October 5th, 2012

Picture Frame Ideas

Accumulations of things have a way of adding up, creeping and crawling over your pristinely empty surfaces until they become that dirty little word…CLUTTER. Why not use a pretty picture frame to collect, organize, display and give finish to the spaces in question? Look for inexpensive ornate frames in the discount area of home decor shops, thrift stores and flea markets to design your own picture frame ideas.


Skeleton Key Frame

Image via Design Sponge


Key Frame– This image shows a painted frame with decorative keys, but with a cute frame, some spray paint and some tiny hooks you can create this look in a functional way. One idea is to paint the frame a bright hue and use scrapbook paper, wrapping paper or wallpaper remnants to paper the opened area of the picture frame. Install the hooks at the top of the frame and hang it in your foyer or next to the door.


Jewelry Frame– This option is near and dear to my heart right now, having recently launched a business with Stella and Dot. When you have pretty jewels, why lock them up in a dark box? I say showcase them so you can enjoy them even when you aren’t wearing them.

Jewelry Frame

Image via Just Live Simply 

Chalkboard Frame– Whether you want to jot down a nightly menu for your kitchen, hand-write a memorable phrase, or scribble random lists on the chalkboard, you might as well do it in style. Right?


Framed Chalkboard

Image via Shabby McFabby 


Bulletin Board Frame– Cover cork board in a graphic fabric and frame it. You can then pin messages, photographs, and other odds and ends to the board. Play with the palette of the room the frame will hang in, to see if you can introduce something new. For a craft room, study, or office space the fabric you use will help you create a focal point while at the same time, managing the chaos.


Fabric Memo Board

Image via Shabby McFabby


Magnet Board Frame– Same idea as the bulletin board, except you can paper a sheet of metal and frame it! And then of course you can cover it with cute magnets, handmade or otherwise.


Magnet Board

Image via Elegance Farm Home 


Craft Supply Frame– Pegboard is handy for coralling clutter of many types. Give it a fancy remake for your craft supplies, kitchen utensils or other hobby supplies. Paint it and house it in a frame with an alternate colour. Or, borrow an idea from the key frame and wallpaper the pegboard. I like the wallpaper idea because it takes away the utility vibe and gives it a fresh update, depending on the wallpaper you choose.


Framed Pegboard

Image via Martha Stewart


Picture frame ideas can be used in any room of your home that you require a little extra polish and a little less mess. If you make one pretty enough you could even include it in a gallery wall! Happy framing, adieu!

October 2nd, 2012

Painted Chair Ideas

Mismatched Chairs

I am so in love with the fabric choice on these beauties as viewed at Design Sponge! The houndstooth print marries the curves and ornate details of each of these chairs and makes them look like a set. An unconventional set, yes, but a set. I am seriously going to hit Kijiji after this because I want to create my own version of a dining table with painted chairs.


Red Legged Chairs

Image via Indulgy

I mean, really, aren’t these kinds of chairs a dime a dozen? Standard wooden chairs can be made uber-elegant with this dipped leg look. So many possibilities for colour. You could also change the look with cushions and change them with the season or when the mood strikes.


Aqua Dining Room Chairs

Image via Apartment Therapy

While I understand the need for division, isn’t unification so much better? These chairs are really nothing alike, misfits in fact, but, paint them the same colour and Voila! I like the addition of the stool here and would even take it a step further and put a small table or another stool in a corner with a plant on it. Painted chair ideas come in many shades, but I am drawn to the aqua variations as per usual!


Red Chairs Aqua Table

Image via House of Turquoise

Adorable! This table showcases two sets of chairs all painted red. The striped fabric is a cute choice but for me, polka dots or chevrons would be optimal. The contrast between the table and chairs is a lovely bright balance.


Aqua Dining Room Chairs

Image via Pinterest


This just goes to show you that you can choose a chair with a fabulous silhouette like these guys or a plain Jane set of old wooden chairs and achieve noteworthy results! I am torn between which ones I love best! What do you think?


September 25th, 2012

A Pop of Turquoise

Turquoise Masculine Bedroom

Image via Decorology

This masculine bedroom showcases proper pops of turquoise in all the right places! I love it for so many reasons I will count them out to you!

1. The geometric pattern of the curtain is repeated in a smaller dose on the bed with a single pillow.

2. The throw at the end of the bed and two of the other pillows are mixed with crisp white bedding with an elegant edging detail.

