August 27th, 2012

Bathroom Organization Ideas

Better Homes and Gardens Bathroom Organization with Wallpaper

Better Homes and Gardens via Pinterest


The bathroom is a high traffic area of the home and therefore requires some organization now and then to keep it functional, neat and pleasant. If you edit what you keep on hand and delegate new storage areas to keep stuff nearby, but out of sight, you can transform a cluttered space into something lovely. Look in unconventional places such as the kitchen, to come up with solutions to update existing storage solutions.


The bathrooms pictured here are so light and bright, the organization makes them shine! However, if, like me, your bathroom has no window and the glorious morning light illuminates elsewhere, you can still incorporate the same bathroom organization ideas and maybe add a sconce or two to filter in more light!


Good Housekeeping Bathroom Organization

Good Housekeeping via Pinterest

Start fresh and clean and remove everything. This is a perfect time to get rid of products that have been lingering, empty containers and other accumulated stuff. Give everything a proper scrub while you are at it!


  • Use the same-sized containers to unify different products like cotton balls, cotton swabs and makeup wipes
  • Look to kitchen shelving to optimize the backside of cupboard doors
  • Group hair and skin products in their own baskets for easy access and to minimize counter clutter
  • Mix decorative items in with everyday essentials to create a pretty balance
  • Hang art that will enhance your morning and nighttime rituals with a little beauty or inspiration
  • Install cabinetry to accommodate your products, towels and decorative elements glass doors can showcase neatly grouped items, while solid cabinets can keep mismatched items hidden away!


Labelled Container Bathroom Organization

 Via Kristen Mc Ashan

Take pointers from the well-organized bathrooms shown here and make it pretty! Wallpaper remnants can be put to good use inside cabinets, drawers, and even on the backside of cabinet doors with shelving.


Better Homes and Gardens Bathroom Organization

Better Homes and Gardens via Pinterest

Once the bathroom organization plan is complete, and your bathroom is clutter-free and organized you can freshen it with a single flower in a glass vase or introduce a house plant. And voila! Beauty and function walk off into the sunset together!

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August 21st, 2012

Aqua and White Bathrooms

Aqua and White Bathroom2

Decorati via Pinterest

As far as dream rooms go, I think a few of these aqua and white bathrooms hit the mark for me. A  bathroom can be a beautiful space to tend to your daily rituals whilst providing a space to soak, reflect and gaze at a view. Aqua and white bathrooms exude a simple yet serene beauty. I love the spa look in a bathroom and what I love even more about the aqua and white scheme is that they have a splash (get it?) of colour, which translates to lovely in morning light, afternoon light and evening or candle light. The bathroom pictured above has just the right balance of white, aqua and sparkle. The lighting is exquisite!


Aqua and White Bathroom with Window

Better Homes and Gardens via Pinterest

I must admit the morning light in this room is what I love best, as it graces the aqua walls. Everything about this rooms says: ‘enter, stay for a spell and read as long as you like, would you care for some tea?’

Maybe its the mini heat wave baking the streets of Edmonton that makes the cool wash of aqua and white tones so appealing. A watery paradise. An aqua oasis. The summer is ending, sorry to break it to you, and in the bustle of this last blast of heat, I try not to notice the lengthening nights. Instead I will focus on doing all the best summer things while I still can!


Aqua Mermaid Tiles

Paris Apartment via Pinterest


If you want to emulate the look of the aqua and white bathroom in your own home try adding a pop of aqua in one or more of the following ways:


  • Paint a feature wall
  • Change out your towels
  • Add an aqua ribbon or monogram detail to existing white towels
  • Hang a bright new shower curtain
  • Paint wainscoting
  • Tile a backsplash or shower enclosure
  • Accessories
  • Curtains
  • Picture frames


Canadian Family via Pinterest

How sweet is this bathroom and it’s different-sized stepping stools?


Aqua and White Bathroom with Aqua Picture Frame

Fox on the Run via Pinterest

This eclectic design looks lived in, functional and quirky. Punchy pops of aqua give the space character without an all-out commitment. And how fun to place graphic art above the tub.


Aqua and White Bathroom with Painted Bath Tub

 Casa Haus via Pinterest

Aqua painted tub. Need I say more? Not so sure about the bathroom Bhudda watching over the tub though!


Aqua and White Bathroom with Chocolate Hardwood Floors

Beyond the Screen Door via Pinterest

This room as a whole is very pretty, but the combination of the chandelier and the tubside table are my favourite elements. Aqua and white bathrooms can be styled in a zillion ways! Be true to your sense of style and choose elements– fixed or transient, that make you happy and work together to create a bathroom you can soak and contemplate within.

