February 19th, 2013

6 Lovely Bedrooms

Dual Mirrors Above Side Tables

Laura Lee Clark


The great move is imminent and coming quick! I believe the house has sold although I haven’t received the final word. This means big change for us. Exciting change. New colour. New patterns. New ideas. And a fresh start. While my search for a new place begins I am dazzled with the possibilities of decorating each of the new rooms, especially a lovely bedroom.


Pale Gray Room with Tufted Headboard

New England Home


Inspired by opulence and the idea of creating something dreamy and new for my own bedroom I have come up with some images of elements I would like to introduce. First, I had to ask myself what makes a really great bedroom. For me, that means a balance of beauty and comfort. I want a soft, muted space for dreaming. A place with soft textures, elegant patterns and a pop of colour I can change when need be. My current bedroom has some pretty, but the vision was never finished. And that is okay. Life itself is a work in progress and some visions require alterations and alternate blueprints with secret, hidden rooms behind the bookcase and beyond the stars. New visions are calling so here we go!


Sweet Bedding

Zsa Zsa Bellagio 


Layers and layers of soft, texturally appealing bedding is what I am after! How cosy.


Bedroom Ideas for the New Room:


Symmetrical side tables

Pretty bedding

An upholstered headboard

Twin mirrors to hang above the symmetrical side tables

An upholstered bench for the end of the bed

A reading chair (oh, yes, I have my eye on one! Stay tuned…new job equals new inspiration!!)

And a sprinkling of pretty sparkly things

Reflective lighting, if not a chandelier some curvy glass table lamps. Daylight and nightlight reflect in their own shimmering ways, each equally elegant if chosen right.


Pale Blue with Chandelier

Better Homes and Gardens


Things I hope for in the new place:

  • Lots of light
  • More light
  • Light so I can pull off a white with a pale hint of a colour, colour scheme like the blue above or the gray below.


Lovely Bedroom with Symmetry

Casa Sugar

While the yellow carpet may look surprising in this room, if you follow the link and tour the whole home, the yellow appears throughout the space. Love the tour!


Upholstered and Tufted Headboard

The Cross Design


I love the stacked pillow detail and the side table. Such a simple detail, in a lovely bedroom. You can change it every day when you make your bed. By the way, I am a make your bed every single morning kind of girl (not just on behalf of teaching kids proper human behaviour, but because I like to give things a little polish, especially to start the day, every day is kind of special in its own way, yes?) and I am always surprised when I hear of someone who doesn’t!! So tell me, do you make your bed every day?

February 11th, 2013

Valentine Red in the Bedroom

Red Headboard

House Beautiful


Splash and dash Valentine red in the bedroom everywhere or use it to rev your heart and up the pulse a beat or two. Yes, relationships can be complicated. But love? Love is ever so simple. To appreciate the light and truth and good in another being is what it’s all about. To actively honour that sweetness with love is special, so if you are lucky enough to have that person in your life, embrace him or her with all your might!!


Red Bedroom with Pillows and Tables


Like attracts like as you can see with these twin red tables at the foot of the bed. I love this combination of pink and red. So Valentine. The bright hues are well balanced with the black bed, and the white in the bedding and the carpet.


Red Bedroom with Patterned Headboard

House to Home


My favourite element in this room is the lamp. The combination of red and fuchsia is vibrant and juicy and makes my mouth water for fruit punch! Grown-ups do not drink enough fruit punch!! Whether you choose to commit to a colour-tastic colour scheme or a muted one with pops of red, Valentine red can be added to your bedroom for the day or on a more permanent basis. Experiment with pillows and accessories or go for it and paint a wall red.

January 31st, 2013

Keychains for your Valentine

Valentine's Keychain E.E. Cummings

Tesoro Jewelry

Keys and locks are these wonderfully archetypal symbols for keeping sacred things safe. So of course with Valentine’s Day fast approaching it only makes sense to keep your heart all locked up until that worthy knight (or the lady equivalant) appears. And then you can give him or her a keychain with a sweet message on it! How’s that?

So I was looking around Etsy and I noticed an abundance of Valentine-inspired keychains and I thought ‘hey, that’s cute!’ This is a collection of my favourites. The one above topped my list. I love the quote from E.E. Cummings!


Valentine's Keychain in French

Temporal Flux 


This one looks manly. The quote translates to ‘I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow’.




Valentine's Puzzle Keychains

Pat’s Design 


His and her’s. How adorable.


Valentine's Keychain with Bottle Opener

Fleur Designs Jewelry 


This is another one I adore. And so true. This heart wants what it wants. Doesn’t yours?


Matching Valentine's Keychains

Shop the Copper Fox


Simple. Elegant. These ones could be added to your existing keychain without bulking it up.


Wooden Valentine's Keychain

Havok Designs 


Alright. Most of these would be best for a man. So if you don’t know what to buy your man… get him a keychain.


