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August 3rd, 2016

5 Reasons You Need a Statement Mirror in Your Dining Room

I am obsessed with the eclectic look of this first picture. In fact, when I started this post, I immediately went out to search for deep red dahlias. Instead I found Gerber daisy’s of the same colour, which gave my room a much needed jolt of red. Thank you Architectural Digest for sharing this beautiful room that belongs to David Jimenez from Hallmark Cards.

So I had this whole post written about why you should hang a statement mirror in your dining room but the simple truth is that it will look awesome and you should do it. The end. But that doesn’t make for very interesting reading does it? Do you need some backstory? What should I tell you? How amazing this summer has been so far? How exciting it is to be surrounded by inspiring people, furniture and my beautiful children? Or maybe I should tell you about my love of hot yoga and how finishing a long day with breath and awareness brings sweetness to my life? Or maybe you want to know about the stillness that leaves me enchanted as I move through these beautiful days and nights? How about what I’m reading, watching, listening to?

Inspiration is everywhere and you will see it trickle into this little online space bit by bit over the next little while. But enough about me, let’s let your curiosity simmer a little and focus on the decor!

My five reasons you should hang a mirror in your dining room are: drama, reflection, ambiance, architectural elements and to add polish. And I’ll tell you why…

Kate Marker Interiors

For Drama: A single large scale mirror can add instant drama to a dining space and create a sense of mood. There’s just something almost bewitching about a big beautiful mirror when placed right. I can think of several that made a room stand out to me. One was in a house in Vancouver (an enormous one with an ornate wooden frame), another in a restaurant in Toronto (hung somewhat precariously above the tables where we sat) and countless others.

For Reflection: Whether the mood of the room is light and airy, colourful or brooding, the mirror will bounce light – both natural and artificial around the room. It will also add depth and perspective to the room and make it feel bigger.

For Ambiance: Think of those cozy winter nights, lights dimmed, dining with family and friends! Although we are mid-summer right now, nights like this are not far off. For me, candles are a must, any time of the year. With a mirror in the dining room all that dim moody light can dance through the mirror too.


For an Architectural Element: Last summer when I was exploring furniture stores in Toronto there was this store that had three tall beautiful mirrors that looked like cathedral windows against one of the interior walls. It opened the floor right up and acted as an architectural element and I thought (I am so going to use this!). This is an especially great idea for newer homes which may be short on architecture. Hang a group of them together and see what happens.

For Polish: Honestly, a mirror adds a little glitter, a little polish, a little bit of a finish to any room you hang one in, but dining rooms are special in the sense that we entertain in them. Special dinners, holidays and birthdays are often celebrated in your cozy little dining room and you want the room to reflect that (literally), hence the polish and finishing details like the lovely mirror.

And there you have it. Some solid reasons you should add a statement mirror to your dining room. Now wait! Where should you hang it? How about above your sideboard? Work with the fixed elements in the room like windows and entrances and you will find the right spot, I promise!

Happy decorating!


April 22nd, 2016

Lisianthus Love

What better way to embrace the spring than to bring in some of it inside? Flowers? Perfect! In Edmonton, the streets are still a little dusty, and well, the weather could potentially surprise us, but spring is totally here!

With bright sun, the last few days have been fabulous. Pops of green are out there and I can’t wait for everything to bloom. One day, I’d love to have a big garden filled with my favourite blooms like the stunning white lisianthus pictured here. However I’m not sure all my favourites will grow here, maybe California, maybe somewhere in Europe? Fresh cut flowers in every room? Sounds delightful.

I’m sure I don’t need to sell you on the beauty of flowers, but seriously what a great way to add a jolt of colour (of course mine are white!), some elegance, and a fresh energy to the room. I grouped a bunch of one flower together, but you could experiment with greenery, branches and other blooms if that’s what makes you smile.

April 6th, 2016

Beaded Chandeliers

Kim Gray

Currently, it is a beautiful April afternoon here in Edmonton. Sunny, windy, somewhat enchanting. Maybe its just me, but it feels like everything is about to burst. Burst with life, with excitement (wait, that’s definitely me) with new moments. I am so excited to share these beaded chandeliers with you. There is a company in South Africa called Hellooow, and they hand make some of the chandeliers pictured here. They even have an ombre one, but you can pick your style and the colour of the beads. How tantalizing is that? I want one, or three…


Many of the photos shown here even have the beaded beauties placed outside. With a whimsical combination of ceramic beads, wire, and embellishments like tassles and crystals, what’s not to love. I mean you had me at chandelier, right? We all know how much I love a good chandelier.

Amie Corley Interiors

There are many different shapes to choose from depending on the space you are working with. Teardrop, French, Vignette and Elongated ones are all available to suit different areas. I imagine two cute little ones placed on either side of a bed instead of lamps. Or a bone coloured one for a beachy room.


I am so in love with the look of these. I can envision one in every room I walk in these last few days. Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, entry way. No matter where you hang one the effect will be stunning! Where will you put yours?

January 31st, 2016

Sofa of the Month: January


White blank-slate sofa

White blank-slate sofa at The Every Girl


Well its about time we glorify one of my favourite pieces of furniture…the sofa! And its also a perfect time for Dreaming of June to start writing a monthly feature piece. Which brings us our very first sofa of the month, and I know its the last day of the month, but this idea just came to me a few days ago so I wanted to slide it in even though most of you won’t see it until tomorrow! After much careful consideration I chose this pristine off-white fabric model. Like a fresh month, like fresh snow, the blank-slate nature of this sofa is a perfect starting point.


