Glittery Mirrored Backsplashes

Her Umbrella

In the old house- the apple house as I liked to call it, because of its red and green apple colour scheme- I wanted stone counters with a mirror fleck in them. That kitchen ended up with a black and grey stone. No mirror fleck. When I came across the first of these glittery mirrored backsplashes, it reminded me of how pretty the white quartz with the mirror was! Perhaps in my future home, my forever house?

Decor Pad

I love how the new year brings it’s own energy, it’s own luck, it’s own number possibilities for life and love and decor (of course!). Optimism is rampant. How fantastic!


Each of the glittery backsplashes are elegant and reflective and pretty. The mosaic pictured first is my true favourite, but the antique glass, the multi-tile mosaic and the subway tile designs are all viable options that would brighten up a space with reflective rays of light.

Ali Express

I wonder, have you tried out a mirror backsplash I haven’t shown here?

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  1. I love those backboards! It creates so much light and gives the spaces such an airy feeling. Love it.

  2. Yes! They really bounce the light around.

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