June 13th, 2012

How to Decorate with Chevrons

Chevron Vinyl Wall Art

Photo via Vinyl Wall Art

Zig zaggy chevrons are a hot little pattern in home decor. And it’s no wonder, chevrons come in a wide range of colour combinations, most commonly white paired with another colour, and in different scales. The bold graphic print, can be incorporated in small or large doses, depending on the method you choose to display the pattern. If you want to know how to decorate with chevrons, look no further!

Dwellstudio Home Chevron Citrine PillowPhoto via Layla Grace

I love how graphic the pattern is, especially when paired with bright solids and interesting textures. Here are some ways to use chevrons:


  • Carpets
  • Curtains
  • Bedding
  • Pillows
  • Accessories
  • Lamp Shades
  • Wall Treatments

Green Chevron Lampshade

Photo via Sassy Shades

Check out this post at Kimbercrafts Baby to see a nursery decorated with yellow chevron curtains. I also love the wall and ceiling chevron treatments found at Ampersand Vintage Modern.

Dwellstudio Home Wool Rug Zig Zag Lapis

Photo via Layla Grace

There are so many DIY possibilities with chevrons! Imagine painting an old wood floor, revamping furniture with chevron fabric and then there is sewing! You could make curtains, pillows, a table-cloth or cloth napkins. Paint a canvas with zig zaggy chevrons for instant art! How to decorate with chevrons really depends on your personal style and how much pattern you want or need to introduce into your space. Chevrons are a delightfully cheerful pattern so have fun with them!

Gray Chevron Curtains

Photo via Layla Grace

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June 7th, 2012

Asparagus Green Decor

Green Wallpapered Room

Photo via Michael Graydon

Well, given that it is June, my favourite month and this blog’s namesake, I thought it was time to share a bit about June. For those of you that haven’t read the intro, June was my grandmother, my dad’s mom, she lived in Ontario her whole life. Let us celebrate this little story with some asparagus green decor? After all Dreaming of June is a decor blog. Why asparagus you say? Read on, dear friends!

Lime Ceiling

Photo via The Sugar Monster

June was mother to six boys, yes, you read that right, six boys! On my most chaotic days with my two boys I can’t imagine what parenting six boys in the 1950’s and 1960’s would have been like. Yikes! The laundry situation alone would have done me in, nevermind the cooking and general house-wrecking associated with rambunctious boy play!! Then again, the world was a different place and judging from the stories my dad tells, much of the mischief making was sent outdoors. I guess so!

Green Living Room

Photo via The Sugar Monster

My favourite story about June is a love story. Actually, its how June met her second husband, Ken. June worked hard between husbands and took a variety of jobs to pay the bills. Fatefully, she replied to an ad posted in a grocery store. The ad called for pickers to harvest asparagus.

Green Bathroom

Photo via The Sugar Monster

On what I can only imagine to be a bright sunny morning, June was with at least two of her boys in an asparagus field, picking away, when my uncle wandered off and either in a befriending or pestering way (who really knows which) approached a fellow asparagus picker, Ken. My dad was the baby at that point (a year and a half old) and must have been close by, but my uncle, running back and forth between Ken and June, made a friend of Ken. June and Ken met, and the two fell in love. Love in an asparagus field.

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June 4th, 2012

Wallpapered Desk Area

Wallpapered Room Elle Decor

Every detail in this photo from Elle Decor is pristine. Graphic wallpaper used in small doses is exciting, it adds a fresh perspective and brings life to an area that may have been overlooked without it. A wallpapered desk area is ideal, in that it provides a pretty backdrop for whatever type of creative endaevor you wish to attempt while at your desk. Be it letter writing, reading, writing your next hot novel, or whatever else.


For this wallpaper, I like the ornate quality of the white accents found in the mirror, the lamp shade and the vases. However, those empty shelves would not last long in my house and would be cluttered right up with knick knacks, books and stacks upon stacks of magazines!


To create your own wallpapered desk area, choose a bright, bold, graphic wallpaper that grips you in one way or another. Apply the wallpaper behind the wall your desk will rest against. Layer furniture, accessories and pretty objects in mini vignettes to create a serene modern workspace you will long to escape to.


