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April 10th, 2012

Little DIY Roundup!

On this gorgeous sunny April day as I daydream and browse the web, I have come across several inspirational blogs with a zillion projects of the DIY type, which I would like to share here in a little DIY roundup. I think I might be addicted to remaking and making over things, in fact I’m daydreaming about remaking items I haven’t even found yet!

Pussy willow in the backyard!

With spring finally here and the last blast of winter out of the way (fingers crossed, looking for rain instead of snow here!) backyard projects like desks, chairs and lamps are on my mind. Customization is key to designing a space to suit you and your family, as you will see in the aforementioned tutorials.

These beautiful paper lanterns will add festivity to parties and barbecues and soft summer evenings. My favourites were the pom poms and the circle dot one at the end. And then there are these magnificent paper flowers which can’t help but make you smile!

Inspiration everywhere! Happy crafting and DIY-ing!

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