Valentine's Heart Keychain



An anatomical heart in a lovely setting. Yes, it beats. and it beats for you.


Heart and Key Keychain

Korpse Crafts 


Keychains for your Valentine come in many shapes and designs. Like the matching set pictured above. I like how the lady can keep the sentiment on her keys and the man can keep the key on his and it will blend right in with his other keys. Whether you choose to lock your heart up and hold tight to the key, or give it away to some kindred sweetheart, make sure you keep that key somewhere stylish!

January 30th, 2013

Upholstered Beds for a Boy or Girl

Kid's Upholstered Bed Gray and White

IHeart Organizing


Winter is upon us in full force. I find it hard to keep warm when this portion of the world is brittle and unforgiving! Winter, winter, cold, snow. On Tuesday we woke up to a cool -42 degrees Celsius. Yes, you read that correct. Winter in Edmonton at its finest. So what is a girl to do but think about the move (yes, the house is for sale) and new configurations for the future. The boys have been begging to share a room and I am entertaining the thought, but I am not convinced. I have been looking at different options for beds including upholstered ones. Upholstered beds for a boy or girl as seen here can be tailored to suit any room depending on the fabric you choose for upholstering and the colour scheme of the room.


Cottages and Gardens 


Upholstered beds are everywhere right now, which is great if you are looking for your own variation. Some ideas include purchasing one, modifying a simple store bought bed or creating an upholstered headboard which you can hang on the wall. All of the options result in a custom look which I absolutely love. My favourite look so far is the twin upholstered beds placed side by side. So cute!


Kid's Upholstered Beds in Navy

Pottery Barn 


I think there are three factors that make an upholstered bed irresistible. The fabric is first and foremost because it catches your eye right away. Especially if you use a bright colour or a bold pattern or a mix of the two.


Kid's Colourful Upholstered Bed



Second, is the shape of the headboard. The classic rectangular look is appealing in a classic sort of way. But I love curved and scalloped edges. Even a rigid geometric pattern looks great.


Kid's Upholstered Bed Green

The Shabby Nest 


And third, is detail. Details like tufting, monograms, nail head trims and accessorizing. Using the upholstery fabric elsewhere in the room can tie things together in a neat little succinct way. However, if you use it everywhere you might achieve that ‘fabric was on sale’ look or the ‘a little too homemade’ look. There are fine lines. Tread softly.


Kid's Upholstered Bed in White

Serena and Lily 


Whether the boys end up sharing a room or maintaining their own rooms, upholstered beds are definitely an option. I love how you can modify them to suit a boy’s room or a girl’s room depending on the variables chosen. It is best to exercise all of the options while I figure out this next phase! What do you think? Shared room or private rooms?


Kid's Upholstered Twin Beds



Thankfully this cold snap is ending tomorrow which will make life so much easier to live.  Cabin fever be gone! Click on the link beneath the first photo for a tutorial on how to make an upholstered bed if you are so inclined to dream one up!

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January 22nd, 2013

Elegant Sideboards

Sideboard with Picture Frames

Our Fifth House


My friend and hair stylist extraordinaire Raman and I were talking about sideboards the other day post bang trim and she was wondering where to put one and what to put on it so I thought I would give her a little inspiration. Raman’s dining room is a beautiful gray with silvery sparkly accents and oversized floral artwork. Her table and chairs are dark wood. The room is lovely. And so we pondered elegant sideboards because she wanted to move a table out of the room and wasn’t sure what to replace it with.


Sideboard with Sign and Candles

Primitive and Proper


Aside from how functional sideboards are storage-wise, they can be sooooo pretty.  Decorate the sideboard with items you love. As always it is best to surround yourself with objects that speak to you of something or someone– a distant secret, a remote past, a haunting story, a long gone friend, a lover or a kindred spirit. Create a mini vignette with your chosen pieces and you will have a sideboard that suits you and the rest of your home. And most importantly, you will love it.


Sideboard with Chalkboard



Sideboard Vignette Ideas:


Mirrors– Hang it above the sideboard or lean it against the wall.

Lamps– Either place one at each end or use a single one for an asymmetrical look.

Candles– Mood lighting for dining!

Plants– A little extra life adds richness and depth to the room.

Vases– Group different sizes together and fill them with water or flowers.

Dishes– Whether a special vintage piece or your coffee cups, dishware can be pretty and necessary.

Art– Hang it or lean it!

A Clock– Be careful with this one, you want to dine freely and at great length, if a clock will inhibit this, choose something else!

Typography– I just love letters. Add them tastefully wherever you can.


Sideboard with Plant

Elements of Style Blog

Quirky wallpaper never hurt anyone, at least not till hindsight or retrospect kicks in!! I love how this sideboard has so much on it but everything is in it’s place.


