Elegant Sideboards

Sideboard with Picture Frames

Our Fifth House


My friend and hair stylist extraordinaire Raman and I were talking about sideboards the other day post bang trim and she was wondering where to put one and what to put on it so I thought I would give her a little inspiration. Raman’s dining room is a beautiful gray with silvery sparkly accents and oversized floral artwork. Her table and chairs are dark wood. The room is lovely. And so we pondered elegant sideboards because she wanted to move a table out of the room and wasn’t sure what to replace it with.


Sideboard with Sign and Candles

Primitive and Proper


Aside from how functional sideboards are storage-wise, they can be sooooo pretty.  Decorate the sideboard with items you love. As always it is best to surround yourself with objects that speak to you of something or someone– a distant secret, a remote past, a haunting story, a long gone friend, a lover or a kindred spirit. Create a mini vignette with your chosen pieces and you will have a sideboard that suits you and the rest of your home. And most importantly, you will love it.


Sideboard with Chalkboard



Sideboard Vignette Ideas:


Mirrors– Hang it above the sideboard or lean it against the wall.

Lamps– Either place one at each end or use a single one for an asymmetrical look.

Candles– Mood lighting for dining!

Plants– A little extra life adds richness and depth to the room.

Vases– Group different sizes together and fill them with water or flowers.

Dishes– Whether a special vintage piece or your coffee cups, dishware can be pretty and necessary.

Art– Hang it or lean it!

A Clock– Be careful with this one, you want to dine freely and at great length, if a clock will inhibit this, choose something else!

Typography– I just love letters. Add them tastefully wherever you can.


Sideboard with Plant

Elements of Style Blog

Quirky wallpaper never hurt anyone, at least not till hindsight or retrospect kicks in!! I love how this sideboard has so much on it but everything is in it’s place.


Sideboard with Glass Accents and Mirror

Decor By Christine


I like the style of this dark wood sideboard for Raman. For Raman’s dining room, I would hang a mirror above it, add a cute lamp and a big K and something that Raman loves, to complete the look.


Sideboard with Typography



Elegant sideboards can be achieved with careful attention to detail. Placement, arrangement, who goes with what and where and why. Who belongs to who? Does this delicate vintage vase look best with a modern picture frame with a contemporary photograph? Why, sure, anything goes. Mix and match. Reconfigure. Let your heart reveal it’s true nature. Let it break again and again for if the beauty was fleeting at least it was. And it may come round again. Flex and stretch and move said items around with fluidity, no time for rigidity.


Sideboard with Flanking Lamps



As the seasons pass, if you tire of the design, look to the details, they can be moved. Miniscule details, like a glint in someone’s eyes. For as long as I can remember my dad used to tell me before I was born, I was a glint in his eye. Sweet right? Those glimmering glints mean something. Emulate this glint with glass and mirror and reflection and remember: when something of great beauty touches you, embrace it with clear eyes and an open heart. Numbers don’t matter, hearts do. I would literally follow an ideal to the ends of the earth. Without a map or a precedent, even in open waters. Blind territory riddled with obstacles and the obstacles wouldn’t matter, would they? Am I still talking about sideboards? You tell me.


For the elegant sideboard itself you can choose a traditional piece of furniture intended for this use or if you are DIY savvy, look for something you can paint, distress or stain to your own liking. And if you are super savvy, or you have a super savvy helper you can designate your fanciful plans to and expect a decent translation, you could even build one yourself. For a halfway point, look somewhere like Ikea where you can find a plain unadorned piece of furniture which can be painted and dressed with details like knobs and such.

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