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July 3rd, 2012

Canada Day at Dreaming of June

Canada Day Sunset in Edmonton's River Valley

My crazy busy Canada Day weekend has ended and left me with a lovely overcast day of summertime fun with the kids. We bought and planted some petunias and some hot pink geraniums, made macaroni and cheese for supper using Ina Garten’s recipe with a few of our own modifications and did some errands. My friend Raman has inspired me to cook dinner earlier in the day (something she does all the time, how organized I say!!) and what freedom it is to just pop that dish in the oven and make a quick salad!


The weekend was fleeting, watched a few movies– 21 Jump Street for laughs and Happy Happy a quiet little Norwegian movie about two couples in a wintry albeit adulterous landscape. Went out with my friend Sara for an appetizer extravaganza at the Blue Plate Diner, went to see Edmonton’s fireworks display, did a 6.5km walk with my Dad and relaxed a little in between. It was a great weekend.


In decor related news, my Matilda Ikea curtains were spotted yet again in Happy Happy. That is the second time I have spotted them cinematically. The first time was in this super freaky Australian flick I Am You, based on a true story about a maniacal ex-babysitter who murders a young girl and attempts to assume her identity. Ikea is so global its neat to see them pop up here and there in unlikely places.

White Ikea Curtains


The kidlets managed to stay awake until the 11pm for the Canada Day fireworks show without a hitch. And by hitch, I mean mini meltdowns from being up way past bedtime! We woke up to ominous gray clouds and it rained all day, which canceled our picnic, but luckily the clouds passed and the sky cleared and it turned out to be a gorgeous night to be in the river valley celebrating what a great country we have.


I have been working on adding more DIY projects to DOJ, and have decided on a decoupage cookie jar project to update an existing jar I have. Now I just have to decide on the colour and the pattern. My kitchen is red with all black and white and silver accents, but I am thinking of introducing some blue or yellow accents to shake things up a bit. Another choice is whether to work with paper or fabric. I have decoupaged with paper, but never fabric and I can’t wait to. I watched this tutorial on Mod Podge Rocks and she made it look easy enough! So we shall see!

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June 19th, 2012

Jacey the Junk Collector

“Jacey, what is all this junk?!”


No answer was forthcoming from the inner depths of the room in question. He turned back to the kitchen.


“This is out of control. My mother is coming in three days and she is going to flip her lid, if she sees all this.”


“Come on, Don. We can’t very well stifle the child’s creativity now can we?” Lucy looked him up and down with that look she was so good at. It made his resolve shiver with a shuddering shake. He didn’t like it anymore than he liked the situation at hand.


“Her bedroom is like the Leaning Tower of Pisa of used furniture.”


“Jacey is learning the fine art of upcycling.” Lucy turned her back to Don and wiped down the already glistening recycled glass countertop.


“She’s eleven! What does she know about upcycling?”


“Well, apparently more than we do. She decorated Emma Mendosa’s sun-room and it is the talk of the town. I think we may have a prodigy on our hands Don. This is no laughing matter.”


“I don’t believe I’m laughing, Lucy. There are more kitchen chairs stacked in that bedroom of hers than there are tables on this whole block. What will my mother think?”


“Don, your mother will be delighted. Jacey has spirit. She knows what she wants. Also, when will the grown man stop fearing what his Mama is gonna think??”


“It would just be really nice, Lucy, to be able to park my car in the garage. Do you know how long it has been?”


“A small price to pay Don. She is happier than the cat that caught the canary. You watch her when she comes back from her consult.”


“Consult? Oh, Mon Dieu. The child is on a consult?”


“Yes, Mrs. Knox at the end of the street saw her sun-room and has asked her to design some pieces for her front porch. An ombre bench in some new dipped technique.”


Ombre? Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but what about the junk problem. This house is beginning to look like an HGTV special on hoarding.”


“Roll with it Don. Jacey has talent. You’ll see.”


“That I don’t question. What I do question is how I am supposed to live amongst the ruins of Jacey the junk collector.”


Don sashayed across the living room to glance back down the hall towards his daughters out-of-control bedroom. He shook his head in dismay, still worried about his mother’s impending visit. What was she going to think?

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January 31st, 2012

Light Monitor

Today I can’t help but think about light. The sky is a mottled mixture of white and gray. Stillness echoes through the empty morning streets as January ends, and the light is pure. Unseasonable warmth has gathered and spread across the city and left a constant dripping, a melted slush, a quiet type of action. The light has started to stay longer, I monitor it by way of evening.


Last night on the way to the gym the sunset streaked all pink and blue, where a week earlier the night had already fallen. Here we are, beginning the upward ascent towards spring light and the coveted Alberta summer light. For those of you unfamiliar with our summers here in northern Alberta, it stays light as late as 11pm at the peak of summer. Oh, to dream of such a thing is like some type of blasphemy on this last day of January, but so be it. Today I will gladly settle for a few minutes extra light, weak or potent as it may be.


While the sun paints colour with a golden glow, this white light strips each shade down to its most basic, inherent hue. It is bliss to witness the transformation, indoors and out. As it falls through the windows and pours through the open door, the dormancy of winter and the hope of change spills out and languidly grasps at each surface.