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June 17th, 2015

Bathing in Beauty


I haven’t written about bathrooms in a little while and I think this is a fabulous way to revisit one of the most essential, high-traffic rooms in the home. These bathing beauties feature some of the most gorgeous bathtubs I have ever seen.


La Dolce Vita Blog

We begin and end our days, perform our ‘getting ready’ rituals and beautify ourselves all in the bathroom. In busy days time flutters by and our surroundings can blend together in the rush of mornings and the haze of bedtimes. So how do we slow down and savor our moments? Linger a bit? Pay closer attention?


One thing is for certain, with any one of these beautifully stylized bathrooms, slowing down would become a necessity right quick! You would begin to make excuses to take a bath! Gardening? Oh, my look at those dirty hands. Time for a bath! Oh, no, dirty again. I guess I’ll take a bath. It could go on like that for a while. An elegant bathroom with any one of these soaker bathtubs is a like a mini retreat. I love how designer Sara Richardson often refers to the bathroom as a jewelry box. As it tends to be a smaller space (not that you’d know that by the size of these lofty bathrooms) you can splurge on materials that offer some impact, translation: glamour.

La Dolce Vita Blog

To add a little glamour to your home without a full blown renovation, you could always update the accessories. New textiles can go a long way. Fresh flowers, fluffy white towels, a new shower curtain and pretty, glitzy, things like a new mirror or light fixtures can elevate the look of your bathroom and foster a new sense of mindfulness. And if you are able to make time for a bath, make it a luxe one! Light some candles and add some Epsom salts! Happy bathing, beauties!

August 27th, 2012

Bathroom Organization Ideas

Better Homes and Gardens Bathroom Organization with Wallpaper

Better Homes and Gardens via Pinterest


The bathroom is a high traffic area of the home and therefore requires some organization now and then to keep it functional, neat and pleasant. If you edit what you keep on hand and delegate new storage areas to keep stuff nearby, but out of sight, you can transform a cluttered space into something lovely. Look in unconventional places such as the kitchen, to come up with solutions to update existing storage solutions.


The bathrooms pictured here are so light and bright, the organization makes them shine! However, if, like me, your bathroom has no window and the glorious morning light illuminates elsewhere, you can still incorporate the same bathroom organization ideas and maybe add a sconce or two to filter in more light!


Good Housekeeping Bathroom Organization

Good Housekeeping via Pinterest

Start fresh and clean and remove everything. This is a perfect time to get rid of products that have been lingering, empty containers and other accumulated stuff. Give everything a proper scrub while you are at it!


  • Use the same-sized containers to unify different products like cotton balls, cotton swabs and makeup wipes
  • Look to kitchen shelving to optimize the backside of cupboard doors
  • Group hair and skin products in their own baskets for easy access and to minimize counter clutter
  • Mix decorative items in with everyday essentials to create a pretty balance
  • Hang art that will enhance your morning and nighttime rituals with a little beauty or inspiration
  • Install cabinetry to accommodate your products, towels and decorative elements glass doors can showcase neatly grouped items, while solid cabinets can keep mismatched items hidden away!


Labelled Container Bathroom Organization

 Via Kristen Mc Ashan

Take pointers from the well-organized bathrooms shown here and make it pretty! Wallpaper remnants can be put to good use inside cabinets, drawers, and even on the backside of cabinet doors with shelving.


Better Homes and Gardens Bathroom Organization

Better Homes and Gardens via Pinterest

Once the bathroom organization plan is complete, and your bathroom is clutter-free and organized you can freshen it with a single flower in a glass vase or introduce a house plant. And voila! Beauty and function walk off into the sunset together!

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