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September 11th, 2012

6 Ways to Decorate a Lampshade

Floral Painted Lampshade via Pinterest

What lights up your world? A lamp, a smile, a cup of tea? Lighting is a vital component in the creation of a cozy atmosphere, no matter the room in your home. Here in Alberta, with the days rapidly shortening, lighting will be used for longer periods of time as each day passes. With that said, it is a good time to take a look at the lamps you have on hand and see if you can decorate a lampshade for a little decor to brigthen your world.


Plug in your glue gun, grab some supplies and get ready to decorate a lampshade! On a recent trip to Ikea I came across some plain white lampshades reduced for clearance at a delightful price of only .25 cents! In hindsight I should have bought more, but it was a little on the small side and I didn’t have a plan in mind. Since then I have thought of a multitude of ways to decorate a lampshade.


Consider the base the lampshade is intended for to create a cohesive design. A white base with a colourful shade will work, as will a lampshade decorated with a neutral scheme placed atop a colourful base.


Paint on a Lampshade


Whether you want to paint the shade in a solid hue to match the existing colour scheme of the room, or try something different, there are many ways to paint a lampshade. One idea is to use painter’s tape to create distinct stripes on the lampshade. Paint horizontal bands of gray around the perimeter of the lampshade for one look or paint a series of vertical stripes in bright colours.


Painted Lampshade

Crafty Nest via Pinterest

If you have been looking for a way to implement the ombre trend into your space, why not paint a lampshade with ombre tones? Choose several shades of the same hue and paint gradations of them beginning with the darkest on the bottom and move your way up to the lightest shade.


You can also try stenciling or free-handing a pattern onto the plain lampshade.


Felt Decorated Lampshade


When I think of decorating a lampshade with felt I instantly think of a kid’s room. Felt is the perfect medium to create animal pictures with. Make a mini orange fox or owl and hot glue them to the lampshade. Create a fringe of grass and glue it to the bottom edge.


Felt Lampshades

Design Sponge via Pinterest


For something a little more chic, use a palette of neutral tones– white, gray, oatmeal or linen and cut circles out of it. Glue the rounds to the shade with or without a pattern.


DIY Lace Lampshade


Painted Lace Lampshade

Add Some Paint via Stay at Home Artist

Not sure what to do with your Grandmother’s lace or less precious stuff found at the flea market? Instead of resting in that box in the back of your closet, design a lampshade with it! For contrast, spray the lampshade in a medium to dark colour and once dry, glue the lace to it in a pattern that appeals to you. Another idea is to tape the lace in place with spray adhesive and spray paint the lace. Remove the lace and the pattern will remain.


Ribbon Trimmed Lampshade


Ribbon Trellis Lampshade

Caitlin Wilson Design via Pinterest 


A simple ribbon trim in a bright colour might be just the detail your lampshade needs. Especially if you begin by painting a monogram on your shade. Or, you can create a trellis pattern like this one here!


Fabric on a Lampshade


A fabric lampshade can tie a room together if you choose a bold graphic with pops of colour found elsewhere in the room. The right fabric can even be a starting point for the design of a whole room. To incorporate the fabric in bits throughout the room, use it on a throw pillow or for curtain tie-backs. Once you glue the fabric in place, trim the excess and finish the lampshade by adding a trim to the top and the bottom of the lampshade.


Paper Remnant Lampshade


Wallpaper Drum Shade

Thrifty Decor Chick via Pinterest


From wrapping paper to scrapbook paper to wallpaper remnants, paper is a medium that can be used to make your lampshade glow with any colour, pattern or style. Look to modern and vintage styles alike for creative inspiration.


Vintage Wallpaper Lampshades

Etsy via Pinterest


Decorate a lampshade with one of these six ideas or combine two different ideas to come up with a design to suit your own taste/style. As the nights lengthen, and the lights come on, what kind of lampshade do you want?


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January 31st, 2012

Light Monitor

Today I can’t help but think about light. The sky is a mottled mixture of white and gray. Stillness echoes through the empty morning streets as January ends, and the light is pure. Unseasonable warmth has gathered and spread across the city and left a constant dripping, a melted slush, a quiet type of action. The light has started to stay longer, I monitor it by way of evening.


Last night on the way to the gym the sunset streaked all pink and blue, where a week earlier the night had already fallen. Here we are, beginning the upward ascent towards spring light and the coveted Alberta summer light. For those of you unfamiliar with our summers here in northern Alberta, it stays light as late as 11pm at the peak of summer. Oh, to dream of such a thing is like some type of blasphemy on this last day of January, but so be it. Today I will gladly settle for a few minutes extra light, weak or potent as it may be.


While the sun paints colour with a golden glow, this white light strips each shade down to its most basic, inherent hue. It is bliss to witness the transformation, indoors and out. As it falls through the windows and pours through the open door, the dormancy of winter and the hope of change spills out and languidly grasps at each surface.