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September 16th, 2016

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets to Crush on

First off, I am a huge fan of pristine white kitchens (all that monochromatic love and white light) need I say more? But recently a handsome new friend inspired me and I ended up falling for two-tone cabinets pretty hard.┬áSo today I’d like to show you some beautiful two-tone kitchen cabinet options that made my heart beat just a little faster, perhaps you’ll feel the same. And oh my goodness, don’t even get me started on the exquisite back splash tiles I found while looking about for ideas.

Many of the kitchens shown here explore the two-tone look with neutral combinations which are absolutely lovely, but you could also play with colour. Possible combinations you could easily pull off are: grey + white (my favourite), white + black (classic!), white + sea foam (or teal, or green, or blue…), and white + wood (love this one too).


You might think, okay, beautiful, but how could this make sense in my life? Well, family life is messy right? I always say that, but the truth is, I make a mess too and my kids are quite careful and usually ask before attempting science experiments with old sneakers, buckets of water and who knows what else (yes, this happened). Dark lower cabinets are less maintenance than an all white ones!

Better Homes and Gardens

How to Achieve the Look:

Upper/Lower Split: White upper cabinets and dark lower cabinets leave things bright and airy yet functional.

Feature Wall Split: Say you have an enormous kitchen and you want to create a visual break or designate an area for special, duty like a coffee bar. This combination looks best when you carry the feature colour via accents into other spots in the room.

Island/Main Cabinet Split: I like neutral cabinets– white, wood, black– with a brighter colour for the island. But hey, its your kitchen, so pick a combination that makes you happy! Every morning the kitchen is where we land. Command central!


When choosing finishes for your kitchen there will be many exciting decisions to make. Paint is one of the choices that will tie it all together. The colour you choose for the cabinets will dictate the mood for the whole room, so have fun with it!

Happy decorating!!


January 8th, 2014

Glittery Mirrored Backsplashes

Her Umbrella

In the old house- the apple house as I liked to call it, because of its red and green apple colour scheme- I wanted stone counters with a mirror fleck in them. That kitchen ended up with a black and grey stone. No mirror fleck. When I came across the first of these glittery mirrored backsplashes, it reminded me of how pretty the white quartz with the mirror was! Perhaps in my future home, my forever house?

Decor Pad

I love how the new year brings it’s own energy, it’s own luck, it’s own number possibilities for life and love and decor (of course!). Optimism is rampant. How fantastic!


Each of the glittery backsplashes are elegant and reflective and pretty. The mosaic pictured first is my true favourite, but the antique glass, the multi-tile mosaic and the subway tile designs are all viable options that would brighten up a space with reflective rays of light.

Ali Express

I wonder, have you tried out a mirror backsplash I haven’t shown here?