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July 24th, 2013

Summer Bloom Inspiration

lolo Moda

This time of year with gardens brimming with luscious blooms in striking colours and pallid pastels, I want to bring them in! We are in transition this summer, so I skipped out on gardening which means I must live vicariously through you and you and you!

Project Wedding

Clip, snip and enjoy! I love little collections of different flowers. I once worked in a flower shop in Toronto owned by a brilliant floral designer named Helen. We would get shipments of flowers from Holland and while we cleaned them up and gave them a fresh cut after their long journey, Helen would make mini hand-tied bouquets called posies. The posies were adorable! She placed them in smallish clear glass bottles. These single bloom arrangements remind me of Helen’s pretty posies.


Style Me Pretty

If your garden has lots of heavy-headed beauties like peonies, roses and dahlias experiment with making your own hand-tied bouquets. They make thoughtful gifts for friends and neighbours and will freshen up your bedroom or kitchen. Or, cut your faves and arrange them in clusters as you see here.



Don’t even get me started on this delicious bowl of ranunculus.
Perfect on any table in your home. Now who is going to cut me some ranunculus for my table? And don’t forget about the foliage. You can make elegant arrangements with greenery alone. Go ahead, try it!

June 10th, 2013

6 Ideas for a Patterned Sofa

Printed Sofa in Taupe

Holly Mathis Interiors


All over pattern? Yes. Dress it up with plain pillows? Yes. A neutral graphic layered with other neutrals? Yes, yes, yes! Ok, so maybe a printed sofa is a bit of a stretch for you. But I’m here to hold your hand and tell you yes, you can do it. And you can do it in so many wonderful, beautiful, pretty ways that I assure you, the initial appeal will not wear off. I recently ordered my own first piece of custom furniture, (SO EXCITING!!!), and let me tell you after helping other people embrace their vision it is so much fun to create something just a little on the wild side for moi. For me, it’s tame, really. A turquoise chair and a half. Not that crazy, and besides it will meld with the rest of my stuff, so stay tuned for photos when that baby gets here in 6-12 weeks!


Blue Floral Printed Sofa



So back to the all over patterned sofa idea…florals, botanicals, geometric designs, each one of them holds their own level of beauty and interest. If you intend the sofa to be somewhat of a focal point then pick something that speaks to you in a loud yet memorable fashion. Let it be colourful. Find a print that you can’t stop thinking about and do it. If anyone needs help designing a custom sofa message me and I will show you some amazing fabrics. Until then look at how the patterned sofa works in the photos I have procured for you today. I won’t tell you which one is my favourite just yet.


Pink Floral Printed Sofa

Truelock Equals Truelove


Vintage styled fabric sofas can create an interesting little time warp in an otherwise modern looking room. Oh, and check out the rectangular pillows. I so love them!



Printed Sofa with Pattern on back



This one here is my favourite. Only the back is done in a pattern. Love this! Combined with an array of printed pillows this sofa is so fun!


Grey and Black Printed Sofa

6th Street Design School


Wow, right? Holy pattern Batman! I applaud the proud owner of this sofa for his or her tenacity and comittment to the print. I wonder if it was an instant, oh my god I have to have this fabric all over my sofa! Or a debatable thing that went on for weeks before the final committment was made. Hmm…


Blue Chevron Printed Sofa



And there you have it! Some super cute ideas for a patterened sofa. You can see how the chevron print was carried elsewhere in the room pictured above to tie the scheme together, for me it is a bit much, but the idea of painting a ghost of a whisper of a smidge of the print somewhere else in the space is a good one.


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May 30th, 2013

Rectangular Throw Pillows

Rectangular Sofa Pillows in a Grouping

Southern Charm


Throw pillows add colour, texture and visual interest to your sofa. I can think of no greater way to keep your sofa fresh and interesting without getting a new one every year! Square throw pillows are a welcomed standard, but to mix it up I love rectangular pillows, on their own or combined with others. The wild mixture of pattern and colour pictured above work well together because there is just enough repetition of geometric and botanical gently balanced and finished off with the rectangular pillow front and centre. And, oh, those blooms are beautiful. Great colour.


Rectangular Sofa Pillow on a Tufted Sofa

Junk Garden Girl


This solitary throw pillow is such a sweet complement to the tufted sofa. How awesome would this room look with some marigold curtains and a little something to finish off the coffee table?


Rectangular Sofa Pillow in a Trellis Pattern

Sarah M. Dorsey Designs


Note how the heavily patterned pillows dress an otherwise plain sofa. The sofa has clean simple lines, yes, but it is brought to life with the pillow combo. And Mr. Rectangular is the showstopper here. Another example of how many colours can be used with grey. My faaaaavourite being turquoise!


Rectangular Sofa Pillows Smaller than the Rest



This little rectangular throw works with the taupe and blue scheme, but I imagine it could work well in a monochromatic palette with more oatmeal tones for texture. And is it just me or would a couple of these guys stood on end be alright?


