Feather Wallpaper

Style Me Pretty

Ok, wait a sec, where did January go? Seriously, it disappeared. I mean yes, the weather was unseasonably warm, so warm in fact I briefly entertained the thought of doing a full on spring cleaning, but wow! The sunshine has been great and a welcome distraction from the indoors. What’s new with you? Big plans for the year? Me too! So Dreaming of June turned three! Yay!!! Happy birthday!!! Thank you so much to my beautiful consistant readers and friends! XOXOXO And now, for some fancy feather wallpaper.

Mini Moderns

The first feather wallpaper would be so elegant for a dining room. Just imagine how cosy it would be amidst a candle light dinner. Or how about a watercolour themed wallpaper? This design would be so pretty in a bathroom or a foyer. Both of which, by the way, are ideal places to dabble in the arts of wallpapering. High impact + low commitment = love. A formula I certainly wouldn’t recommend for your love life, but here, it works perfect.


Feather your dreams with a pink-ish version fit for a bedroom. I love the hot pink accents in this room too. And that headboard sure is pretty. I am sort of headboard obsessed at the moment. I have been wanting one forever and I found one I love but it has no tufting. Big sigh. However, on the upside, it does have nailhead trim, a compromise I believe I can live with as long as I get a tufted bench for the end of the bed.

Homegirl London

Oh feathers. How fancy is this last sample? And you could get some pillows to tie it all together. Click through the link to read about the artist behind the design. She seems pretty fabulous. Well friends that’s what I have for you on this fine day in late January. I hope each of you is doing well with the goals/resolutions you came up with for the new year. Keep on keeping on! XOXO

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