November 17th, 2012

Valance Ideas for a Girl’s Room

Geometric Valance

Bibiddi Bobbidi Beautiful

Valances, you either love them or you hate them. For me, it all comes down to the fabric used and the room the valance is intended for. If you are planning a nursery or re-decorating there are a range of valance ideas for a girl’s room. Valances can be made or bought (your chioce) and hung as-is or with modifications. The image shown above is a valance made from bedsheets (follow the link for the tutorial!).

Hot Pink Ruffle Valance

Selah James Handmade

Um, ruffles are just about always a good idea. You know it, I know it, the ruffles know it.

Yellow Geometric Valance

Crea8tive Designs Inc. 

Follow this link and you will learn how to make a tailored valance. Which I love in this pale lemon geometric. Yellow is an understated palette choice for a girly room.

Monogram Valance

Hi Sugarplum!

Love this! The grosgrain ribbon sewn on the curtains is an easy way to add detail to a plain set of white curtains. Follow the link and you will learn how to build the pelmet and how to monogram it.


Tulle Valance

Nest Full of Eggs 

Pink tulle ruffles for a girl’s room equals pretty perfect in my books.


Ribbon Valance

Good Housekeeping

This collection of ribbons makes a pretty cute valance, but there are lots of other things you can do with ribbon. Try sewing strips of grosgrain ribbon to a valance in a solid colour to create vibrant stripes. Or use it to create an edge like the curtains pictured above, but on a smaller scale.


Butterfly Valance


A valance is a great way to introduce a bold graphic print like this butterfly one.


Yellow Chevron Valance

 Miss Muffet’s Tuffet

Ah, chevrons, in a small dose like a valance or a large dose like a painted floor, I lova ya! Use these valance ideas for a girl’s room as a starting point to choosing your own, or, if bold, make one! I would love to see any you make. Happy decorating!




November 12th, 2012

Children’s Library

Children's Library

November can be a tricky month, sandwiched between holidays as it is, especially when you take on Nanowrimo, which yours truly decided to do this year. What is Nanowrimo? National novel writing month! You have thirty days to churn out a 50,000 word novel. I know right! Craaazy! I did it in 2007, completed it, and thought hey, what with how busy I am surely I can write an additional 1700 words per day.


I must say it is worth it. The catharsis involved in pure creative writing is bliss. I am tempted to throw a chapter down here, but the story is so young and I wouldn’t want to frighten it. Soon enough, a glimpse will land here. I promise! Until then, how awesome is this library? As a kid, libraries were one of my favourite places, I have strong memories of many school libraries (we moved alot!) and often feel nostalgia when I think about them. There is just something so wonderful about a room devoted to books.


What I love About this Library:

  • Bright light
  • Shelving
  • Red accents
  • You can hide it if you close the curtains
  • The curtains and accessories could be changed for a different colour scheme


Tips for Creating your Own Children’s Library:

  • If your child loves a certain type of books you could determine a colour scheme
  • Bring in blankets to soften the room and different types of lighting so the library can be used effectively at different times of day. You will want softer lighting for bedtime reading
  • Use some shelving for display of new or favourite reads
  • for visual interest try stacking some books vertically and some horizontally


I would forgo the island area and add a dozen colourful pillows, the room could be used for awesome pillow forts and reading time. What would you add to your version of a children’s library?

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November 6th, 2012

Hurricane Vases

Hurricane Vase with Green Peas

Two Twenty One

Hurricane vases are one of those home accessories you will use time and again. On a recent Homesense commercial there were fun ideas like filling the hurricane with goldfish crackers, and I thought yes, these vases are handy indeed. You can display one of them on a dining table or coffee table or group several of them together to create a vignette.


Hurricane Vase with Christmas Bulbs

Down Ruby Lane

Seasonal Hurricane Centrepiece Ideas


  • Autumnal ideas include branches, Chinese lanterns, mini pumpkins. Experiment with a variety of dried legumes such as dried split peas, kidney beans and other colourful beans.


  • In the winter use Christmas bulbs, painted pine cones, snowflakes or candles floating in water (another throwback to the eighties and my mom’s decor, but only if you add food colouring!!). Vibrant cranberries in a hurricane would be a beautiful centerpiece for a white and silver holiday palette.


Hurricanes with Petals

Bravo Bride 


  • For summer, add sand and candles, water with floating blooms, or gumballs or marbles for pure colour fun.


  • In the spring fill your hurricane vases with eggs and ferns, hyacinths or jelly beans.



Hurricanes with Easter Eggs

Williams Sonoma

What kind of pretty things will you showcase in your hurricane vases? I love the painted pine cone idea so stay tuned. Hint hint.


