July 27th, 2012

Villa Nova Wallcoverings

Luckily, the week is nearing an end! After the dramatic week I have had I will welcome the weekend as a new beginning. A harbinger of hope. There is an eerie quiet in my heart today as old structures fall to the wayside.

Villa Nova Tiku Wallcovering

Things I am thankful for this week:


Getting caught in the rain

Dear friends (Sara-that means you!!)

A fresh page in a new chapter

True family

Kind words

Kind smiles

People who share in my vision to create inspiration, peace and positivity


And wallcoverings of course!!!


Villa Nova wallcoverings were inspiration enough to put a smile on my face! What about you? I seem to be gravitating towards green and blue palettes these days. Breezy summer getaways in mind. The Tiku wallcovering, pictured above, is a graphic wonderland of swirly images in a beautiful pale palette punctuated with black and gray. Sweet and cheery!


Villa Nova Rowan Wallpaper


I love love love the Rowan wallpaper pictured above! It comes in different colours and it is gorgeous in each shade.


Villa Nova High Society Wall Coverings

For a muted look you can layer more saturated colours. The High Society collection of wallcoverings like the Facet version shown here are so pretty. Be sure to take a peek at the Tiffany Cherry!


Villa Nova Hydrangea Wallpaper


And last but not least, my favourite! The Hydrangea wallpaper! Um, I also love the chair, the pillow, the curtain, the carpet and well, the whole look of this beautiful space. My aim for next week? Peaceful rumination, organization and thoughtful encounters with a whole lot of decor-ific glimpses of beauty!

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July 20th, 2012

Bedroom Curtains for Girls

Pink Ruffled Waterfall Curtains



Ever since I posted Bedroom Curtains for Boys, I felt compelled to offer up some inspiration for all those decorating a girl’s room! Like clothing, fabric options for curtains are super-abundant for girls, so many pretty styles, bold styles and dainty, dainty styles.


Yellow Ruffled Waterfall Curtain


Ruffles are obviously a favourite of mine. As you can see they can be found in sheer white, colour or multi-coloured. I would be hard-pressed to pick only one. I like the ruffle curtains because they add a nice textural element without overwhelming the entire space. A Boy, a Girl and a Pug created a Ruffle Curtain Tutorial if you want to attempt one of your own!


White Ruffled Curtain


Modern decor is exciting in that you can hang curtains for girls with any colour scheme in mind and personalize it with pretty details to tie everything together. Or you can go all out and indulge in petal pinks and pearly whites for the ultimate girly room.


Pink Elephant Curtains


Graphic patterns are fun and help to add a proper pop of colour, and the advantage is, you can change them whenever you want. As you can probably guess by now, I am not the number one seamstress on the block, but I have made curtains and let me assure you that if you wanted to make your own, you sure can! Check out the awesome curtain tutorial round-up Apartment Therapy came up with.


Turquoise Floral Curtain Panels


Embellishment Ideas for Curtains


Another option is to find panel curtains in a colour to match the room, or white, and embellish the curtains to add an original touch.


Red with White Polka Dot Girl's Curtains


Grosgrain ribbon, a strip of fabric along the leading edge or the bottom, rubber stamp images, beads, or anything else you wish to use will add that extra something for your little girl’s curtains. Or you can make tiebacks in an alternating colour or pattern.


Raspberry Pink Dandelion Curtains


As always, options are aplenty for bedroom curtains for girls. Happy shopping, or sewing or embellishing!

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July 17th, 2012

Navy and White Decor

Navy and White Dining Room

Ashley Putnam via Lonny

Navy is ever so appealing to me lately. Paired with crisp white it creates an elegant and definitive atmosphere. Moody yet sleek. Accent colours really bring something special to the mix. I have seen the boldest hues inserted into this colour scheme—fuchsia, orange, kelly green, yellow and poppy red. This is a perfect way to unify a bold colour used elsewhere in your home. For instance, if your living room has bold bits of red or fuchsia, you can add a dash of the same hue in the navy and white kitchen to tie it all together.


Phoebe Howard Navy and White Bedroom

Phoebe Howard via Decor Pad

All my walls are painted with a matte finish, but I keep spotting high-gloss walls in magazines as pictured above. What do you think? I really like it on someone else’s walls and I think it could work in certain spaces, but not all. Side note: I have only viewed glossy walls in dark colours, I must find out if there is a reason for this!


