December 9th, 2015

Christmas Window Decor

Holiday Window


I am a little obsessed with Christmas this year! All that glitter. All those lights. We went to the Festival of Trees here in Edmonton and discovered this beautiful tree decorated in blush tones, which you can see on my Instagram. So beautiful! School has ended until January which means I can relax, just a little, dream up some stories and enjoy each day to the max all the while decorating and re-decorating! Like these fantastic wintry window scapes for instance.


The Inspired Room

Inspiration comes from many sources for me, sunrise, my boys, endless magazines, furniture (of course!) and music. The soundtrack for these days, is an album I keep listening to over and over again, ‘Trouble Will Find Me’ by The National. And not just because my name is quoted! Each song fills my heart with hope for what or who comes next. Perfect for driving around these mild winter days and completing projects like hanging up the curtains I bought a month ago in anticipation of creating a pretty window .


Ushii Landia

The Christmas windows pictured above are beautifully curated with just the right amount of detail. High impact + low investment of time = brilliant! My kind of DIY project. Pretty Christmas bulbs, ribbon, a wreath, beaded strings, candles, lights, branches or other greenery, and any other props you love can be added to your window to complete the scene. This year less is more when it comes to decorating. I am only bringing out the items I adore for a simply decorated space the boys and I can cuddle up in, because the winter may have been warm so far, but let’s face it, Edmonton is cold! And the winter is long!


October 20th, 2015

Dining Room Envy

Windsor Smith Home

Well hello! It’s been a while, far too long. As most of you know I have been oh so busy. Work, kids, school! Need I say more? Against these pure blue October skies life is wonderfully full and happy and ever changing. Autumn mornings are my favorite thing right now! Side note: my powder blue sofa is home where it belongs. Photos will follow once I reformat the art, mirrors, photos etc.

The dining room (pictured above) of interior designer Windsor Smith was the inspiration for my first project in class, so I thought I’d share it with everyone here too. So lovely!

I have stared at this picture so much in the last little while, I feel like I have been here. So often I get captivated by a room and wish I could jump into the page of a magazine and stay a while. Now that’s a type of travel I could get on board with. Room to room.

I love this particular dining room for its beauty and all its layers. First of all that Chinoiserie wallpaper is gorgeous! The curtains and all that glitzy silver and crystal in the chandelier make it special, but the room, all in all, is sweet and casual. Lived in. Something to aspire to!

The choice of elements new and old make this room family friendly which to me means it would be used often and used well. I could picture a family brunch in here, an elegant dinner or coffee for two. Versatile as any dining area should be, right?

This is such an exciting time for me. Decor wise, family wise, life wise! More fabulousness will follow perhaps in a slower way, but I promise the wait will be worth it! Now if only I could follow my own advice and practice patience in other areas of sweetness. XOXO

August 6th, 2015

Ceiling Medallion Marvels


This is Glamorous

Ambient lighting is an important factor you can and should play with in every room in your home. It creates warmth and depth and conveys a cozy, loved and lived in feeling. One day, I plan to have a chandelier of some opulent sort in nearly every room of my dream home and I won’t stop at that! Oh, no I won’t! For instance, I’ll add a ceiling medallion to finish the look. Ceiling medallions act like a picture frame for your light fixture and provide architectural interest. Such a great way to add detail, and they are relatively inexpensive and you can find them at most hardware stores.

Hunted Interior

Finishing details add polish and a sense of completion to a room. When the lights are low and the evenings long you may even experience some shadow play with the architectural details in certain medallions depending on your light source. The ceilings shown here are dramatic and lovely all at the same time. You don’t have to paint your ceiling black, you could paint the medallion a contrasting colour or paint it the same as the ceiling for an understated look.

A Storied Style

What else can you do with ceiling medallions? Well, you can paint several of your favourites and create a gallery wall of ceiling medallion art. You could also affix a mirror to the backside of a medallion, for a pretty take on a small mirror.

Gem Daily

Of the photos I procured for this post, the chandelier pictured in the first photo is a great fit style wise. As for the rest, this might surprise you but I would change them all to chandeliers. Maybe even a drum chandelier in place of the ceiling fan and light fixture in the second and third photos respectively. Pretty, glitzy ceiling bling, you just can’t go wrong!! XOXO

July 13th, 2015

Reading Nook Ideas

Casa Sugar

I don’t know about you, but I read a little every night before bed. I just finished reading ‘All My Puny Sorrows’ (kinda sad, but ended well) and now I’m about two thirds into ‘The Goldfinch’ (intriguing so far) and I have a whole waiting list of others to get me through the summer.

