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January 28th, 2015

Feather Wallpaper

Style Me Pretty

Ok, wait a sec, where did January go? Seriously, it disappeared. I mean yes, the weather was unseasonably warm, so warm in fact I briefly entertained the thought of doing a full on spring cleaning, but wow! The sunshine has been great and a welcome distraction from the indoors. What’s new with you? Big plans for the year? Me too! So Dreaming of June turned three! Yay!!! Happy birthday!!! Thank you so much to my beautiful consistant readers and friends! XOXOXO And now, for some fancy feather wallpaper.

Mini Moderns

The first feather wallpaper would be so elegant for a dining room. Just imagine how cosy it would be amidst a candle light dinner. Or how about a watercolour themed wallpaper? This design would be so pretty in a bathroom or a foyer. Both of which, by the way, are ideal places to dabble in the arts of wallpapering. High impact + low commitment = love. A formula I certainly wouldn’t recommend for your love life, but here, it works perfect.


Feather your dreams with a pink-ish version fit for a bedroom. I love the hot pink accents in this room too. And that headboard sure is pretty. I am sort of headboard obsessed at the moment. I have been wanting one forever and I found one I love but it has no tufting. Big sigh. However, on the upside, it does have nailhead trim, a compromise I believe I can live with as long as I get a tufted bench for the end of the bed.

Homegirl London

Oh feathers. How fancy is this last sample? And you could get some pillows to tie it all together. Click through the link to read about the artist behind the design. She seems pretty fabulous. Well friends that’s what I have for you on this fine day in late January. I hope each of you is doing well with the goals/resolutions you came up with for the new year. Keep on keeping on! XOXO

December 9th, 2014

Crown Decor Galore

Desire to Inspire

Well if you can’t wear a crown every day, you could always get your fix with crown inspired decor. Crowns are not just for the royals you know. So if you need to channel elegance and poise for your home check out these beauties. On this quiet, already snowy morning, crowns, a little background music and of course some strong coffee are in order. Sounds like a perfect day to me.



The thing about theme based artwork is that it introduces character to your home, plus, I love it. Crowns are my latest love, but give me chandeliers, bird cages, hot air balloons and other whimsical art and I’m a happy girl. In an already elegant space, the right art, and by right I mean whatever it is your heart desires, can set the tone. For me I like a little something dreamy or sweet.

The Bella Cottage and Home Edit

The curvy lines and contrasts add a bold pop of interest to any wall or surface they adorn. Crowns can be introduced into your space in a number of ways. The first painting pictured here is my favourite, but a smaller scale in a line drawing or a sketch might be just the thing for your space. Textiles are ever fun to play with. Chairs, ottomans, pillows or curtains are a perfect non-committal way to play with pattern.


Trend Hunter

Or for a larger scale full on installation, how about wallpaper? The crown wallpaper pictured here would be perfect for a closet or a bathroom. Or if you wanted to glam up a little girls room thiis wallpaper can be adorned with gems. Simply glue coloured glass marbles (the flat ones) directly onto the crowns.


The DIY Dreamer

Also, if you happen to be a queen with a rather sizeable collection of priceless crowns, you could always display them in tall glass cabinets with glittery warm lighting. That’s what I would do. Just saying. There are options for everyone.

June 18th, 2013

9 Mirror Walls to Look Upon

Mirrors in the Stairwell

Danielle Muller


All vanity aside, I absolutely love mirrors. Maybe its the way they reflect light. Maybe its the distortion of image. Maybe its the way they act like backwards windows to some place we will never reach. Hanging groups of mirrors together, gallery-style creates a mini wall of wonder, and while you can get matchy matchy (paint the frames all one colour), you can also create random displays of beauty. Trial and error makes way for some sweet imperfections of endearment at times, and who wouldn’t want that to grace a wall?


The display above brings movement into the stairwell, a space often closed in, static. Note the off-kilter balance of light and dark frames and how they play with the two-tone stairs.


Mirrors on a Shelf

Coco Cozy


The way the light refracts in this room is divine. This mirror wall is not fixed so you could change them now and then if you found new ones.


Mirrors all Whimsical

Casa Abril


You wouldn’t think this collection of frames would work, but look at that. Whimsical and sweet.


Mirrors Painted Green

Dimples and Tangles


A range of shapes and styles come together with bright kelly green paint! Click the link for the how-to at Dimples and Tangles.


Mirrors on a Brick Wall

Tilly’s Cottage


The entire room appeals to me. Not only is the mirror wall something to look at, but the collection of looking glasses or magnifying glasses intrigues me.


I Dream of Chairs


Ok, that chair is cool, right? And the mirror wall is quite meticulous with the inner portion of some of the frames painted.


Mirrors with Chains



See? Reflections rule! Pop of turquoise…check!


Mirrors Under the Stairs



Way to make use of an awkward space. And with elegance at that.


Moody Mirrors

Whimsy Decor


The combination of the mirror wall and the way the room is lit is compelling. I want to browse and peruse and to find the treasure I am certain awaits me. I love mirror walls and am plotting one for myself as I collect mirrors that catch my eye. The question is, “are you looking right at the other half of you” as you plot your gallery wall with mirrors instead of art and photographs??

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January 8th, 2013

Chalkboards in the Home

Chalkboard with Phrase

320 Sycamore Blog


Chalkboards are kind of like everyday living, you can wipe them clean all the time and start fresh or write one definitive thing and leave it there for extended periods of time. I tend to do both. If something speaks to my heart I will leave it on the board for months and then all of a sudden a new group of expressions works their way into my life and the slate is wiped clean. Perhaps an indication of how fast or slow life is moving?