August 14th, 2012

A Little Chandelier Love

Chelsea Chandelier

Chelsea Chandelier via Layla Grayce

Chandeliers can be exquisite like a precious jewel or colourful and fun like costume jewelry. In fact, a chandelier is like jewelry for your home! This type of lighting can be used to glam up any room in the house. From the laundry room, to the bathroom, to the living room and the bedrooms. And don’t forget the foyer! I think we have all viewed a stunning jewel draped chandelier in a foyer, haven’t we?

Clear Florence Chandelier

Clear Florence Chandelier via Layla Grayce

The chandeliers above remind me of ribbon candy or spun sugar.


5 Reasons a chandelier might be just the thing for you:

  • It will bounce light around the room
  • It creates visually appealing shadows and light reflections for cozy nights of entertaining
  • It acts as a focal point
  • It will automatically dress up any space
  • It will make you smile because it is a finishing detail, which means your room is probably finished and you can finally enjoy it!


Fabian Chandelier

Fabian Chandelier via Layla Grayce

This glittery baubled-up baby is just so pretty! I want like five of these so I can hang them everywhere I look to.


Sarah Chandelier in Butter

Sarah Chandelier in Butter via Layla Grayce

How great would this one look in a dove-gray room with a trellis pattern stencilled on the walls? Gray, white and yellow loveliness.


Constellation Chandelier

Constellation Chandelier via Layla Grayce


I love the patina and the silhouette of this chandelier. I think it would look special in a bedroom. Lighting can transform your room from one state to another depending on the choices you make. Always consider the type of activities going on in the room you place a chandelier in, to determine how much light is required. As always, choose one that makes your heart swell with the beauty of it and all else will fall into place. That works with everything, doesn’t it?

August 12th, 2012

Modern Canopy Bed Ideas and The Law of Dreams

Mark D. Sikes Guest Bedroom House Beautiful


The truth is, I saw this beautiful modern take on a canopy bed in a design mag a while back. It was stately and inspiring, so much so that I wanted to move it to my fiction world and have my main characters converse within this beautiful canopied bed. But, I lost the image. I was reading magazines at the gym, so it could have been an outdated one. The image was branded in my mind’s eye and I knew what to do with it, in fictional terms that is, in my latest novel scape. After further searching I found it! Mark D. Sikes created this beauty and it was featured in House Beautiful. It inspired me to create this post on modern canopy bed ideas with some lovely inspiration. Now, you may not be one of the two fictitious lovers I plan on placing in this room, but you can enjoy the view all the same!


Your modern canopy bed should be a well-feathered escape to a forever dreamt paradise, a lovely place to sleep all nestled up in dream world. I believe the best days start with that all over hug feeling you get when the bedding is in the right place all tucked in, and the temperature is summer fresh and slightly cool and your dreams have treated you proper, with versions of visions that fill your heart and make you smile! Today was one such morning. I finished reading The Law of Dreams by Peter Behrens, what a beautiful book! While it was a tumultuous story of one Irish man’s life, the character’s observations were written in such a heart wrenching way I think I’ll remember certain lines always! Lines like:


“Sometimes your heart cracks and tells you what you have to do.”


Taken out of context, it still sits with me, but where it was written in the context of the story made me gasp!


“A fish knew what it wanted. A moving case of hunger.”


Well, this girl knows what she wants! A moving case of ideas, a moving case of dreams, a moving case of…


Oh, to write so beautifully! This book is absolutely worth a read. Especially beneath your elegant canopy bed!! With a combination of hardware and drapes you can create an escape fit for royalty, without having to buy a traditional four-post canopy bed. In fact you can use curtain rods and fabric to create the look or you can dress up a standard canopy bed.


Choose from a range of curtain rod products or get creative and use something that will make a statement in and of itself. What will make a statement you ask? Branches are one idea you can use in lieu of curtain rods. Why not paint them white or a colour to match the palette of the room. Reclaimed wood, copper pipes and other straight narrow pieces of things will help you create a look all your own.


What I love about canopy beds is that you can alter the vibe of your bedroom from soft and serene to vibrant and bold by changing the fabric used on your canopy.


Different looks to try:


  • Match the canopy fabric to the curtains
  • Choose a contrasting fabric
  • Hang a graphic print with colour pulled from elsewhere in the room
  • For a tone on tone colour scheme look to texture for subtle impact
  • Add white flowing drapes to soften a masculine design


A seasonal approach to canopy drapes:


Winter- Look to shimmering fabrics with a little sparkle for the holiday season and to brighten dreary wintry days. Silver, gold thread details, bead trim etc.


