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August 21st, 2012

Aqua and White Bathrooms

Aqua and White Bathroom2

Decorati via Pinterest

As far as dream rooms go, I think a few of these aqua and white bathrooms hit the mark for me. A  bathroom can be a beautiful space to tend to your daily rituals whilst providing a space to soak, reflect and gaze at a view. Aqua and white bathrooms exude a simple yet serene beauty. I love the spa look in a bathroom and what I love even more about the aqua and white scheme is that they have a splash (get it?) of colour, which translates to lovely in morning light, afternoon light and evening or candle light. The bathroom pictured above has just the right balance of white, aqua and sparkle. The lighting is exquisite!


Aqua and White Bathroom with Window

Better Homes and Gardens via Pinterest

I must admit the morning light in this room is what I love best, as it graces the aqua walls. Everything about this rooms says: ‘enter, stay for a spell and read as long as you like, would you care for some tea?’

Maybe its the mini heat wave baking the streets of Edmonton that makes the cool wash of aqua and white tones so appealing. A watery paradise. An aqua oasis. The summer is ending, sorry to break it to you, and in the bustle of this last blast of heat, I try not to notice the lengthening nights. Instead I will focus on doing all the best summer things while I still can!


Aqua Mermaid Tiles

Paris Apartment via Pinterest


If you want to emulate the look of the aqua and white bathroom in your own home try adding a pop of aqua in one or more of the following ways:


  • Paint a feature wall
  • Change out your towels
  • Add an aqua ribbon or monogram detail to existing white towels
  • Hang a bright new shower curtain
  • Paint wainscoting
  • Tile a backsplash or shower enclosure
  • Accessories
  • Curtains
  • Picture frames


Canadian Family via Pinterest

How sweet is this bathroom and it’s different-sized stepping stools?


Aqua and White Bathroom with Aqua Picture Frame

Fox on the Run via Pinterest

This eclectic design looks lived in, functional and quirky. Punchy pops of aqua give the space character without an all-out commitment. And how fun to place graphic art above the tub.


Aqua and White Bathroom with Painted Bath Tub

 Casa Haus via Pinterest

Aqua painted tub. Need I say more? Not so sure about the bathroom Bhudda watching over the tub though!


Aqua and White Bathroom with Chocolate Hardwood Floors

Beyond the Screen Door via Pinterest

This room as a whole is very pretty, but the combination of the chandelier and the tubside table are my favourite elements. Aqua and white bathrooms can be styled in a zillion ways! Be true to your sense of style and choose elements– fixed or transient, that make you happy and work together to create a bathroom you can soak and contemplate within.