4 Chalkboard Gallery

 Smile and Wave


I am loving the oversized chalkboard in the home as well as groupings of them. So scholarly. So smart. Like the ones pictured above displayed gallery style. The aged nature of these chalkboards creates a fun, rustic, played-in look.


Wall of Chalkboards

Mechant Design


Old windows paired with chalkboards establish an eclectic feel for this patio used for potting plants. I like how they wrote on some but not all of the chalkboards giving it a work-in-progress vibe.


Chalkboard in the Kitchen

Pretty Kitchens


Chalkboard paint on the walls offers this modern kitchen a little character. To do. To do. To do.


Chalkboard in a Playroom

Kid’s Stuff World


Practical and cute at the same time! As the toys change you can erase the labels and re-write them.



Breakfast at Toast


The whimsical collection of chalkboards pictured above are some of my favourites, the chalk umbrella and the kitchen with the wall of drawings are adorable.


Chalkboard Vignette

Decor Pad


I fully embrace the inspirational quotes trend. Written quotes painted, scrawled, drawn, posted, typed and photographed are word-ish treasures we can pass on to each other. Inspiring quotes. Little reminders of the good in the world. The good in people. The good in life. Chalkboards in the home, large and small, fit into many styles of decor and bring their own useful, whimsical, practical nature with them wherever they go.


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October 5th, 2012

Picture Frame Ideas

Accumulations of things have a way of adding up, creeping and crawling over your pristinely empty surfaces until they become that dirty little word…CLUTTER. Why not use a pretty picture frame to collect, organize, display and give finish to the spaces in question? Look for inexpensive ornate frames in the discount area of home decor shops, thrift stores and flea markets to design your own picture frame ideas.


Skeleton Key Frame

Image via Design Sponge


Key Frame– This image shows a painted frame with decorative keys, but with a cute frame, some spray paint and some tiny hooks you can create this look in a functional way. One idea is to paint the frame a bright hue and use scrapbook paper, wrapping paper or wallpaper remnants to paper the opened area of the picture frame. Install the hooks at the top of the frame and hang it in your foyer or next to the door.


Jewelry Frame– This option is near and dear to my heart right now, having recently launched a business with Stella and Dot. When you have pretty jewels, why lock them up in a dark box? I say showcase them so you can enjoy them even when you aren’t wearing them.

Jewelry Frame

Image via Just Live Simply 

Chalkboard Frame– Whether you want to jot down a nightly menu for your kitchen, hand-write a memorable phrase, or scribble random lists on the chalkboard, you might as well do it in style. Right?


Framed Chalkboard

Image via Shabby McFabby 


Bulletin Board Frame– Cover cork board in a graphic fabric and frame it. You can then pin messages, photographs, and other odds and ends to the board. Play with the palette of the room the frame will hang in, to see if you can introduce something new. For a craft room, study, or office space the fabric you use will help you create a focal point while at the same time, managing the chaos.


Fabric Memo Board

Image via Shabby McFabby


Magnet Board Frame– Same idea as the bulletin board, except you can paper a sheet of metal and frame it! And then of course you can cover it with cute magnets, handmade or otherwise.


Magnet Board

Image via Elegance Farm Home 


Craft Supply Frame– Pegboard is handy for coralling clutter of many types. Give it a fancy remake for your craft supplies, kitchen utensils or other hobby supplies. Paint it and house it in a frame with an alternate colour. Or, borrow an idea from the key frame and wallpaper the pegboard. I like the wallpaper idea because it takes away the utility vibe and gives it a fresh update, depending on the wallpaper you choose.


Framed Pegboard

Image via Martha Stewart


Picture frame ideas can be used in any room of your home that you require a little extra polish and a little less mess. If you make one pretty enough you could even include it in a gallery wall! Happy framing, adieu!

September 18th, 2012

Eclectic Gallery Wall Ideas

Kirsten Buckingham Interior Design

Kirsten Buckingham Interior Design

Silly me, somehow I thought September would be less insanely busy than August! Ha ha. Time is scuttling along like a roller coaster, and with so many exciting things happening it has been a challenge to sit still and write. Perhaps October will bring solace and discipline? Let’s hope. In the meantime let us look at these eclectic  gallery walls so I can get some fresh ideas for my stair well.


Fabulous K

Fabulous K 


One way to do an eclectic gallery wall is put together mismatched frames in different shapes and sizes. While it is not strictly necessary to unify the images with a colour or theme, you can experiment to develop a plan that will work for you. I love the way the first collection pictured above is built of all different types of art and image yet it has relevance because the rest of the space has enough colour and pattern to support it.


Melanie Turner Interiors

Melanie Turner Interiors 


The green frames make me smile. What a way to add a bright pop of colour! Choose any colour to unify a collection of odd frames. While the frames pictured are of the same shape and size you can also use this idea to marry wide ornate frames with traditional standard frames. Old frames and new frames. Square frames and circle frames. You get the idea!


Meredith Heron Design

Meredith Heron Design


Placement is key when building a gallery wall. I personally love the idea of starting a gallery and allowing it enough space to grow with time. You can add or subtract as your family grows, your lifestyle changes or you simply find something to add to your collection. You can fill a wall, create a pattern with the frames, build a staircase effect, hang the images in a vertical or horizontal line or create a random, organic pattern.


Kirsten Buckingham Interior Design Brown Walls

Kirsten Buckingham Interior Design


I am starting a gallery in my stair well, but you can also create a gallery wall above a sofa or bed, create a feature wall, enhance a hallway or entryway or add to any wall in your home. Choose art and images that speak to you with inspiration and beauty as you will gaze at them often. Create a story, a history or a future with the pieces you include.



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