Modern White Kitchen

White Kitchen with Painted Brick Wall

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The modern white kitchen is ever appealing to me as there are so many beautiful options. First of all, clean white spaces are like a blank slate, which you can punctuate with colour pops and accessorize with shiny bits of this and that. And then, I love how you see a sea of cloud white until you look closer and discover the layers of texture achieved with the choice of differing white materials. And finally, you can alter the modern white kitchen by simply changing the accessories, which can be done at any time.


White Counter Tops


How dreamy to start your day in a bright white kitchen! One of the features you often see in a modern white kitchen is an all-white counter top. While marble will remain a popular choice for counters, you can also look to quartz and recycled alternatives. This type of counter top is man-made and you can find pristine white or you can branch out and experiment with white variations. My favourite white counter top is quartz with mirror flecks added to it. The iridescence created with the mirror bits is tres beautiful!


White Kitchen Cabinets


White cabinets are hot right now, which means any style you can imagine is available at a wide range of price points. Even the plainest of all white cabinets can be dressed up with crystal knobs and pulls to emulate a fresh, modern look. If you are refinishing existing cabinets, consider painting or wallpapering the inside of the cabinet doors for a pop of pattern or a collision of colour!


White Backsplash


White subway tile are a classic choice for creating a backsplash, as are square white ceramic tiles. If you want to choose classic tiles, but want a modern twist, play with the installation pattern. For instance, install the ceramic squares in a diamond pattern. Or, install the white subway tiles stacked one on top of another instead of the standard staggered brick installation.


White Kitchen Sink


Apron sinks are divine in an all white space, they come in a range of styles and sizes. Another idea is to choose any sink you like (for looks and/or functionality) and have it under-mounted. This looks especially grand with stone counter tops.


Modern White Kitchen

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Once you have your fixed elements in place you can add wood, metal, glass and textiles to bring your modern white kitchen design to life!



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