Picture Frame Ideas

Accumulations of things have a way of adding up, creeping and crawling over your pristinely empty surfaces until they become that dirty little word…CLUTTER. Why not use a pretty picture frame to collect, organize, display and give finish to the spaces in question? Look for inexpensive ornate frames in the discount area of home decor shops, thrift stores and flea markets to design your own picture frame ideas.


Skeleton Key Frame

Image via Design Sponge


Key Frame– This image shows a painted frame with decorative keys, but with a cute frame, some spray paint and some tiny hooks you can create this look in a functional way. One idea is to paint the frame a bright hue and use scrapbook paper, wrapping paper or wallpaper remnants to paper the opened area of the picture frame. Install the hooks at the top of the frame and hang it in your foyer or next to the door.


Jewelry Frame– This option is near and dear to my heart right now, having recently launched a business with Stella and Dot. When you have pretty jewels, why lock them up in a dark box? I say showcase them so you can enjoy them even when you aren’t wearing them.

Jewelry Frame

Image via Just Live Simply 

Chalkboard Frame– Whether you want to jot down a nightly menu for your kitchen, hand-write a memorable phrase, or scribble random lists on the chalkboard, you might as well do it in style. Right?


Framed Chalkboard

Image via Shabby McFabby 


Bulletin Board Frame– Cover cork board in a graphic fabric and frame it. You can then pin messages, photographs, and other odds and ends to the board. Play with the palette of the room the frame will hang in, to see if you can introduce something new. For a craft room, study, or office space the fabric you use will help you create a focal point while at the same time, managing the chaos.


Fabric Memo Board

Image via Shabby McFabby


Magnet Board Frame– Same idea as the bulletin board, except you can paper a sheet of metal and frame it! And then of course you can cover it with cute magnets, handmade or otherwise.


Magnet Board

Image via Elegance Farm Home 


Craft Supply Frame– Pegboard is handy for coralling clutter of many types. Give it a fancy remake for your craft supplies, kitchen utensils or other hobby supplies. Paint it and house it in a frame with an alternate colour. Or, borrow an idea from the key frame and wallpaper the pegboard. I like the wallpaper idea because it takes away the utility vibe and gives it a fresh update, depending on the wallpaper you choose.


Framed Pegboard

Image via Martha Stewart


Picture frame ideas can be used in any room of your home that you require a little extra polish and a little less mess. If you make one pretty enough you could even include it in a gallery wall! Happy framing, adieu!

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