Sideboard with Glass Accents and Mirror

Decor By Christine


I like the style of this dark wood sideboard for Raman. For Raman’s dining room, I would hang a mirror above it, add a cute lamp and a big K and something that Raman loves, to complete the look.


Sideboard with Typography



Elegant sideboards can be achieved with careful attention to detail. Placement, arrangement, who goes with what and where and why. Who belongs to who? Does this delicate vintage vase look best with a modern picture frame with a contemporary photograph? Why, sure, anything goes. Mix and match. Reconfigure. Let your heart reveal it’s true nature. Let it break again and again for if the beauty was fleeting at least it was. And it may come round again. Flex and stretch and move said items around with fluidity, no time for rigidity.


Sideboard with Flanking Lamps



As the seasons pass, if you tire of the design, look to the details, they can be moved. Miniscule details, like a glint in someone’s eyes. For as long as I can remember my dad used to tell me before I was born, I was a glint in his eye. Sweet right? Those glimmering glints mean something. Emulate this glint with glass and mirror and reflection and remember: when something of great beauty touches you, embrace it with clear eyes and an open heart. Numbers don’t matter, hearts do. I would literally follow an ideal to the ends of the earth. Without a map or a precedent, even in open waters. Blind territory riddled with obstacles and the obstacles wouldn’t matter, would they? Am I still talking about sideboards? You tell me.


For the elegant sideboard itself you can choose a traditional piece of furniture intended for this use or if you are DIY savvy, look for something you can paint, distress or stain to your own liking. And if you are super savvy, or you have a super savvy helper you can designate your fanciful plans to and expect a decent translation, you could even build one yourself. For a halfway point, look somewhere like Ikea where you can find a plain unadorned piece of furniture which can be painted and dressed with details like knobs and such.

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January 14th, 2013

Dream Offices in the Backyard and the Psychic at Londonderry Mall

Dream Office Barn Style

A Holy Experience

A quiet retreat to write in? A separate space to create within? An official daydream station? Dream offices in the backyard are adorable! I want one! No, I want two. One for writing and one for crafting. Oh the work I would get done gazing out the window, sipping tea, books stacked everywhere. I can see it now. So clear. But the question is, which one? Which design would be best. It depends on your intent for the space. Crafters and sewers will need extra space to accommodate projects, small business owners and writers will require at least a desk and somewhere to sit.

Dream Office Sewing Rroom

Design Editor

So, about the psychic… I was approached by an elderly lady at Londonderry Mall, not surprising really, people talk to me everywhere I go! It was at least two years ago, and like most strangers, she decided to offer me some advice. She rambled on about a little something I won’t mention just now, perhaps in reference later if it comes true, but at the time it was like this far-fetched tidbit pulled out of thin air. It had no bearing on my circumstances. I have been to psychics before (Russian Tea Room), but this was not the same thing. I think about the encounter now and then.

Dream Office with French Doors


Life has changed. A portion of her prophecy could come true if my world continues on the path laid out. I speculated about this to a friend the other night and to my surprise she too had had an encounter with a seemingly regular old lady at Londonderry Mall. The lady said to her, “Maybe you’ll get a new car for Christmas.” Days later Jolene and her family were in a car accident. Luckily they were okay! However, she will be getting a new car.

Dream Office with Floor to Ceiling Windows

Eva Designs

So here’s my question… Is there a psychic wandering the halls of Londonderry Mall? Or is there simply a high concentration of elderly ladies who seek out people like Jolene and I and offer us not so random prophecies? I am curious how many others have run into a woman like this and could it be the same one??

Dream Office with Window


A prophecy is a prophecy, but I believe we can change anything with a dream. With that said, I have been imagining a dream office to write in ever since I caught a glimpse of a separate office space sitting on someone’s property somewhere in the middle of Canada (sorry! I can’t be sure where, it was long ago).

Dream Office in Green



Dream Office Must Haves:

  • A chandelier to class the space up
  • A desk
  • Windows for uninterupted daydreaming
  • Mirrors to bounce the light around
  • A cozy desk chair
  • Reading Space in a Corner
  • A sweet winding path (even if its only a few feet long)

Dream Office Shed

Historic Shed

I love the awning detail in the second photo and can imagine all sorts of exterior landscaping ideas. Potted plants can be changed and updated with the season or holiday so I think they would be a good option for this type of structure. Many of these have been converted from sheds or garages. What a great idea!

Dream Office in Colourful Hues


I think if you personalized the structure with details from your house and/or garage you would get the best results for a cohesive look on your property. But, hey, maybe you want something wild and fun.

Dream Office with Greenery

Renee Finberg

What type of space do you dream of? And what would you fill it with? Thoughts? Ideas? Concepts? Hopes? Oh, the possibilities… As for the psychic, maybe she should set up a booth!