa fresh and interesting without getting a new one every year! Square throw pillows are a welcomed standard, but to mix it up I love rectangular pillows, on their own or combined with others. The wild mixture of pattern and colour pictured above work well together because there is just enough repetition of geometric and botanical gently balanced and finished off with the rectangular pillow front and centre. And, oh, those blooms are beautiful. Great colour.


Rectangular Sofa Pillow on a Tufted Sofa

Junk Garden Girl


This solitary throw pillow is such a sweet complement to the tufted sofa. How awesome would this room look with some marigold curtains and a little something to finish off the coffee table?


Rectangular Sofa Pillow in a Trellis Pattern

Sarah M. Dorsey Designs


Note how the heavily patterned pillows dress an otherwise plain sofa. The sofa has clean simple lines, yes, but it is brought to life with the pillow combo. And Mr. Rectangular is the showstopper here. Another example of how many colours can be used with grey. My faaaaavourite being turquoise!


Rectangular Sofa Pillows Smaller than the Rest



This little rectangular throw works with the taupe and blue scheme, but I imagine it could work well in a monochromatic palette with more oatmeal tones for texture. And is it just me or would a couple of these guys stood on end be alright?


Rectangular Sofa Pillows Times Two

Little Green Notebook


I love the solidarity of these two throw pillows. So floral in a room not dainty at all. Bolsters would be lovely if used like this too. Throw pillows of all shapes and sizes come together to add personality and depth of character to the space they grace. Pillows should be daring, fun. What better way to take a chance on a colour or pattern you would normally shy away from. Come on! Take a chance. You might be surprised at how well a rectangular pillow fits into your grand scheme of things. It might just be your missing link, the key to all your mysteries, or maybe just a finishing touch.

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November 6th, 2012

Hurricane Vases

Hurricane Vase with Green Peas

Two Twenty One

Hurricane vases are one of those home accessories you will use time and again. On a recent Homesense commercial there were fun ideas like filling the hurricane with goldfish crackers, and I thought yes, these vases are handy indeed. You can display one of them on a dining table or coffee table or group several of them together to create a vignette.


Hurricane Vase with Christmas Bulbs

Down Ruby Lane

Seasonal Hurricane Centrepiece Ideas


  • Autumnal ideas include branches, Chinese lanterns, mini pumpkins. Experiment with a variety of dried legumes such as dried split peas, kidney beans and other colourful beans.


  • In the winter use Christmas bulbs, painted pine cones, snowflakes or candles floating in water (another throwback to the eighties and my mom’s decor, but only if you add food colouring!!). Vibrant cranberries in a hurricane would be a beautiful centerpiece for a white and silver holiday palette.


Hurricanes with Petals

Bravo Bride 


  • For summer, add sand and candles, water with floating blooms, or gumballs or marbles for pure colour fun.


  • In the spring fill your hurricane vases with eggs and ferns, hyacinths or jelly beans.



Hurricanes with Easter Eggs

Williams Sonoma

What kind of pretty things will you showcase in your hurricane vases? I love the painted pine cone idea so stay tuned. Hint hint.


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June 25th, 2012

Milk Glass Vase

New Milk Glass Vase

Now and then I find a new piece of milk glass to add to my mini collection. In this case, my friend Sara bought me a milk glass vase she spotted at a rummage sale a few weeks ago. I love the bubble detailed base. It matches a milk glass lamp I have in my bedroom.


I am excited to stuff this vase with big, white peonies. I think I have just the right amount of interesting shapes to warrant a display. Although, I might be holding back in light of The Great Milk Glass Incident. The kitchen suffers the least amount of shenanigans, which makes it an ideal spot for a milk glass display. Also, the kitchen is red, black and white and would welcome the bright white details prevalent in the glass.


The question then, is how to display them. I’m think a high shelf on a kitchen wall. The pristine white against the cherry walls will contrast in a most cheerful way. What do you think I should do with my milk glass vase and collection of pedestals and bowls? Any ideas?

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May 24th, 2012

Square Pedestal Bowl

Rosanna Decor Bon Bon White Footed Square Bowl

Yikes! Did I just fall in love with a bowl? What’s not to love about a square pedestal bowl? In my defense it is a spectacular bowl, right? This is the Rosanna Decor Bon Bon White Footed Square Bowl, which I saw on Layla Grace. It is so pretty I think I would have a hard time only pulling it out for occasional use. It would be exquisite if planted with a bright green fern!


My current collection of pedestals is small, but I love each and every piece and display them above the kitchen cupboards. Most of them are pedestal cake stands, but I have two that are somewhere between bowl and plate with the grandiose pedestal base. There is always room for another pedestal!


What I love about pedestals is that they make me want to entertain. Everything looks elegant when displayed on a pedestal. They also make me want to bake. Or is that my sweet tooth talking in the guise of a piece of ceramic divinity?


This particular square pedestal bowl has an intricate design that is sure to enliven any modern space you place it in. Your pedestals can be displayed on a counter top or an open shelf, or store them and bring them out for special occasions like garden parties and birthdays.

May 9th, 2012

Ceiling Fan Pulls

Ceiling Fan Pulls By GViolet

Ok, so, who doesn’t love accessories? While ceiling fans are most unsightly, there are certain times and certain climates where ya just have to live with one. Like in my kitchen, for instance! Anyways, what better way to dress up a ceiling fan than these gorgeous ceiling fan pulls?

Owl Fan Pulls

These pretty baubles come in a range of shapes, motifs and characters. I love the owls, but I also like the black ones too. All the ceiling fan pulls are handmade by GViolet, found at her Etsy shop, and there are a zillion designs to choose from.

Key Ceiling Fan Pull

You could also make your own pulls with clear beads and wire, or a scrap fabric one as you will see at Hope and Honey. Whatever you decide, work with the existing decor of the room. Or you could swelter and remove it all together to opt for a chic light fixture as was done here at Just a Girl!

Black Ceiling Fan Pull

While most of us resign ourselves to the spider-ish look of ceiling fans, pulls are but one way to jazz them up. Another way to add appeal is to add a drum shade as seen here on Thrifty Decor Chick. With hazy summer days coming this way fast, I know my ceiling fan will be earning it’s keep! Has anyone else tampered with the design of their ceiling fan? Or is a pretty ceiling fan pull all it takes?

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February 13th, 2012

Modern Pottery: JD Wolfe Pottery



If you are looking for some heart shaped lovelies on this Valentine’s Day, look no further than these sweet heart shaped nesting bowls. On Etsy today I found JD Wolfe Pottery, a modern pottery shop that makes unique pieces inspired by Scandinavian designs. Designs range from heart shaped bowls (perfect for this time of year), cloud shaped dessert plates and other wonderfully whimsical polka dotted pieces. Each piece of pottery is handmade and lovely!




For most people decorating the home is an ongoing process. A process of adding new items when the time is right or when you see that special something you just can’t live without. In the kitchen, decor takes on functionality. The decorative items you find and love are often the very things that are used every day. Whether you entertain frequently or are apt to dining with family, modern pottery offers a range of decorative possibilities to include in your dishware rotation.


I can imagine fluffy pastel cupcakes or sweet lemon curd tarts on those cloud plates!