Command Station Ideas

I’m going to be honest with you, I’m writing this post because I need a command station too! Look at this beautiful example pictured above from Iron and Twine. I mean what household could not use a system for organizing the in’s and out’s of day to day living. My hope is to simplify, to create some stillness and help the days start and finish with a smoothness we sometimes lack.

Whether its just you, or you have a whole brood to get out the door in the morning, a command center will keep you in top form (organizationally speaking). One of the things I struggle with is paper, my children are prolific artists and for a long time I kept every sketch and scribble organized in monthly folders. Once they started school I had to draw the line which meant editing the piles of paper and tossing much of what made it home. Yet still, so much of what we sift through has importance and needs to be corralled into some semblance of organization.

Pottery Barn

You might be wondering what is a command station and why do I need it? The idea here is to formulate a plan for running your household. Bills need to be paid, meals need to be cooked (maybe even planned), schedules need to be met, synced and often referenced and basically life needs to be lived and lived well.

I honestly believe that with a little vision anything is possible. If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the following questions, a command station big or small, might help you navigate and simplify your days. How can I make the morning go smoother? Will meal planning make a difference? Where am I going to put all this stuff?

AKA Design

What should you include?

  • A calender: one you can write on
  • A clock
  • A mirror: lipstick check!
  • Lists: shopping, chores and to-do’s
  • Recipes and a corresponding meal schedule
  • A hanging coat rack for backpacks, purses, bags, sweaters, umbrella, etc.
  • Storage area for each person in your family (this could even be a simple basket for holding envelopes or keys)
  • Hanging storage displays like the envelope style ones pictured here
  • A vision board: even just a few happy family photos
  • A little inspiration: a quote that resonates with you

One Creative Housewife

Alright, now that you’re feeling inspired the first thing to do is figure out where the command station will be? As pictured here today you can see it doesn’t have to be a large area, in fact the smaller the better. The point is to keep things tidy and organized, a space for everything, right? I like the idea of using the side of the fridge if it is exposed. Or right in the entryway is another viable spot. If the space will be accessible to little ones be sure to hang their items at a height they can reach and build up from there. Keep that inspirational quote at eye level! You may need a reminder some days (I know I do)!

One more thing…a plant! Add some life to your command station by adding something lively and green. It will cheer up all that paperwork and add some pretty. And speaking of pretty, maybe you can shop for some cute glass magnets. Also, there are a ton of free printables online if you need some templates to create a polished look for your recipes, schedules or meal plans. The happier and more inviting you make the command station, the more excited you will be and remember excitement is contagious! If you are excited to implement this, you’re family will be too! Happy decorating! XOXO

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