Rectangular Sofa Pillows Times Two

Little Green Notebook


I love the solidarity of these two throw pillows. So floral in a room not dainty at all. Bolsters would be lovely if used like this too. Throw pillows of all shapes and sizes come together to add personality and depth of character to the space they grace. Pillows should be daring, fun. What better way to take a chance on a colour or pattern you would normally shy away from. Come on! Take a chance. You might be surprised at how well a rectangular pillow fits into your grand scheme of things. It might just be your missing link, the key to all your mysteries, or maybe just a finishing touch.

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May 14th, 2013

Modern Floral Carpets

Graphic Blue Floral Carpet

 Coventry via Layla Grayce

Well, I hope every Mama out there had a fabulous Mother’s Day! I know I sure did. I ran my first 5K race, worked for a few hours and finished the day having dinner with my two favourite people in the whole world, my boys, in case you didn’t know. What better way to follow up Mother’s Day than to glimpse, peruse and admire some modern floral carpets? Shall we?


Blue and White Floral Carpet

Georgia Blue via Layla Grayce


These Amy Butler designs caught my eye. Not only are they perfectly pretty in every which way, but they add a modern graphic detail you can use to accentuate colour already present in a room, or to add a splash where there wasn’t one. The blue and white rug pictured above is sweet. I love that the pattern meanders instead of repeating. It leads your eye.


Red Floral Carpet

Caracas via Layla Grayce 


While I certainly gravitate to teals, blues, turquoises, mints and greens, the pink and red of the carpet pictured above is like a little visual vacay. I love a little clash, especially in a carpet. Not all floral carpets are exquisite like these, saturated with such inviting hues or woven with such divine detail.


Violet Floral Carpet

Lacework Blue via Layla Grayce


Textiles are my absolute favourite thing right now. I work with fabric and it gives me all these crazy ideas of colour combinations, pattern layers and texture possibilities. Limitlessness sits well with me. Where it overwhelms some I feel like I am home. Grounded in option. Woven into the pattern. Everyone needs a little bliss in their everyday life.


Gray and Green Floral Carpet

Parrot Tulip via Layla Grayce

Multi-coloured or two-tone each of these modern floral carpets begs for bare toes, long reading stints, and of course a good session of on your belly colouring.

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April 7th, 2013

The Writing on the Walls

Quote Written on a Wall Post



The writing on the walls is a summation of events which you may or may not interpret, but what if you could alter that? Determine the outcome? Write the writing on the walls? While many of you may be scrubbing little people’s ideas of writing on the walls, perhaps they aspire to leave great messages for you to ponder. Or maybe it is a sign for you to take matters into your own hands and write what you write.


Writing on Blue Wall

Design is Mine


If the writing on the walls were laid out with clear logic in poetic verse… on a wall painted the blue of a sunny skied day, I think the days would be good! And also I am in love with tufting as seen here and three images below. Gorgeous!! Just wait until we get into sofas. Coming soon!


Hand Writing on Dining Room Wall

Recycled Consign and Design


What do you want your walls to say? Your favourite verse, quote, lyric… maybe even a directive or idea for your family to live with or by?


Large Writing on White Wall



I want to write a Haruki Murakami novel all over my walls. How surreal that would be, even now I get flashbacks from the Windup Bird Chronicle when he’s in that tunnel and can’t get back. Of course my favourite Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World would be more of a contender for my walls.


Lyrics Written on Walls

First Time Fancy


Make sure your penmanship is top notch to avoid it taking on that gone off the deep end look we see in movies about serial killers. Writing on the walls is something many of us have tried our hands at, at one point or another (admit it! bathroom stalls, graffiti, etc.) but let’s try it again, with deliberation, because with deliberation great things come.


Writing on the Wall

Wall Written

February 11th, 2013

Valentine Red in the Bedroom

Red Headboard

House Beautiful


Splash and dash Valentine red in the bedroom everywhere or use it to rev your heart and up the pulse a beat or two. Yes, relationships can be complicated. But love? Love is ever so simple. To appreciate the light and truth and good in another being is what it’s all about. To actively honour that sweetness with love is special, so if you are lucky enough to have that person in your life, embrace him or her with all your might!!


Red Bedroom with Pillows and Tables


Like attracts like as you can see with these twin red tables at the foot of the bed. I love this combination of pink and red. So Valentine. The bright hues are well balanced with the black bed, and the white in the bedding and the carpet.


Red Bedroom with Patterned Headboard

House to Home


My favourite element in this room is the lamp. The combination of red and fuchsia is vibrant and juicy and makes my mouth water for fruit punch! Grown-ups do not drink enough fruit punch!! Whether you choose to commit to a colour-tastic colour scheme or a muted one with pops of red, Valentine red can be added to your bedroom for the day or on a more permanent basis. Experiment with pillows and accessories or go for it and paint a wall red.