Dream Offices in the Backyard and the Psychic at Londonderry Mall

Dream Office Barn Style

A Holy Experience

A quiet retreat to write in? A separate space to create within? An official daydream station? Dream offices in the backyard are adorable! I want one! No, I want two. One for writing and one for crafting. Oh the work I would get done gazing out the window, sipping tea, books stacked everywhere. I can see it now. So clear. But the question is, which one? Which design would be best. It depends on your intent for the space. Crafters and sewers will need extra space to accommodate projects, small business owners and writers will require at least a desk and somewhere to sit.

Dream Office Sewing Rroom

Design Editor

So, about the psychic… I was approached by an elderly lady at Londonderry Mall, not surprising really, people talk to me everywhere I go! It was at least two years ago, and like most strangers, she decided to offer me some advice. She rambled on about a little something I won’t mention just now, perhaps in reference later if it comes true, but at the time it was like this far-fetched tidbit pulled out of thin air. It had no bearing on my circumstances. I have been to psychics before (Russian Tea Room), but this was not the same thing. I think about the encounter now and then.

Dream Office with French Doors


Life has changed. A portion of her prophecy could come true if my world continues on the path laid out. I speculated about this to a friend the other night and to my surprise she too had had an encounter with a seemingly regular old lady at Londonderry Mall. The lady said to her, “Maybe you’ll get a new car for Christmas.” Days later Jolene and her family were in a car accident. Luckily they were okay! However, she will be getting a new car.

Dream Office with Floor to Ceiling Windows

Eva Designs

So here’s my question… Is there a psychic wandering the halls of Londonderry Mall? Or is there simply a high concentration of elderly ladies who seek out people like Jolene and I and offer us not so random prophecies? I am curious how many others have run into a woman like this and could it be the same one??

Dream Office with Window


A prophecy is a prophecy, but I believe we can change anything with a dream. With that said, I have been imagining a dream office to write in ever since I caught a glimpse of a separate office space sitting on someone’s property somewhere in the middle of Canada (sorry! I can’t be sure where, it was long ago).

Dream Office in Green



Dream Office Must Haves:

  • A chandelier to class the space up
  • A desk
  • Windows for uninterupted daydreaming
  • Mirrors to bounce the light around
  • A cozy desk chair
  • Reading Space in a Corner
  • A sweet winding path (even if its only a few feet long)

Dream Office Shed

Historic Shed

I love the awning detail in the second photo and can imagine all sorts of exterior landscaping ideas. Potted plants can be changed and updated with the season or holiday so I think they would be a good option for this type of structure. Many of these have been converted from sheds or garages. What a great idea!

Dream Office in Colourful Hues


I think if you personalized the structure with details from your house and/or garage you would get the best results for a cohesive look on your property. But, hey, maybe you want something wild and fun.

Dream Office with Greenery

Renee Finberg

What type of space do you dream of? And what would you fill it with? Thoughts? Ideas? Concepts? Hopes? Oh, the possibilities… As for the psychic, maybe she should set up a booth!

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