I mostly read in bed all cozied up to my upholstered headboard and a bunch of feathery pillows. Where do you read? I also have a special turquoise chair for reading on those rare day off occasions where I can take some extra time and settle in with my book, usually writing, plotting or planning something. I am a chronic list writer, trying to keep all the details of this little life in some type of flowing order.

Better Homes and Gardens

A reading nook is a designated space carved out for reading, studying and contemplation. You can turn any space in your home into a nook. Think awkward corner, space by a window, unused area in your bedroom, a hallway. You know it doesn’t take a lot of floor space, but measure well if you plan on purchasing a chair to create the area.

Pretty much all you need is a chair (I mean look at these beautiful chair specimens), a source of light, a book, a throw blanket and maybe even an ottoman or a pouf to kick your feet up. My reading chair is an overized chair and a half style chair, no need for an ottoman. Note the little ottomans pictured here are not at all matchy matchy.

Liz Marie Blog

At the store we have a little wingback chair called the ‘Idea’ chair. I just love the thought of it! A place to think, to dream, to develop an idea or two… If you want to finish the area, add some art or a mirror, a side table or if space allows even a small bookshelf.

Apartment Therapy

And lastly, one leather chair for the guys, because let’s face it, what is hotter than a man who reads? And what better place to do it than his own leather chair in a reading nook.

June 30th, 2015

Teacher’s Gifts: Potted Plants


We are so blessed to be part of an amazing school filled with fantastic educators. Not everyone can say this and really mean it. And I mean it! This year I was feeling a little craftier than usual and I wanted to put something cute together to show our appreciation for all the hard work they do. Each of the boys had two teachers this year so all the supplies you’ll see pictured were enough to make four potted plants. You can tailor this little set up to however many thank you gifts your family needs to hand out!


So how did all these pieces add up to these adorably stylish plants? Well, I’ll show you…


Select a plant. I like these bulbous frilly plants I found at a local hardware store because they are different. Succulents are a low maintenance option, but anything bright and luscious would work well. I try to keep an open mind when I am shopping for plants and base my decision on the healthiest specimens I can find.


Choose a pot. Because I wanted to embellish the plants with other objects the plant pots had to be simple in order to let the pretty parts take center stage, And clay, was an obvious choice for me.


Originally I wanted to use tags to create little messages (the round ones with the black and white strings) but I didn’t end up using them. But you sure could! How about ‘Thanks for helping me grow’!


Embellishments! I found these antique style keys and fell in love. They added detail and gave them their own look. Plus I found two green ones which my youngest son loved because its his favourite colour!


The chalkboard tags I did use clipped onto the front pots like they were made for it. I could imagine using them in other applications too. A simple little clothespin.


Finish it with a bow! I used raffia and it worked with the whole look I was after but you could use any type of ribbon.


This is one of my favourite potted plants I have done. I want one! There truly are so many ways to finish a potted plant. Send me a pic via e-mail if you make one too. Have fun with it. This would also make a great hostess gift, housewarming gift or simply a gift, gift. Don’t you think?

June 17th, 2015

Bathing in Beauty


I haven’t written about bathrooms in a little while and I think this is a fabulous way to revisit one of the most essential, high-traffic rooms in the home. These bathing beauties feature some of the most gorgeous bathtubs I have ever seen.


La Dolce Vita Blog

We begin and end our days, perform our ‘getting ready’ rituals and beautify ourselves all in the bathroom. In busy days time flutters by and our surroundings can blend together in the rush of mornings and the haze of bedtimes. So how do we slow down and savor our moments? Linger a bit? Pay closer attention?


One thing is for certain, with any one of these beautifully stylized bathrooms, slowing down would become a necessity right quick! You would begin to make excuses to take a bath! Gardening? Oh, my look at those dirty hands. Time for a bath! Oh, no, dirty again. I guess I’ll take a bath. It could go on like that for a while. An elegant bathroom with any one of these soaker bathtubs is a like a mini retreat. I love how designer Sara Richardson often refers to the bathroom as a jewelry box. As it tends to be a smaller space (not that you’d know that by the size of these lofty bathrooms) you can splurge on materials that offer some impact, translation: glamour.

La Dolce Vita Blog

To add a little glamour to your home without a full blown renovation, you could always update the accessories. New textiles can go a long way. Fresh flowers, fluffy white towels, a new shower curtain and pretty, glitzy, things like a new mirror or light fixtures can elevate the look of your bathroom and foster a new sense of mindfulness. And if you are able to make time for a bath, make it a luxe one! Light some candles and add some Epsom salts! Happy bathing, beauties!