A wallpapered desk area can be create in any nook or cranny currently not getting the attention it deserves in your home! Ideas for such spaces include under-used closets (just remove the door), armoires (awesome because you can close it up when not in use) and spaces created between oversized pieces of furniture (two bookshelves for instance).



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May 31st, 2012

Bed Skirt Ideas

Bed skirts are staging a comeback! I wanted to show you some super pretty ones I spotted recently. Although there are simpler alternatives, the pretty ones are special and lovely. So pretty in fact that I would almost dress a bed in all white and let the bed skirt shine, especially this ruffle one.


Pom Pom Audrey Bed Skirt


I love ruffles and keep finding beautiful ruffle specimens all over the place. I feel a ruffle post may be in order. Stay tuned! Anyways…back to the bed skirt ideas, a bed skirt can work with any bedding combination if you choose one to suit the style of your room and your bedding. The mini ruffle one below could be used to balance a bold pattern.


Pom Pom Belle Linen Bed Skirt


There are pleated and box pleated  varieties, vertical and horizontal ruffle varieties and various flat versions with different edges such as the scalloped one pictured below from Serena and Lily.


Serena and Lily Scalloped Bed Skirt


If you can’t find the exact style or colour you are looking for, you can always make your own. Even if you don’t sew, or don’t feel like it, or don’t like to, you can still make your own if you choose a no-sew version.  Check out Chez LarssonLittle Lovelies and Saffron Marigold for some fun bed skirt ideas. Or you can look for a linen one like the Pine Cone Hill bed skirt.


Pine Cone Hill Pleated Linen Bed Skirt


With a fancy little bed skirt on your bed you can store stuff under your bed (as if you don’t already!) and still maintain a finished look. Also, under the bed makes for an awesome hiding spot for hide and seek if you have little ones!


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May 29th, 2012

How to Use Pattern in an Entryway

Patterned Entryway

Not only is the entryway the gateway to your home, it also sets the tone for the decor. So, its kind of important to decorate with that in mind, without letting it intimidate you. Creating a proper mix of pattern in an entryway is all about working with colour, scale and shape.


What I like about the patterned entryway in the photo, is that the shape of the patterned mirrors repeats in the open lattice form of the pillows, and the lemon tone in the front pillow is repeated in the wallpaper. Mild repetition guides your eyes around the space and gives it a completed look. You know, the way a good book or film leaves you with that feel good feeling because they covered all the bases? Like all the little details add up. Which is what you want to aim for with any decorating project. There is a whole lot of pattern in this entryway, but it works because it is balanced with the solid white bench and unified with the black contours of the furniture and the mirrors.


To add pattern in an entryway in your own home, choose patterns that speak to you. Analyze the shape and colours within the patterns and use them as the starting point for decorating. Introduce the patterns against a backdrop of solid colours to ensure a welcoming space. You can also mix in hues from adjacent rooms to offer a little hint of what lays ahead. When it comes to scale, work with patterns in differing scales. For instance, if you choose a large scale floral pattern, try to introduce another floral in a smaller scale. Mix and match different types of pattern like stripes with florals or botanicals with trellis prints for variation and to add depth.


Play with pattern and create a cheery welcome for all your visitors. Remember you enter your house over and over again, let it greet you with patterns you love!

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May 24th, 2012

Square Pedestal Bowl

Rosanna Decor Bon Bon White Footed Square Bowl

Yikes! Did I just fall in love with a bowl? What’s not to love about a square pedestal bowl? In my defense it is a spectacular bowl, right? This is the Rosanna Decor Bon Bon White Footed Square Bowl, which I saw on Layla Grace. It is so pretty I think I would have a hard time only pulling it out for occasional use. It would be exquisite if planted with a bright green fern!


My current collection of pedestals is small, but I love each and every piece and display them above the kitchen cupboards. Most of them are pedestal cake stands, but I have two that are somewhere between bowl and plate with the grandiose pedestal base. There is always room for another pedestal!


What I love about pedestals is that they make me want to entertain. Everything looks elegant when displayed on a pedestal. They also make me want to bake. Or is that my sweet tooth talking in the guise of a piece of ceramic divinity?


This particular square pedestal bowl has an intricate design that is sure to enliven any modern space you place it in. Your pedestals can be displayed on a counter top or an open shelf, or store them and bring them out for special occasions like garden parties and birthdays.