If you want to incorporate a dash of navy into a primarily white colour scheme check out Freckled Laundry! So pretty.


David Netto Navy Office

David Netto Design

The storm blue and white of my own bedroom could use some navy influence. I am thinking textiles. New navy and white bedding, curtains or pillows. Time to shop. I once saw a sewing project in a craft book that has been on my mind ever since. It was a half-size quilt meant to grace the end of your bed made of pale blue satin. What if I made a navy one? The original was tufted with pearls, but white ribbon sounds dreamy to me. The only thing, and here is a dark secret of mine, I bought a sewing machine well over a year ago, and I have yet to turn it on. Yikes!!


David Jiminez Navy and White Bedroom

David Jimenez’s Kansas City House via House Beautiful

Whether you paint your walls navy or indulge in navy textiles or accents, navy and white is a classic colour scheme you can update with modern choices. I love navy and so should you!



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July 12th, 2012

Painted Wall Ideas

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Painted Stripes

Atlanta Home and Lifestyles via Decor Pad

Add spirit and definition to any wall of your home by painting a pattern on the walls. The beauty of adding your own pattern to the walls is that you can use more than one colour and create a dynamic environment like a kid’s room or a playroom or choose colours in the same family and create a soft demure look suited to a bedroom or living room. Painted wall ideas are fun, bold and eclectic and they make a statement.


Stripes Painted on Walls


Stripes can be painted on your walls in a horizontal or vertical fashion. Check out The Inspired Room tutorial on painting stripes as well as Benjamin Moore’s step-by-step stripe how-to. I love the look of Samantha Pynn’s red, white and pale blue striped walls for this playroom. The room has a playful yet modern vibe, which works equally well for a girl’s space or a boy’s space. Another look you can experiment with is to paint the walls a solid hue and then paint bands or stripes of high-gloss glaze. The stripes will be visible as different light levels touch the walls.


Samantha Pynn Striped Walls

 Samantha Pynn via Decor Pad

Scalloped Edge Borders


For just a little painted detail, paint a scalloped edge at the top of your walls. This would be uber sweet in a nursery or a vintage-inspired kitchen. Go take a look at I Still Love You to see how amazing it looks!


Stencils for Walls


If you want a precision painted look for your walls, you might want to use a real stencil. Especially for patterns with great detail like damask, trellis, lattice and other repeating floral or geometric looks. You can make your own stencil, like this trellis stencil as seen on Centsational Girl. Or how about an argyle painted wall, like this beauty on Design Dazzle?


Painted Geometric Designs


Lily Z Design Painted Moroccan Walls

Lily Z Design via Decor Pad

Large geometric shapes and designs can be painted with some planning and sketching like the Moroccan-inspired shape cutouts pictured above. While the bold black and white colour combo is a statement itself, you can make this work with any colour scheme.

Gorgeous Shiny Things Geometric Wall


Or, create your own wild geometric pattern like this pretty pink pattern. And might I say I love the mini cabinet and the slip-covered chair in this photo?

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July 10th, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom and Banquette Seating

Cheery Banquette

Via Caitlin Creer Interiors


I have been a fan of Wes Anderson‘s films forever. The Royal Tenenbaums is one of my all-time favourites. A movie so visually appealing Design Sponge featured it as one of their Living In segments. And Moonrise Kingdom, Anderson’s newest film about two 12-year-olds who fall in love and run away together– was awesome! The whole film was so Wes Anderson, from the costumes to the cinematography, to the quirky family, and of course Bill Murray. It is a must-see as far as I am concerned! The only thing missing was a token Wilson. Also, I want to read every single one of the books Suzy was reading. How campy! Now, without further ado, let’s talk about banquettes!


Gray and Turquoise Banquette

Via Amaroso Design 


One day, I hope to have a kitchen that will welcome banquette seating with wide open arms. There are so many beautiful ways you can incorporate this type of seating into your home. Whether you build it yourself or have someone build it for you, work with your available space and design something you can sink into to dine by candlelight or sip coffee by the morning sun.


