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November 22nd, 2012

Birch Tree Decor

Birch Tree Magic Marker Arch

Apartment Therapy 


Stark white birch trees have made their way into the home on many fronts. Visually, the black and white pattern is stunning when used in the right measure (dependant upon personal taste!) and suitable for pretty and rustic spaces all the same. When I lived in Westmount (an older neighbourhood in Edmonton) all the birch trees were dying and had to be cut down! If only I had some of them now, I think I could add one somewhere. Birch tree decor combines two of my favourite things: trees and graphic black and white prints. At first glance I thought the photo pictured above showed birch tree wallpaper, I bet you thought the same thing, but this savvy couple created the wallpaper effect with magic markers. How stunning!


Birch Trees in Blue Room

Apartment Therapy

This room has a lovely balance of rustic and clean lines. The colour palette is soothing and the trees add whimsy.

Birch Tree Painting

Kristen Dougherty

I love this painting. This morning, on Pinterest, I was looking for birch tree paintings for some inspiration for a project I want to do and this one caught my eye and inspired this whole post. So pretty.


Birch Tree Pillow

Yellow Bug Boutique 

Throw pillows are ALWAYS a fun way to play with a trend. Zero commitment, you can freshen your decor automatically with a few of these babies.


Birch Tree Bed

The Berry

Rustic enough for you? I have no idea why, but to me birch trees require a blue, green or gray palette to sustain my approval. This is quaint but I would change the taupes.

Birch Tree Bedding

Urban Outfitters

Even birch tree bedding can be found if you look around.


Birch Trees in Living Room

Apartment Therapy 

Combine natural elements to create a masculine room, like Patrick did here. Cowhide, driftwood, antlers…man!

Birch Tree Wallpaper


If you want to commit to the pattern, try birch tree wallpaper. Myself, I would try this (like they did here) on a feature wall or in a smaller space like a bathroom or a foyer.

Birch Trees with Red Bookshelf

Pottery Barn

Or, you can prop a few birch trees in a corner and call it a day. I have also seen thin birch branches made into curtain rods and you could always chop up a basket of birch trees for firewood, although I’m not sure if it burns well, it would look amazing! Whether you plan to incorporate birch tree decor into your home or you just stopped by to have a peek, thanks for being here on this one of a kind Thursday in November!

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