What makes this sofa special?

A shirred, English style arm stands out and creates a subtle elegance perfect for many interiors. The seat depth is inviting, doesn’t it whisper “curl up with a book”? Oh, are those feather seats you might ask? It could very well have down seats, which means it is ultra comfortable. Our little white beauty also has two seat cushions instead of the typical three.


How is it decorated?

This sofa is all off-white and neutral with some woven textures. A sofa like this can be decorated with bright colours, current patterns, and chunky textures. This is a great piece to invest in because you can change things up in any colour palette you want to try out without it costing much. Pillows and throw blankets will give your living room a new look whenever the mood strikes.


What to Consider

Of course a white sofa may not be for everyone. High traffic rooms, families with young children (or teenagers, I hear they make all kinds of messes!!) or pets, may not want to deal with the maintenance of a light sofa like this. It can be done though if you fall in love and have to have it, but it will take some upkeep, more so than a darker cloth would. You could always opt into a protection plan that most furniture stores offer. The fabric itself is warrantied for a number of years against spills and such.

And there you have it. Our first of many features to come. Each month I will show you another beautiful sofa.



January 8th, 2016

4 Dramatic Bedrooms and How to Cozy Up Your Own

Christine Dovey

So all I really want is to sleep and dream the rest of the winter away and hibernate like a little bear. Yet, instead of napping any chance I get I have been at the gym. Which, is GOOD, and BETTER, I suppose but this morning, looking at these beautiful rooms…messy bed + excess pillows + dramatic mood = daydream bliss. Don’t you love my formulas?


Still working on organization this month, one room at a time. I have even streamlined my book collection! That is big news. I have been holding onto every book I have ever read for too long. I am aiming for minimalism, my own take on it of course. I do love stuff. But pretty stuff. Lovely stuff. Necessary stuff.

Pop Sugar

Back to these dramatic bedrooms! How cozy. So the question is, how do we distill the essence of these gorgeous rooms into our own homes? Layers. Dreamy layers. Are you daring enough to paint a dark wall? Navy, black, charcoal, dark? I mean look at the results. If not, that’s ok. How about dark curtains, less commitment, rivaling drama. Next, we need lots of pillows. I currently have twelve on my bed, but you do what you need to do.

Apartment Therapy

Quilts, coverlets and throws can all be draped across the end of your bed too. Think of different textures. Faux fur, chunky knitted blankets, there are even some beautifully texture chenille throws in the market right now. I had, key word here, had, a very soft one on my bed until my son claimed it for himself and named it Fifi. Cute right? Well if, like me, you are too busy to nap away your January and are instead overcome with action, take heart. You can always create a dramatic bedroom so when there is down time you are ready to dream, dream, dream.


December 21st, 2015

Happily Ever After: Decorating Resolutions



As I look around this little condo the boys and I have lived in since we sold the house, it amazes me how far it has come along. Like the fireplace pictured above. I stared at it for the longest time before deciding to paint it. And one day, I just. Couldn’t. Take. One. More. Minute. Of the 1980’s bricks! And how fabulous and fresh it looks now.


But I ask myself will the condo ever be finished to my liking? My answer is no! An emphatic, resounding, happy no! Our lives are busy and ever changing, as is the décor of our home. It reflects our tastes and our lifestyle. As hectic, craft-induced, magazine and book loving as it is, we wade through it all happily designing the days as they pass.


My decorating resolution for the year is to edit, revise and rewrite a second draft for our home so that when we leave the condo by the lake, we leave it better than we found it, and ready so ready, for our next decorating adventure. Which means I may just paint the kitchen cupboards after all, and a few other things seeing as I have the paint brush out.


I’m reading ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing’ right now. I have always been all about bringing items (whether furniture, art or accessories) into the home that make you happy, but I love the whole concept cited in the book of removing anything from the home that doesn’t make your heart happy! All those books I’ll never read again. All those clothes we will never wear again. If you too are looking for a topic for your décor aspirations for the year, I recommend reading it.


Every time I finish a DIY project, I’m all, ‘Ok! That’s it! No more projects. And then I start another one. So another portion of my décor resolution is to start manageable projects with appropriate time frames, so that I can fit them into what little time I have.


Ideas for 2016:

  • Wallpaper something, anything!
  • Repurpose something
  • Reupholster dining room chairs
  • Buy a new house and paint it wild yet muted colours to match the powder blue sofa!


In the condo, all my decorating aspirations have been cosmetic, but there is still so much fun you can have in a cosmetic way! So, friends, what about you? Maybe you need to paint a room, install new flooring, wallpaper something… Perhaps you need new furniture, updated lighting or to hang a gallery wall. Its going to be an exciting year here at Dreaming of June. Lots of ideas and bright inspiration, so bear with me through these busy times and we will have some fun and see where all these resolutions take us.


And through this dreamy little holiday season, remember that maybe what you need most of all is to carve out more time with your loved ones in your sweet, beautiful home, because that is what we all need a little more of. Time together. In our very own version of a happily ever after.