Rustic Banquette

Via The Estate of Things


10 Things I Love About Banquette Seating


1. Esthetics is first on my list because I absolutely love the way they look.


2. It creates additional seating in an area where you may have placed only two chairs you might have room for three or four seats.


3. Less room is required around the table. Chairs require extra room for sliding in and out of the table. With a banquette, the seat is against a wall and the table is placed right snug alongside it.


4. Storage space can be built into the seat, the frame itself or at each end. Depending on the placement of the banquette, you might also gain some display area along the top of the backrest.


5. Banquette seating is a fantastic excuse to introduce a lovely graphic print into your dining space.


Black Banquette

Via Carrie Hayden


6. You can create a nook in a corner of your kitchen or take advantage of an empty area and extend the banquette along a wall.


7. This type of seating works with any shape of table—square, round, rectangular.


8. Less chairs are required, which means you can either spend a little more and pick the ones you really REALLY want! Or you can spend a little extra time and care on re-purposing or upcycling old chairs.


9. DIY-abled people can save some money and create and build their own version of a banquette. Everyone else can hire a carpenter and show him or her your ideas! I have seen banquettes designed with anything from kitchen cabinetry to low bookshelves, the options are endless and ever so exciting.


10. A banquette can be placed in front of a window without obstructing it which means you can maximize your space and the features within it!



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July 6th, 2012

Coffee Table Dilemma and Ideas

Eloquence Le Courte Coffee Table

I have not had a coffee table in my living room since my oldest was born! At night when the kidlets are in bed I just bring out a little stool for my tea. Why, you might ask? Wobbly walkers and tiptoeing toddlers are not exactly cut out for hanging around a coffee table. The table I got rid of was rectangular with sharp edges, so it was only natural I wanted to liquidate the thing. Right now I have a giant roadway car mat where my future coffee table will sit.


Sure I could have looked for a round one, but once I removed the table, it really opened up the room for more play area. However, it is time to add one back into the picture, the kids are steady Eddie on their feet now and we need more surfaces for artwork. Maybe it’ll be a round or an oval, maybe it won’t.


The coffee table pictured above from Layla Grace is elegant and pretty. I’m not sure about the carpet-like inlay, but the shape and details are divine.


I love the ones pictured here, but I want to make something over for a thrifty variation of a chic coffee table. The hunt is on!! First I need to find a piece. With these ideas in mind, I will choose something with detail and visual interest which I can then paint over. The heft and weight of the cream table pictured below, found at Layla Grace is something I would consider. Can you see that teal shelf in the background? YUM!

Somerset Bay Destin Cocktail Table

I love the idea of using a patterned paper and nail head trim as done at Pretty City Things with an inexpensive Ikea table. But I want something with curves and flourishes and detail. This Isala coffee table from Ikea has been spotted all over the web. The colour is blissfully grey and the curvaceous legs are more in line for what I am looking for.


Something with two levels for a storage area would be ideal. It might help me keep my book and magazine addiction in check if I can keep them (current issues only!!) in plain sight. I also really like the ones with drawers, but drawers around here clutter up quickly. I think my best bet is to choose one with an open storage area and add decorative boxes or baskets for organization. What works for you and your coffee table?


Coffee Table DIY Ideas


To stencil or not to stencil? I have seen an abundance of neat-o mosquito ideas for stenciling furniture in the last while and it is tempting. I wonder what a medallion type stencil would look like on a round pedestal coffee table. Other ideas include fancy french phrases (try saying that ten times fast!), numbers, monograms, symbols– like an ampersand or an astrological symbol, a word, or whatever strikes you or moves you or inspires you! Or you can forgo the stencil and opt to create a lace topped coffee table as seen at A Beautiful Mess! So cute!


Another idea is to create a coffee table with palettes and caster wheels. If you want a rustic look this might work for your home. But not mine. I want something with elegance.


Apartment Therapy has a few coffee table options including one with a painted chalkboard top. That could be cute in the right space, right? Playroom, for instance. Even an ugly coffee table can be painted and given new life like this one at It’s Clementime.


Or why not build from scratch with a DIY coffee table project like this Apothecary Table with Toy Box Trundle from Ana White. It houses a toy box! And it looks fantastico!


Well, I don’t know if I narrowed down my search at all, but I definitely have some ideas to work with. What kind of coffee table projects have you taken on?


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