3. The wall behind the divinely tufted headboard is papered in a non-evasive print.

4. The wall opposite is painted a neutral shade lifted from the wallpaper (or was it vice versa?)

5. The oatmeal wall is home to a lively painting that ties separate pops of turquoise together, as one.

6. The lovely grouping of mini vases include turquoise and introduce green into the mix.


While this room showcases a pop of turquoise you can introduce any bright hue into your bedroom by hiding a little peek of it here and there without making any permanent changes to a neutral backdrop. Turquoise is a fun fresh colour I just can’t get enough of.

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September 18th, 2012

Eclectic Gallery Wall Ideas

Kirsten Buckingham Interior Design

Kirsten Buckingham Interior Design

Silly me, somehow I thought September would be less insanely busy than August! Ha ha. Time is scuttling along like a roller coaster, and with so many exciting things happening it has been a challenge to sit still and write. Perhaps October will bring solace and discipline? Let’s hope. In the meantime let us look at these eclectic  gallery walls so I can get some fresh ideas for my stair well.


Fabulous K

Fabulous K 


One way to do an eclectic gallery wall is put together mismatched frames in different shapes and sizes. While it is not strictly necessary to unify the images with a colour or theme, you can experiment to develop a plan that will work for you. I love the way the first collection pictured above is built of all different types of art and image yet it has relevance because the rest of the space has enough colour and pattern to support it.


Melanie Turner Interiors

Melanie Turner Interiors 


The green frames make me smile. What a way to add a bright pop of colour! Choose any colour to unify a collection of odd frames. While the frames pictured are of the same shape and size you can also use this idea to marry wide ornate frames with traditional standard frames. Old frames and new frames. Square frames and circle frames. You get the idea!


Meredith Heron Design

Meredith Heron Design


Placement is key when building a gallery wall. I personally love the idea of starting a gallery and allowing it enough space to grow with time. You can add or subtract as your family grows, your lifestyle changes or you simply find something to add to your collection. You can fill a wall, create a pattern with the frames, build a staircase effect, hang the images in a vertical or horizontal line or create a random, organic pattern.


Kirsten Buckingham Interior Design Brown Walls

Kirsten Buckingham Interior Design


I am starting a gallery in my stair well, but you can also create a gallery wall above a sofa or bed, create a feature wall, enhance a hallway or entryway or add to any wall in your home. Choose art and images that speak to you with inspiration and beauty as you will gaze at them often. Create a story, a history or a future with the pieces you include.



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September 11th, 2012

6 Ways to Decorate a Lampshade

Floral Painted Lampshade

bhg.com via Pinterest

What lights up your world? A lamp, a smile, a cup of tea? Lighting is a vital component in the creation of a cozy atmosphere, no matter the room in your home. Here in Alberta, with the days rapidly shortening, lighting will be used for longer periods of time as each day passes. With that said, it is a good time to take a look at the lamps you have on hand and see if you can decorate a lampshade for a little decor to brigthen your world.


Plug in your glue gun, grab some supplies and get ready to decorate a lampshade! On a recent trip to Ikea I came across some plain white lampshades reduced for clearance at a delightful price of only .25 cents! In hindsight I should have bought more, but it was a little on the small side and I didn’t have a plan in mind. Since then I have thought of a multitude of ways to decorate a lampshade.


Consider the base the lampshade is intended for to create a cohesive design. A white base with a colourful shade will work, as will a lampshade decorated with a neutral scheme placed atop a colourful base.


Paint on a Lampshade


Whether you want to paint the shade in a solid hue to match the existing colour scheme of the room, or try something different, there are many ways to paint a lampshade. One idea is to use painter’s tape to create distinct stripes on the lampshade. Paint horizontal bands of gray around the perimeter of the lampshade for one look or paint a series of vertical stripes in bright colours.


Painted Lampshade

Crafty Nest via Pinterest

If you have been looking for a way to implement the ombre trend into your space, why not paint a lampshade with ombre tones? Choose several shades of the same hue and paint gradations of them beginning with the darkest on the bottom and move your way up to the lightest shade.


You can also try stenciling or free-handing a pattern onto the plain lampshade.


Felt Decorated Lampshade


When I think of decorating a lampshade with felt I instantly think of a kid’s room. Felt is the perfect medium to create animal pictures with. Make a mini orange fox or owl and hot glue them to the lampshade. Create a fringe of grass and glue it to the bottom edge.


Felt Lampshades

Design Sponge via Pinterest


For something a little more chic, use a palette of neutral tones– white, gray, oatmeal or linen and cut circles out of it. Glue the rounds to the shade with or without a pattern.


DIY Lace Lampshade


Painted Lace Lampshade

Add Some Paint via Stay at Home Artist

Not sure what to do with your Grandmother’s lace or less precious stuff found at the flea market? Instead of resting in that box in the back of your closet, design a lampshade with it! For contrast, spray the lampshade in a medium to dark colour and once dry, glue the lace to it in a pattern that appeals to you. Another idea is to tape the lace in place with spray adhesive and spray paint the lace. Remove the lace and the pattern will remain.


