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June 27th, 2012

Bedroom Curtains for Boys

Zeldabelle Chain Link Curtains

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Three years ago I bought oodles of cream coloured linen fabric to make curtains for both my boys rooms and, well, I had the best intentions ever to make them, and sadly never did. I second guessed myself with the fabric, choosing the cream over the white fabric I really wanted. I have many ideas for bedroom curtains for boys, but these are my favourites!

Kirtam Designs Embroidered Trellis Curtains

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My plan was to make a basic curtain with a wide three or four inch hem, which I was going to rubber stamp with leaf patterns for the green room and stars for the blue room. In my defense, I was 8 months pregnant when the house was bought and nine months by the time moving day rolled around! And so, the fabric has a nice cozy home in my closet and now I want pattern. Lots of pattern. Bold pattern.

Castle Creek Designs Navy Chevron Curtains

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One bedroom is green and the other is a robin’s egg blue. I was think of using navy and white for the green room and either green and white for the blue room or the turquoise and white. Really, I think any of these patterns will look smashing in either room.

Castle Creek Designs Square Lattice Curtains

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The boys ended up with plain blackout blinds and it is time to change that! Summer nights stay bright quite late here in Edmonton, we are talking sunset at 10pm, so I need curtains that will keep the boys’ rooms dark. I might end up layering two different curtains, an effect which I just love and learned from Nine by Design the show based on Cortney and Robert Novogratz, more on layering curtains later!

Green Trellis Curtains by SeamsSewBeautiful

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And here I am three years later facing the curtain dilemma. The boys are older, three and almost five and I want something they (or I) will not tire of. While printy patterns with robots, animals and cars are kind of appealing I am heavily leaning towards graphic prints in classic patterns. My top picks are shown here.

Pine Cone Hill Links Fabric

Now the question is should I buy panels or take on a sewing project with fabric like this Pine Cone Hill Links pattern? Hey, my track record for curtains may not be excellent, but I bet if I asked my step-mom Doreen really nice, she would help and she is an amaaaazing sewer!!

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