Pattern Painted Ceilings

Painted Ceiling in Blue

Ty Pennington

I am surrounded, very happily surrounded, with colour and pattern at the sofa shop these days and I love experimenting with combinations of solids and patterns. Today this translated to painted ceilings. In the two examples I love the best, the painted ceilings are like the icing on the cake of the room’s design. Thoughtful details are everything.


After such a tumultous few weeks of weather, today felt like a delicious treat. The sun was warm, the air fresh, and so finally the blooming shall begin. After work we headed straight to the river valley for our first spring jaunt at Rundle Park. I always feel this expectant-laden stasis at this point in the spring when the weather has warmed, yet the branches are bare and everything is yet to embrace it’s green. So much potential everywhere.


Okay, back to the ceilings! Imagine waking up and staring at the ceiling of the one pictured above. So fresh. So elegant. So pretty. Reminiscent of the blue skies of today. However I would have used a different carpet to unify the ceiling in a pale watery blue with a floral or stripe in it. But that’s just me.



Painted Ceiling in Grey

4 Men 1 Lady


A pretty palette of grey with a pattern painted ceiling. Wow. I do not know if I like the ceiling or the ruffled curtain better. What do you think? The sky palette or the stone palette? Stencilled patterns are a good option for more intricate designs but you could also paint stripes, chevrons and other simple geometrics with a good old roll of painter’s tape.

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  1. Thanks for the great pictures. I love the home office/spare bedroom. I have the desk chair but mine is black. Now you are making me want one in white. I got mine at Manhattan Home Design could you tell me where you got yours from?

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