How to Create Vignettes in your Home

In literature a vignette is a short scene, however in the home a vignette is a collection of items arranged in a visually appealing pattern to create a scene. You can create vignettes in your home to give any room a polished, finished look. It is a great way to display your favourite items, while simultaneously injecting your own sense of style and personality into the setting.


Design a theme for each vignette or cater to functionality for areas like the kitchen or the bathroom. A theme can be as simple as using one colour, or grouping similar objects such as vintage collectibles. For functional areas, incorporate quirky pieces with everyday items to create unusual scenes that will define your living environment.


Items you can use to create a vignette include:


  • Mirrors
  • Art, pictures and photographs
  • Decorative dishes
  • Candles and lamps
  • Vases and other glass specimens
  • Plants
  • Flowers
  • Seasonal items
  • Books
  • Random pretty things
  • Anything that makes you smile or feel nostalgic
  • Stuff you love


Vignettes can be pulled together anywhere you see a blank space, or an area that needs an uplift—tabletops, a shelf, a mantle, a counter top, in a nook, just to name a few. Scenes can be created, re-created, moved and mixed with other vignettes according to season or whim. Remember odd numbers are pleasing to the eyes, so arrange things with the number of objects, and their height and shape in mind. Think of how you decorate for Christmas or Halloween to get into the spirit of vignette creation!


Living Area


In the main living area there are several possible candidate areas for a vignette, like these coffee table here. Work with the style of your home and showcase your treasures. One idea for the coffee table is to stack large books or magazines alongside a low floral centerpiece (it doesn’t have to be big, in fact a single bloom in a bowl will do the trick!) and an unexpected item. Unexpected, you ask? That depends on the style of your home. A piece of driftwood, a decorative bowl filled with your kid’s cars, colourful gumballs or something beautiful!




My present kitchen does not have a window over the sink (a feature I long for!) so I placed a few special items at the corner of the sink to make me smile as I clean up after dinner. My mini vignette consists of two plants in colorful pots, a sparkly white dove and a tiny frog-shaped planter, which my kids stuff with tiny jewels and treasures like marbles. It looks pretty and makes me happy and that is all you need to create a vignette in your space!


Other Ideas


Work with your favourite items in each space. In a nursery, hang a favourite onesie (or an heirloom item like a bonnet or a gown), on a decorative clothes hanger with a handmade toy and a vintage rocking chair. Choose all white items against a colourful backdrop for contrast. In a windowsill, arrange translucent items like glass balls and vases with plants and other items that will reflect light. Don’t forget to create vignettes to spice up shelving like what has been done here. The options are endless if you play around with placement and do what feels right for your space.


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