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Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Painted Stripes

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Add spirit and definition to any wall of your home by painting a pattern on the walls. The beauty of adding your own pattern to the walls is that you can use more than one colour and create a dynamic environment like a kid’s room or a playroom or choose colours in the same family and create a soft demure look suited to a bedroom or living room. Painted wall ideas are fun, bold and eclectic and they make a statement.


Stripes Painted on Walls


Stripes can be painted on your walls in a horizontal or vertical fashion. Check out The Inspired Room tutorial on painting stripes as well as Benjamin Moore’s step-by-step stripe how-to. I love the look of Samantha Pynn’s red, white and pale blue striped walls for this playroom. The room has a playful yet modern vibe, which works equally well for a girl’s space or a boy’s space. Another look you can experiment with is to paint the walls a solid hue and then paint bands or stripes of high-gloss glaze. The stripes will be visible as different light levels touch the walls.


Samantha Pynn Striped Walls

 Samantha Pynn via Decor Pad

Scalloped Edge Borders


For just a little painted detail, paint a scalloped edge at the top of your walls. This would be uber sweet in a nursery or a vintage-inspired kitchen. Go take a look at I Still Love You to see how amazing it looks!


Stencils for Walls


If you want a precision painted look for your walls, you might want to use a real stencil. Especially for patterns with great detail like damask, trellis, lattice and other repeating floral or geometric looks. You can make your own stencil, like this trellis stencil as seen on Centsational Girl. Or how about an argyle painted wall, like this beauty on Design Dazzle?


Painted Geometric Designs


Lily Z Design Painted Moroccan Walls

Lily Z Design via Decor Pad

Large geometric shapes and designs can be painted with some planning and sketching like the Moroccan-inspired shape cutouts pictured above. While the bold black and white colour combo is a statement itself, you can make this work with any colour scheme.

Gorgeous Shiny Things Geometric Wall


Or, create your own wild geometric pattern like this pretty pink pattern. And might I say I love the mini cabinet and the slip-covered chair in this photo?

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  1. Beautiful inspiration! Love the various ideas and actually used that striped wall as inspiration for my daughter’s nursery :).

  2. Thanks Morgan! Do you have pics posted of the wall you painted?

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