Navy and White Decor

Navy and White Dining Room

Ashley Putnam via Lonny

Navy is ever so appealing to me lately. Paired with crisp white it creates an elegant and definitive atmosphere. Moody yet sleek. Accent colours really bring something special to the mix. I have seen the boldest hues inserted into this colour scheme—fuchsia, orange, kelly green, yellow and poppy red. This is a perfect way to unify a bold colour used elsewhere in your home. For instance, if your living room has bold bits of red or fuchsia, you can add a dash of the same hue in the navy and white kitchen to tie it all together.


Phoebe Howard Navy and White Bedroom

Phoebe Howard via Decor Pad

All my walls are painted with a matte finish, but I keep spotting high-gloss walls in magazines as pictured above. What do you think? I really like it on someone else’s walls and I think it could work in certain spaces, but not all. Side note: I have only viewed glossy walls in dark colours, I must find out if there is a reason for this!


If you want to incorporate a dash of navy into a primarily white colour scheme check out Freckled Laundry! So pretty.


David Netto Navy Office

David Netto Design

The storm blue and white of my own bedroom could use some navy influence. I am thinking textiles. New navy and white bedding, curtains or pillows. Time to shop. I once saw a sewing project in a craft book that has been on my mind ever since. It was a half-size quilt meant to grace the end of your bed made of pale blue satin. What if I made a navy one? The original was tufted with pearls, but white ribbon sounds dreamy to me. The only thing, and here is a dark secret of mine, I bought a sewing machine well over a year ago, and I have yet to turn it on. Yikes!!


David Jiminez Navy and White Bedroom

David Jimenez’s Kansas City House via House Beautiful

Whether you paint your walls navy or indulge in navy textiles or accents, navy and white is a classic colour scheme you can update with modern choices. I love navy and so should you!



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