Ribbon Trimmed Lampshade


Ribbon Trellis Lampshade

Caitlin Wilson Design via Pinterest 


A simple ribbon trim in a bright colour might be just the detail your lampshade needs. Especially if you begin by painting a monogram on your shade. Or, you can create a trellis pattern like this one here!


Fabric on a Lampshade


A fabric lampshade can tie a room together if you choose a bold graphic with pops of colour found elsewhere in the room. The right fabric can even be a starting point for the design of a whole room. To incorporate the fabric in bits throughout the room, use it on a throw pillow or for curtain tie-backs. Once you glue the fabric in place, trim the excess and finish the lampshade by adding a trim to the top and the bottom of the lampshade.


Paper Remnant Lampshade


Wallpaper Drum Shade

Thrifty Decor Chick via Pinterest


From wrapping paper to scrapbook paper to wallpaper remnants, paper is a medium that can be used to make your lampshade glow with any colour, pattern or style. Look to modern and vintage styles alike for creative inspiration.


Vintage Wallpaper Lampshades

Etsy via Pinterest


Decorate a lampshade with one of these six ideas or combine two different ideas to come up with a design to suit your own taste/style. As the nights lengthen, and the lights come on, what kind of lampshade do you want?


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September 4th, 2012

Sugarboo Pillows and 15 Things

Life is Beauty Full

Life is Beauty Full via Layla Grayce

The calender has turned and the leaves have started to change to grades of yellow. Two by two. The heat wave halts. The rains come. Order ushers and cajoles the lazy summer sunshiny days into form. Into shape. As the seasons change, the reasons rearrange. I want to say something big and bold and inspirational about the summer, but I search for the right words and they elude me and scatter off like bunnies whenever I feel close. Instead I will face forward and embrace the coming winds with ideas on layering and padding the home with comfort items like Sugarboo pillows, throw blankets and other fabulous creature comforts that make the heart sing a song of autumnal enchantment.


Layla Grayce has a whole line of Sugarboo pillows , signs and art with quirky designs and sweet inspirational sayings. To create a fresh autumn look in your living room, layer a few graphic pillows with solids, textures and patterns. In the coming months as indoor time increases, think about creating different nooks in the home. Places you can read, play board games, complete craft projects, and watch movies.


My Whole Heart ScriptMy Whole Heart Script via Layla Grayce


Movies like Griff the Invisible, starring Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) of True Blood fame. Side note: it amazes me how many actors on True Blood pull off total American accents when they are in fact European or Australian. Some good acting there! Side note to the side note: what a finale for True Blood! Back to Griff and the time spent cozied on the couch dreaming up new pillow schematics– what a surprisingly cute film. It is much more of a love story than a super hero action film. Indie love. So cute!


Inspired by this 25 Things post I saw at aka Design, I decided to put my own list of summations together. Summer passed me by like two cars zooming past each other into the lightning lit night. Flares of August heat have given way to a shivery September, an indication of what will come, weather wise.


To My Heart You HoldTo My Heart You Hold via Layla Grayce


1. Songza is my new favourite app! It creates play lists in a variety of categories like Office Crowd Pleasers and Drop a Beat Workouts. I am so happy to have found this as I was getting very bored of my own play lists that I listen to at the gym!


2. I needed a new soundtrack to make my life feel like a movie. Who wants to do the voice over?


3. Summer is over.


4. I became a stylist for Stella and Dot and I looooove it! Beautiful jewelry and a dynamic group of awesome, positive people!


5. Plus it feeds my love of pretty shiny things.


6. School brings structure which equals more time to write and uncover decor-tastic images, craft and DIY projects and other goodies!


I Love You EverywhereI Love You Everywhere via Layla Grayce 


7. I need to develop a schedule. I love structure.


8. I have become a creature of habit.


9. I realized my home needs more pattern. I use a mixture of solids and textures, but I need more pattern.


10. My favourite patterns right now: herringbone, trellis, paisley, damask, stripes, botanicals and typographic designs.


11. I look forward to the cool weather.


12. I will make butternut squash soup and share my recipe with you.


13. I will make apple crisp and share my recipe too.


14. I must get my painting projects done soon, before it gets really, really cold!


15. What painting projects you ask? You shall see in the coming weeks!


Sweet DarlingSweet Darling via Layla Grayce 


Layer Sugarboo pillows with some solid colours, prints and textures and enjoy the turn of the season. Dream big, and believe in those dreams with all your might!

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