Spring- Floral or geometric prints in bright candy colours such as chartreuse, lemon, fuchsia and cherry.


Summer- Turquoise, coral, chocolate, and other sultry summer shades will get you through many a hot summer night in style.


Autumn- Heavier fabrics like velvet will help you create a cozy space when the weather turns to chill.


Go to Small Shop Studio to view the whole house Mark D. Sikes designed. And check out some canopy beds at JWS Interiors or at The Decorista and of course my beloved Apartment Therapy has some ideas too!!


Mark D. Sikes Dining Room House Beautiful


Tailor your own modern canopy bed ideas with the design of the room in mind and you can dress your bed up or down depending on personal style. Now, if only I could find out about the glass orbs featured in photos of the rest of the house Mark D. Sikes designed! Research here I come…

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August 7th, 2012

Alice Through the Looking Glass Baubles

Through the Looking Glass Ring

Moon Faces Via Etsy


I just love Etsy, where else can you find something to satisfy your literary and shiny pretty thing urges at the exact same time? Alice in Wonderland has always been a favourite tale of mine and Alice Through the Looking Glass is second to it. Wouldn’t you love to step through a glass into a magical world of wonder? I know I would, especially wearing one of these! This collection of Alice through the looking glass baubles vary in format, but they all have a whimsical, playful quality.


And if you need your decor fix too, check out Alice in Wonderland inspired decor. Or, you can check out Alice in Wonderland themed restaurants right here.

Through the Looking Glass Images

Images By the Book Via Etsy


Through the Looking Glass Charm Necklace

 The Bijou Babe Via Etsy



Through the Looking Glass Faceted Necklace

That Old Blue House 2 Via Etsy


Antique Looking Glass in Brass Casing

Meanglean Via Etsy


The Looking Glass Necklace

Faeried Treasures Via Etsy 

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July 31st, 2012

DIY Vintage Wire Basket Spray-Over

Vintage wire baskets spray painted


What a beautiful day to be painting with spray!! A long time ago, many years, I had all kinds of time to browse thrift stores and markets, yard sales and such. Treasure hunting. I bought two vintage wire basket shapes within a few days of each other. Although I found them at opposite ends of the city, they matched! I have used them to house fruit, books, keys, cards, and all sorts of other stuff. I love the metallic patina, but it is time for a change. For a fresh look, I am going to spray paint the baskets a beautiful pale turquoise, I imagine the baskets in yesteryear’s farmhouse kitchens holding cherries or apples.


I like the idea of unifying small details in the home through the use of colour. All three of the pieces done here will live in my kitchen, which is primarily red, white and black. Pops of pale aqua add interest and make me smile!! I thought about painting them white, but then I saw this colour and went kind of gaga over it. Can you blame me?

Vintage fruit basket prepped for painting

What you need:


Vintage wire basket(s)


Wire brush


A ventilated workspace

A table you can cover with newspaper

Beach rocks to keep the newspaper in place


Vintage wire basket prepped for painting


  • Examine the basket for rust, chipped paint or other debris. Use the wire brush or sandpaper to eliminate rust patches and dirt. My baskets were pretty clean, so a hot sudsy soak did the trick.


  • Wash in warm soapy water.


  • Move the project outdoors for ventilation.


Vintage fruit basket first coat


  • Line the table with newspaper and secure with beach rocks or weights you don’t mind getting discoloured or re-coloured.


  • Read the instructions on your choice of spray paint


Vintage wire basket coat one


  • I turned the square basket upside down to paint the bottom first. The other basket I stood right-side up for the first coat. The Krylon I am using suggests passing over the baskets with a thin layer to cover them evenly and prevent drip marks. This works!


Vintage wire fruit basket spray painted pale aqua


  • If you happened to notice a little metal friend (a metal stand that holds a set of Tarot card coasters) in some of the frames, I decided to paint him too, in order to unify some of the metal in the kitchen.

Spray painted vintage wire baskets

This project didn’t take long, mostly dry time. I love the outcome and I am excited to use them. Another option would be to rough up the surface of the paint to reveal the metal underneath. For now, I like the fresh look of the pale turquoise on the vintage wire basket and the vintage wire fruit basket, but if I want to get all crazy and mix it up, that’ll be the first thing I do. I gotta say, spray paint is fun. Almost too fun. What have you enjoyed spray painting?