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November 1st, 2012

Vintage Crystal Door Knobs

Crystal Door Knobs[Amore, Linguini and Me]


If you have ever lived in an older home, namely ones built in the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s, chances are you have come across vintage crystal door knobs. While the clear crystals are most prevalant (and my favourite!) they were also made in a range of jewel tones like purple, green, amber and blue. Each design is different and most contain a pattern, like a star, in the center of the knob.


Purple Crystal Door Knob



Look for vintage crystal door knobs at estate sales, flea markets, antique stores and garage sales.  They can be used in a variety of ways, first and foremost as door knobs, but if you look beyond the norm, to the translucent beauty of each door knob you will see new and exciting ways to showcase and enjoy them.


Crystal Door Knob on an Iron Base

[Evie Met Hugh]


  • Use vintage crystal knobs to hold messages or old photographs, and visit Petite Michelle Louise to read about her inspiration for creating the message holder. Lovely sentiments!


Crystal Door Knob Message Holders

[Petite Michelle Louise]


  • Refashion one into a hook and hang it by itself, or use a series of crystal knobs to make a hanging jewelry display.


Crystal Door Knob Hooks

[Evie Met Hugh]


  • Make handmade table markers for a wedding or event. Simply mount the crystal knob on a rustic board.


Crystal Door Knob Table Marker

[Wedding Chicks]


  • Curtain tiebacks add a little vintage appeal, perfect for a new house.


Crystal Door Knob Curtain Tie Back

 [The Hunted Interior]


Vintage crystal knobs range in price depending on quality, colour and condition. For a DIY project look for inexpensive variations you can manipulate to include in your design.


October 30th, 2012

10 Black Rooms

Black and White Room

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Black is a colour often reserved for furniture and accents, or paired with white for balance, but as you can see here black is chic and beautiful all on its own. Perhaps a few of these rooms would be better suited to Eric Northman, but hey, we can admire him, er, them today right?


What I love about these rooms is how classic and elegant they become with pristine white accents. With a black and white fixed palette, you add colour pops as you see fit with accents or introduce gray and silver accents and keep it demure and glamorous.

Black Living Room

The Every Girl

Pure white light keeps the black bright and the room feels airy and exquisite and not dingy or small. The mirror, light fixture and art add a little shine and polish.


Shiny Black Bedroom

 Zsa Zsa Bellagio

I must admit this one is a little vampire-worthy or at least Poe-worthy. I could easily see a raven perched on that ornate footboard!


Black Walls with Plates


This is pretty with a capital P. Love it. It would be so cute to add framed photos and develop it into a gallery wall.


Black Dining Room


This room must be so cozy for a dinner party. The black wallpaper has a lovely sheen that reflects the light as it shows off it’s pattern. The centerpieces define this space for me. I would love to see more green in here.


Black Hot Air Balloon RoomPinterest 


Hot air balloon photos framed against this black wall with the luggage all packed up below makes me want to take a trip. A whimsical trip. One that definitely involves a hot air balloon. Although probably a tethered one.


Elegant Black Bedroom


This black beauty of a bedroom is dark, yes, but in all the right ways. Imagine if you needed to sleep during the day? Well, who doesn’t? But, if you worked at night and this was your resting place for the morning. A little spooky reading before bed and you are all set!


Black Office

Natural Beauty

This is the office of a manly man who gets things done. Don’t you think? The owl tells the tale. His tell tale heart.


Black Bedroom

Porter House Designs 

Yes, ok. Another villainous vampire’s lair. But well stylized, right? I would add a velveteen tufted gray headboard to soften the vibe.

Black Sitting Room

Open Wardrobe

So Happy Halloween! I hope you enjoyed these 10 black rooms, now go eat some candy!



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October 27th, 2012

5 Second Painted Key

Painted Key

Ever fumbled in the dark through a chain of keys looking for the right one because you forgot to leave the porch light on? Ever fumbled with your arms full of groceries and/or kids looking for that key of keys when they all look the same? Ever tried to not turn into a popsicle because you live in a partially sub-arctic climate as you searched for the key that will end your foray into chill? Do you have 5 seconds to spare? The 5 second painted key will take the guesswork out of getting into your home.


I saw these painted keys on Pinterest and I thought, what a simple, yet great idea. I should try that. And in literally 5 seconds the mini project was done. Yay Pinterest! And yay, painted keys! All you need is your favourite shades of nail polish and some keys. Remove each key from your key chain and paint the end of it. You could get all fancy and paint stripes or polka dots or a French manicure, but for me a couple of coats of my dazzling red sparkle polish was just the thing. I also tried cotton candy pink. I know some people have lots of keys, why not try doing a sparkle set, a greens and blues set or a random rainbow set? Have fun with it!


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