July 10th, 2014

Lovely Layered Living Rooms

La Dolce Vita

Oh, hi! There seems to be a common colour thread unintentionally uniting these three photos. What drew me to this trio was the combination of so many pieces executed in a pretty, organized way. The unity in the colour scheme makes it cohesive and shows a few different ideas for layering. White with grey and a pop of pink and/or indigo. Lovely, lovely and more lovely.

The layered look evident in all three images creates a homey, cosy feel with colour, pattern and texture. Each room is inviting and has an overall sweetness to it. While not overtly masculine (yes that’s a little pink guys!) they aren’t exactly screaming girl space either.

Little Green Notebook

The furniture placement is conducive to entertaining, notice how you see one sofa combined with groups of two chairs placed in a square around the coffee table. Lengthy conversations and late nights can be had in these beautiful settings.

Sometimes it’s ok to place individual chairs in a furniture grouping, but I really like pairs. If you choose too many singular elements the space can become choppy. Instead combine pairs, and more than one pair is quite alright. See how the matching stools look? Pretty right?

Lauren Conrad

To create your own layered look, accentuate the furniture placement with textiles like pillows, an area rug and drapes. Add a little glitter or sparkle to polish the look. Tables with a metal sheen, a glass top or mirror top accomplish the glimmer and add function.

These lovely layered living rooms are stylized with accessories like books, lamps, vases and flowers, but I love adding house plants for a vivid pop of green, some texture and a little life.

June 12th, 2014

Pretty Plants: Echeveria


I bought two echeverias a while back and they have been living on my kitchen windowsill ever since. The green one is happy but the blue one has dropped a few leaves which has prompted me to try something different with them.

There are many a pretty way to plant them, but I know for sure one of them will end up in my favourite milk glass vessel. You’ll notice the green one is a little wonky. He has grown lopsided and has sprouted some babies. Can I plant these babies? Hmmmm… I’ll have to look into it!


The blue echeveria pictured below is the winner of the milk glass pot, don’t you think? I think. He looks happy.


Too bad I don’t have more pedestal type planters I could group them like this sweet little trio. I’m quite sure I could find some ceramic ones at Homesense, right? But wait! I just committed to a shopping ban until my upcoming mini vacay, but that shouldn’t include decor should it? I’ll have to revise the fine print.

A Casarella

And them there’s terrariums, some of which I like. A simple glass bowl with rocks etc. might work.

Clean Slate

This lantern planting trend is something I could definitely work with. How pretty to include a variety of succulents at different heights. Again, Homesense would be a great place to find the right lantern. A small to medium one would work for my space.

The Given Life

Well, the blue echeveria found his new home today and we shall see what becomes of the green one. For now he can return to the windowsill.

April 14th, 2014

Rustic and Yet Elegant Dining Tables

Adore your Place

Our home right now is by no means a forever home, and until that time or home comes I have been exercising creative ideas for decorating the space. I recently purchased these amazing chairs (which we will get into next time), and now it’s all about the table. Hence the rustic, yet elegant dining tables you will see here.

Rooms for Rent

I have looked everywhere for the perfect size, look, etc. but everything is too big, 60-84″ when I need 50″ max, (or too high, no thanks to the pub height table trend!) and so it looks like a DIY situation is at hand. What’s a girl to do but call her Dad of course! And the verdict? Dad thinks we can do it! Hooray!

What I’m thinking is this: pair four of the six chairs I bought with one of these custom made table beauties. I want a table top with a relatively dark stain atop a base which I will most certainly paint blue, yes the same blue as the chairs. Shhh, stop asking so many questions about the chairs! Patience!!

i Heart Naptime

Truth be told, what I really, really wanted was to create a banquette on one side with some pretty feature chairs, but with the age of my boys being still fairly young (potential dining mishaps for all my non-parent readers) it seems best to forgo the dainty upholstery and feed my fabric love on the seats of the chairs alone.


If you would like to attempt this project with me I will be using these Husky Farmhouse Table plans found at Ana White.


And then I watch an episode of Cracking Antiques and think, hey! Maybe I can find an antique table! But alas, it took me six months to find chairs. Make the dining table! And of course it will be an awesome project to do with my Dad. Win, win. Stay tuned for the chairs!

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March 21st, 2014

Textiles: Trellis and Lattice


As the last of the winter melts away we open windows, put the cozy away and trade it in for airy light colour. A little pattern goes a long way, but it is near essential to creating a sophisticated look. What better way to experiment and dip your toes in trend? Ask yourself: is there a colour I love but could never paint a room in? Is there a design I am drawn to again and again?

Decor Pad

Trellis and lattice patterns offer a splash of graphic interest, usually with some colour and they are kind of fun for spring don’t you think? Look for trellis patterns with a light colour for the background to brighten your space.

Trellis and lattice are repetitive patterns with geometric flare. You may find ethnic themes like Moroccan or Greek especially with wallpaper or stencils like the ones at Royal Design Studio

Here are some ways to freshen up your home with trellis patterns. Throw pillows of course! A rug. New curtains? Bedding is another way to add life and colour to the home.

Decor Pad

Trellis, lattice, soon we will be out in the garden enjoying the sun! Until then, we can dream and we can brighten our inside spaces with bright pattern and hopeful colours.

February 5th, 2014

Green Sofa Glory

Sunny Days and Starry Nights

This time of year I begin craving colour, especially green because we haven’t seen it in months. Grey skies, partially melted snow and panels of clear ice leave me wanting luscious shades of emeralds, mosses, pea pods and forests. So let’s look at some sofas!

Dust Jacket

A bright green sofa is a fabulous way to punctuate a palette of neutrals. Yet in each of the photos you see here, no matter the shade or hue, it works. I’m sort of obsessed with turning colour into the neutral, if that makes sense. If it doesn’t you might need more colour in your life!

Pepper Design Blog

Each of these glorious green sofas represents a slightly different shade of green. Before you dive in, consider what other colours you will be working with, not just today but tomorrow too, because if you pick the right sofa, you will have it for many many years.

The Cottage Market

What works best with green, you ask? Great question! My favourite neutrals to mix with green include: white, black, navy and brown. For a sophisticated look you can also work secondary colours into the palette. But where do you start? With feeling. Figure out what you love and decide what you want bring in.

Style by Emily Henderson

So my next question is, who here is bold enough to go for glory in the form of a green sofa?? Now send me pictures!

January 8th, 2014

Glittery Mirrored Backsplashes

Her Umbrella

In the old house- the apple house as I liked to call it, because of its red and green apple colour scheme- I wanted stone counters with a mirror fleck in them. That kitchen ended up with a black and grey stone. No mirror fleck. When I came across the first of these glittery mirrored backsplashes, it reminded me of how pretty the white quartz with the mirror was! Perhaps in my future home, my forever house?

Decor Pad

I love how the new year brings it’s own energy, it’s own luck, it’s own number possibilities for life and love and decor (of course!). Optimism is rampant. How fantastic!


Each of the glittery backsplashes are elegant and reflective and pretty. The mosaic pictured first is my true favourite, but the antique glass, the multi-tile mosaic and the subway tile designs are all viable options that would brighten up a space with reflective rays of light.

Ali Express

I wonder, have you tried out a mirror backsplash I haven’t shown here?