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January 8th, 2013

Chalkboards in the Home

Chalkboard with Phrase

320 Sycamore Blog


Chalkboards are kind of like everyday living, you can wipe them clean all the time and start fresh or write one definitive thing and leave it there for extended periods of time. I tend to do both. If something speaks to my heart I will leave it on the board for months and then all of a sudden a new group of expressions works their way into my life and the slate is wiped clean. Perhaps an indication of how fast or slow life is moving?


4 Chalkboard Gallery

 Smile and Wave


I am loving the oversized chalkboard in the home as well as groupings of them. So scholarly. So smart. Like the ones pictured above displayed gallery style. The aged nature of these chalkboards creates a fun, rustic, played-in look.


Wall of Chalkboards

Mechant Design


Old windows paired with chalkboards establish an eclectic feel for this patio used for potting plants. I like how they wrote on some but not all of the chalkboards giving it a work-in-progress vibe.


Chalkboard in the Kitchen

Pretty Kitchens


Chalkboard paint on the walls offers this modern kitchen a little character. To do. To do. To do.


Chalkboard in a Playroom

Kid’s Stuff World


Practical and cute at the same time! As the toys change you can erase the labels and re-write them.



Breakfast at Toast


The whimsical collection of chalkboards pictured above are some of my favourites, the chalk umbrella and the kitchen with the wall of drawings are adorable.


Chalkboard Vignette

Decor Pad


I fully embrace the inspirational quotes trend. Written quotes painted, scrawled, drawn, posted, typed and photographed are word-ish treasures we can pass on to each other. Inspiring quotes. Little reminders of the good in the world. The good in people. The good in life. Chalkboards in the home, large and small, fit into many styles of decor and bring their own useful, whimsical, practical nature with them wherever they go.


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